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50 | vulnerability

FOR A SECOND we were just talking and the next he was onto me.

We didn't use the bed. In fact, he picked me up and slammed me against the walls.

"Is the door locked?" A breathless moan left my lips as I asked in between the kisses.

He sucked on my lower lip before replying, letting it go with plop. "No one's going to come in," he said, peppering kisses along my jaw and going lower. I sucked in a large breath as I titled my head back.

"Please lock the door," I mumbled even though I was slowly forgetting about it.

He paused before moving back and staring at my face for a moment. I knew how I looked with my bruised red lips and lust filled eyes. But he was no better. His lips were bloated and his cheeks were flushed.

He placed me down softly before walking back and locking the door. I admired his back while he was doing that, his muscles clenching behind his white shirt. When he turned around he saw me checking him out. A small smirk fell on his lips as I bit my lower lip, colouring blooming on my cheeks.

He loosened his red tie and unbuttoned few of his shirt buttons. I wetted my lips in anticipation and when he took too long to come back to me, I beckoned him forward with my fingers. His smirk grew wider and his eyes surely widened in surprise. I couldn't help but let the large smile spread on my face.

He was on me again. My legs wrapped around his waist tightly and my hands fell down to his chest. I let my fingers wander underneath his shirt where his muscles bugled under my weight. He gripped my thighs tightly before placing his lips on mine.

I gasped when he abruptly pushed his body against mine, making my warmth grind against him. I was already sensitive and him hounding onto me didn't help. He was teasing me and I would be lying if I said I didn't like it.

One of his hand wrapped around my thigh and hosted my leg farther up his waist while his other hand pulled my hair back before settling on the side of my neck. His lips made their way down to my neck and I let out a ragged breath as I gripped onto his shoulder for stability.

I moaned out when he sucked on my sweet spot.

Antonio chuckled huskily and it was so beautiful. Tingles ran through my body, making butterflies erupt in my stomach. He helped me pull out of my sweater. I shivered at the sudden cool breeze.

I saw him staring down at my breasts that were behind mt bra, wanting to touch them but not doing so. Instead he looked up at me and waited, confusing me. It made me self-conscious.

"I'm sorry," he said. My eyes widened. Before I could ask why, he continued. "For touching you without your consent."

I blinked. "What?"

"When we first had sex, I never asked you if you were okay with it. I just assumed you were," he said, putting his head on my shoulder.

I furrowed my brows. Why was he bringing this up? "I hadn't said no."

"You hadn't said yes either, bambola."

I didn't know how to reply to that. "Wives are not supposed to get that choice, Antonio. Not from where we come from."

His moved so his forehead touched mine. "But they should. What I did was wrong. I took advantage of you and that makes me no different from your father."

I felt myself weaken at what he said. I never knew that Antonio, the boss of all this, would ever say that. I couldn't possibly believe that the Don believed that wives were supposed to get a choice.

"Father is a horrid, disgusting man who never gave a crap about me," I said. "He has never treated Mother or my sister with the respect they deserve. I've seen you with your brothers and I know how you treat me. There is a difference, a major difference between a Father and you. I'm not blind to not see that."

"I...I don't know," he answered with a stutter, looking into my eyes.

I felt like someone punched me in the stomach when I saw the vulnerability on his face and for a second I felt like I was looking at an innocent boy who was just lost. He wasn't crying but there was a look on his face that told me m he didn't like this. That he hated this. There was vulnerability. There was...fear? And then there was an emotion I was all too familiar with: desperation.

"You need to talk to me," I said, cupping his face to meet his eyes. "Please don't bottle it up." Him bottling it up scared me to no ends. He was opening up. I didn't want to push him but this was something I knew I needed to help him get through. This vulnerability in him was not good.

"I can't." He moved back out of sudden. "I'm sorry." He placed me down and bent down to grab my sweater that he had thrown on the ground and handed it to me.

But before he could leave, I grabbed his wrist. "Antonio, don't leave like this," I practically begged. He was worrying me. Seeing him out of his character was honestly very terrifying.

He pulled me in for a soft kiss that lasted for few seconds. "There is a dress in the closet. It was for the party. If you want, you can wear it."

And then he left.

