Mafia Puppet

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47 | broken trusts

"TALK TO ME, please." I practically begged but no avail.

He slammed the door shut as he went inside the bathroom. Soon after, I heard the shower run.

I slumped down on the king sized bed and squeezed my eyes shut until I couldn't bear it. I pursued my lips as a small sob left my lips. Without him I just felt so alone. I felt as if I could get attacked at any time and didn't have any protection. He was my armour. Someone I believed would always keep me away from danger and now he was gone. I needed him back and it was purely for selfish reasons.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled to myself. "I didn't have a choice."

But I did and I chose my sister over him—over the Family. And not only that, I hid that the police had contacted me. Why did I have to complicate things? I could've just told him.

I sighed. Tiredness clouded my visions as I climbed onto the bed, waiting for him to come out so I could talk to him, convince him that I've never betrayed him somehow.

"I'm so sorry."

• • •

I woke up with a gasp. It had been days since I last got that nightmare. It had come back. I gripped the blanket tighter and looked outside. The blinds were closed but I could see it was morning. I felt like I barely slept a blink even though the small digital clock beside me said 5:00 in the morning.

I almost screamed when I saw Antonio sleeping beside me, his back facing me. He sported a loose white t-shirt and and black sweatpants that were half way covered with the blanket. I wanted to touch him. I wanted to convince him but I didn't, knowing that I'd wake him up and look too clingy and desperate. He lacked sleep anyways.

Antonio and I always slept in the same bed. There was no cuddling or anything but it felt normal. This time, however, it didn't. It felt odd and as if he was sleeping beside me because he had to.

I stifled in a yawn and got up, forgetting that I was still in my dress. My body itched and I felt dirty as if I hadn't showered in days.

I padded toward our bags that still laid on the ground. I took out a white wool sweater and paired it with black jeans. I grabbed my towel and left for the bathroom but not before looking back at my husband one last time.

The washroom was very posh. To be honest, bathrooms were my favourite, especially elegant ones with all the shampoos and accessories such as this one.

I brushed my teeth before turning on the tub tap. I needed a long, peaceful bath and that was just what I was going to do. Relax.

• • •

back in america

Valentina Bianchi—the lost Bianchi princess—giggled in delight. "Shut up, loser!" she yelled at her best friend Mason.

"No, you!" He laughed.

Their laugh echoed at the park. It was almost sunset but the pair of best friends stayed.

Mason sighed. "It's almost dark. I think we should go home," he said.

Valentina rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah. I know why you want to get rid of me."

Mason furrowed his brows in confusion. "Why?" he asked.

"Because you're gonna call your girlfriend here!"

Mason rolled his eyes. "I don't have a girlfriend. If I did, I would've told you first, Olivia. Plus, it's actually really getting dark."

Valentina cringed at the name. For some hidden reason, she and her family moved randomly and decided to change their names. Valentina always knew that something was wrong with her family. She knew that her father was a powerful man. She also knew that he was married to someone other than her mother and refused to divorce. And, she was mad at him for that. Despite that, she didn't understand why they were escaping him. All she could assume was that her father was a criminal.

Valentina was worried for her older brother. He was just two years older than her at sixteen yet she remembered him coming home with blood on his shirt during the middle of a night when he was just fourteen.

Therefore, the identity changes. But Valentina didn't know what was so special about this area in America that her mother felt so secure about. She was finally able to roam without bodyguards here.

Mason snapped his fingers in front of her face. "What...?" she trailed off. Had he said something?

"Let's go home. I'll walk you home."

Valentina got up and stretched. "Nah, it's fine. My house is close."

"You sure, Olivia?" Mason asked.

Valentina smiled at him. She liked him. He was handsome. Unlike her auburn hair, his was light blonde that often felt over his eyes. He needed a haircut but he looked good either way. His eyes were dark brown like chocolate cookies and his skin was tan from working out in the sun a lot.

If she were to be honest, she really did want him to drop her off but she couldn't risk it. If her brother, Valerio—who called himself Matteo here—saw him, he was dead. Her brother was possessive about her, more like over protective. He was sort of a hypocrite since she suspected that he had a girlfriend himself.

Sometimes she hated being the youngest. Everyone was just so overprotective but then there were moments when she liked the protectiveness.

Valentina bid her new best friend and crush a goodbye before walking towards her new home. It was dusky and the the sun was going down, making the sky orange and red. It was a beautiful evening.

Valentina didn't pay much heed to the eriee silence as she walked into the ally leading to her house. It was a shortcut. She blasted the music in her AirPods, unaware that some stranger had set eyes on her long ago.

Before she could blink, her mouth was muffled and her scream was cut short as someone pinched the side of her neck, drugging her into unconsciousness. At last, she got a glimpse of the man before she was thrown inside a trunk.

• • •

I stepped out of the tub carefully before drying my hair with a towel. I was glad that this time I remembered to bring my clothes. I wasn't very fond of jeans, being used to dresses, but they looked good on me. The gym Father made me join paid off well, and I was feeling too cold anyways.

Soon after, I walked out. Antonio was up. He had taken his shirt off and was texting someone on his phone.

He glanced up when I walked in but then he ignored me again. Throwing his phone on the bed after a last text, he got up and walked past me.

I groaned when he left. This was stupid. I knew what I did was dumb but why did he have to ignore me? It just made things more awkward.

I had broken his trust.

But he had broken mine as well.
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