• • •

The dress was beautiful. Everything he picked was beautiful. The dress was long and backless. It was a red strap dress that outlined my figure with a plunging v-neck which surprised me to no end. He wanted me to wear such clothing? Wasn't that against all the rules?

But to be honest, I was happy. I've always wanted to show off my body. Not because I wanted the attention of other people but because I knew I would feel good and confident. I would feel like the Donna.

This suddenly reminded me of Sara, the woman I judged for dressing up so provocatively. It wasn't her choice. She had to. But this was my choice. Antonio was giving me a choice. I shouldn't have thought of her like that. I shouldn't have just blamed her for getting on the bad side of the Godfather. She did what she had to do for her family and she wasn't 'asking for it.'

I decided to wear the dress Antonio brought me. Not only because it was prettier but because he gave it to me and I wanted him to know that I loved it.

I placed the stuff away from the bed and decided to go look for him. I looked around the hall as I stepped out of the room.

"Are you looking for the Don, Donna?" A voice sounded out from behind. It was not Fabio and that made me vary.

The man was new. He had an Italian-American accent which instantly made me realize he came with us from America. He wore all black under a leather jacket. Despite that, I could see the outline of his gun but I knew he probably had many more. The man sported a buzz cut and had a tiny scar going across his lips. From the way his nose was a bit crooked, I could tell it was broken many times. But the big question was: who was he?

I raised a brow at the intruder, my defence on high alert. "Who are you?" I asked, it rather sounded rude even to my ears.

His gaze didn't waver from my face. "Stefano Marino, Donna; your new bodyguard."

I didn't let my expressions waver. "Where's Fabio, Stefano?"

"Last I heard he had been discharged of duty," the man said, his lips tight.

I nodded. I wasn't even surprised. This was another reason why I hadn't told Antonio about the note. The moment he would find out that Fabio missed the FBI, it wasn't going to end well. I didn't want to find out what exactly happened to Fabio, especially not from a bodyguard. It would show my lack of knowledge and obliviousness. It would allow him to think that I could be manipulated. I didn't know him and I wasn't going to trust him.

"Where's the Don?" I changed the topic.

He asked me to follow. We silently padded down the stairs. Then he took me to a hallway that lead to a another staircase. Basement, I guessed.

It was vast. There were no windows but everything was elegant. White pod lights illuminated the hall. It was like a mini home. There were multiple rooms

"Last I saw him, he was going down here," Stefano told me.

"Thank you," I said.

He gave me a small smile. "Of course." And then he left.

I walked to the door that had to most noise and knocked but when no one replied I pushed it open. The first thing I noticed was him. Sweat beaded off his chest and slid down. His hair was wet and he was breathless but that didn't make him stop.

The other man grunted in pain as Antonio threw a punch at his gut before slamming his face on his knee brutally. But his opponent recovered quickly. He moved swiftly and tackled Antonio by the waist. It didn't take long for Antonio to knee him again. They both fell. It was a bloody fight. But I couldn't look away. I hated fights but watching the way his muscles tensed and how he analyzed his opponent in front him made it all exotic somehow. I didn't even know that was possible. Was I okay?

It all happened so fast. One second Alessandro was on Antonio and the next they were flipped over with my husband's elbow over the man's neck. Antonio grinned as he stood up in victory before giving a hand to Alessandro and helping him up. They both breathed heavily. I was exhausted just by looking at them.

"Not bad," my husband said after a moment.

They didn't notice me yet so that gave me time to watch and analyze what was going on. "Again?" Alessandro asked.

"You seem to be awfully fond of losing today," Antonio commented, straightening up a bit. He looked at consigliere in question.

Alessandro shrugged. "You seem like you needed to blow off some steam." Antonio was silent so Alessandro continued with a light chuckle. "If Pietro was here then he'd tell you to go to your wife."

Antonio raised a brow. "I don't like Pietro and my wife in the same sentence."

Alessandro snickered. "Pietro maybe a dick but he knows his limits, man, no need to get hyped. Plus, I trust cognata not to do that." (Sister-in-law)

"You don't even know her," my husband said. It was weird how they were talking about me in the middle of a fight. I was glad I was standing in the shadows, stupidly eavesdropping.

Alessandro got into a fighting stance and Antonio followed.

"You trust her so I trust her, man. You wouldn't have let her listen in and see the Bianchi family pics otherwise." Alessandro threw in a punch. "But I still don't get why you let her?"

Antonio dodged it. "She's my wife, dude. I won't disrespect her in front of Pietro by asking her to leave. And, if anything were to happen then she'd know what's going on."

Alessandro froze. "You mean give her charge?"

Antonio obviously took advantage of his surprise and made him trip before locking him down with his knee. "Exactly," he answered with a smug look.

"Nice." Alessandro tried to push him off but Antonio wouldn't budge.

I stepped out of the shadows. Their eyes instantly snapped to me. Alessandro recovered quickly and pushed Antonio's knee off which made him lose balance. Antonio quickly figured out his next move and slammed Alessandro right back down.

"Cazzo! Why'd you fucking have to hit so hard, man?" he yelled.

"The enemy isn't going to cradle your neck. Bitch, get up," Antonio replied before pulling him back up.

Alessandro glared at my husband before looking toward me. The look in Alessandro's eyes softened.

I met the eyes of my husband who stared back at me unsure. For the first time I realized that he didn't know what to do. I could see Alessandro glancing between both of us, probably wondering whether he should leave.

I decided to make it easier for him. "Fratello, please give us a moment." I didn't look at him because my eyes never left Antonio. (Brother)

"Of course...sorella," he replied. (Sister)

A small smile made its way to my face. I looked away from my husband's piercing gaze and at his friend. I never had a brother and him calling me a sister meant a lot even though I called him brother first.

Alessandro nodded at me as he walked by before stopping and looking back at Antonio who was still standing in the wrestling ring. Alessandro looked back at me and leaned closer. "I'll make sure no one comes in, sorella," he said with a whisper.

My cheeks flushed. "Thank you, fratello," I told him sincerely.

He nodded with a small smile and left, the door clicking shut behind him.

Antonio walked down the ring and grabbed his towel and water bottle. He wiped the sweat and blood away before gulping down the liquid.

There was sudden stiffness in air that I had expected. I could feel it. It wasn't that unpleasant, but there was tension. I knew it wouldn't be long before everything turned awkward. After all, there was a thin line between comfortable and uncomfortable.

"So..." I trailed off unable to speak more when he poured the rest of the water on face, making it glisten down his body slowely. I didn't even think he was doing it in purpose. I bit my lips when he turned away before remembering why I was here. "Antonio, I think I'm pregnant."

He froze. I saw his back muscles clench before he crumpled the bottle and threw it in the garbage near. "How long?" he finally said, his voice not giving away anything. He didn't even bother turning around.

I felt my heart tremble, afraid of what he would think. "I don't know."

"I haven't touched you in two weeks." I opened my mouth to reply but he continued. "So you must in two weeks."

"Antonio, I'm not sure," I said. "But I've missed my period and I was wondering if we could have it tested."

I wanted him to turn around. I wanted to see his reaction. I wanted to know what he thought.

"What if I am really pregnant?" I asked the question that was really bugging me.

I saw him shrug. "Then you are pregnant."

I glared at his back fiercely. "Do you have nothing to say?"

He swiftly turned around. I saw his eyes glazing with fire as he stalked toward me. "Well, what do you want me to say?"

I didn't step back. I wasn't going to step back anymore. I was done with all of his games. If he had a problem then he was going to tell me so I can know what to expect from this relationship. Could this even be called a relationship?

He stood in front of me, his breathing hard. "I love children," he said out of the blue. My breathing hitched. "I love how innocent they are; how naive they are to the cruel world we survive in. It makes me want to ruin their innocence just like mine was."

"Why?" I asked.

This man was unpredictable and I wasn't ready for him to just twist my words around when he felt like it. He was the Don. He was a master manipulator and mixing my words to his liking wouldn't surprise me.

He gave me my answer after thinking it through. It was as if he was anticipating whether to tell me or not. I placed my hand on his arm in comfort, urging him to just spit it out because it was making me nervous.

"I just don't want him to end up like me," he whispered, his hand wrapping around my hip and pulled me close, so close that if I looked up our lips would meet.

"It doesn't have to be like that," I mumbled.

He chuckled darkly. "You know exactly how it's going to be, bambola. Face it like a woman and stop lying to yourself."
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