Mafia Puppet

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52 | a new hope

WE DIDN'T DO anything big. He showed me some basics and didn't go that rough because of the possibility that I was pregnant.

I had many things I wanted to know and ask him. I felt that if I asked someone else he wouldn't like it and it was sort of disrespecting him. I wanted to know why he killed his mother. It was just mere curiosity but I also knew it was the type of knowledge I shouldn't indulge myself with. It would bring more problems into my life.

But it could also get me closer to him.

I knew that finding out about his mother should've brought some negative feelings. I knew my opinions should have changed about him. I knew I should have had some anger or disgust toward him. But in truth, I didn't. Maybe it was because I knew that there was no point. I knew that knowing such information wouldn't change a thing. It was in the past and dwelling on it was no point. It wasn't even my business.

Yet, I still couldn't resist the temptation to know. I knew my limits. I knew that if I wanted the answer to my curiosity then Antonio was the only person I could ask. I couldn't disrespect him by asking someone else and bringing them into our business. Not even our, his business. It was his personal business.

I shook my heels off before stretching a bit. I needed a shower but Antonio was showering. He stank with all the work out he did with Alessandro so I let him go first.

I felt like things were good between us. The tension wasn't as much as before. Things were getting back to normal. Well, as normal as they could be. It had only been a couple of days since our fight.

I could hear him turn on the shower and I wondered whether I should go in or not. He was deprived of me for weeks and I felt a sudden obligation to change that. However, it wasn't just that. I wanted to do it.

I pursued my lips before glancing at Antonio's wallet that he threw on the bed with all of his other stuff. His phone was there as well but I wasn't a fool enough to go through it. That was an invasion of privacy.

I opened his wallet and took out a coin. It was a simple nickel. I couldn't help but take a glance at what he had inside. I was disappointed when I didn't see anything other than the usual emergency phone number, his legal business card and a photo that was actually in good shape despite being years old. Actually, I wasn't disappointed when I focused more on the picture.

A gasp left my lips after I noticed that the picture was of me when I was around eighteen. It was during the time I was betrothed to him. Maybe this was the picture he was first given of me. Maybe this was the very picture that made him choose me. I couldn't deny that I looked gorgeous. I was smiling at the camera. It was a photo shoot done by Father to send to some high ranked mafiosi for my marriage. I was sitting on a white couch in a deep red outfit that tightened around my curves with red lips. My hair was thrown in a high ponytail and my face was caked of makeup. I didn't even look eighteen.

I closed his wallet and grabbed the coin, still feeling the butterflies in my stomach.

Heads is go inside.

Tails is stay here.

I flipped it but there was single thought running inside my head. Make it be heads. Make it be heads.

I squeezed my eyes shut before removing my hand from the coin to see the answer.

Tails, it showed.

I bit my lips in annoyance, but then I realized that I wasn't obligated to follow the coin and what I actually wanted to do was to go inside.

Antonio was the one who always initiated any physical contact. I wanted to be the one to do so today. It wasn't because I had to or because I feared that he'd stray if I didn't; it was because I felt a bit power over him. I felt like I had rights over him, enough to be the one initiating it.

I got up from the bed and quickly glanced at myself in the mirror. My hands fell on necklace he gave me and I took it off. I couldn't afford to damage this piece of gem. It was very precious.

I heaved out of breath of nervousness before I walked in. The bathroom was large and luxurious. I noticed him inside the shower. The glass was fogged but I could see the outline of his naked self.

I shut the door behind me. "Bambola?" he called even though he probably knew it was me.

"It's me," I muttered.

He didn't say anything, but I heard the click of him unlocking the shower door. I couldn't help but smile. He said he didn't trust me yet he unlocked the door to the shower. I knew he probably had his gun with him inside but that didn't make my steps falter. There was a gun on the sink as well.

I stepped out of my clothes. Biting my lower lip, I opened the glass door, the only thing separating me from him.

His back was toward me but I knew he knew I was there. He didn't turn around. Water trailed down his back that was filled with scars and a small tattoo of a rose starting on his neck and going down. It was very detailed and looked painful but it was also very old. He wasn't the one to carry many tats but I liked it that way. For some reason he looked skinner to me but that just might be me overthinking.

He was staring at the floor. The hair at the nape of his neck was wet with the water sliding down his back erotically. He had his hands placed flat against the wall in front and his head tilted down. I could see the small tattoos on his arms that covered minor to large injuries.

There was tension in the air but this time it wasn't awkward. It was intense, the sexual-type intense.

I placed my hands on his back gently. He stiffened under my touch but he didn't push me away so it encouraged me further, making me lean closer. I did feel insecure but my desire to be intimate won over. I didn't know where the confidence was coming from but it made me feel different and out of character. He made me feel bold. He made me feel powerful. Maybe it could be from before when he was being nice or maybe I was too desperate from not being touched in weeks. Or I just may be really insecure about us. Whatever it was, it made me initiate this.

Water trailed down my hands as I stepped closer, rubbing my hands on his shoulders in an attempt to relax him. He did, slowly. The stiffness of his shoulders reduce as he tilted his head back, wetting his hair in the process, and letting the water pour down his face. It ran down his neck and chest, some splashing on me as well. I stepped a bit closer, so close that my breasts touched his back gently. He froze. It was as if I sparked something in him and that if he moved it would all be over. It was that type of frozen and it was a surprise I was able to notice.

I wasn't too experienced so I didn't know what to do to make him feel good. I leaned my head against him as a lover would do so before pressing down an innocent kiss on a petal of the rose over his spine. His breathing deepened as he titled his head back down and shook his head, water splashing everywhere. I couldn't help with giggle slightly as it did on me as well.

None of us said anything. Other than the echo of warm water pouring and his deep breaths, there were no other sounds. I snaked my arms around his waist and hugged him tightly, my cheek leaning against his back.

It no longer mattered if nothing happened—that we didn't have sex. All I could focus on was the way his body felt and how safe and at peace did I feel. It felt like home. He felt like home.

"Bambola," he whispered.

I waited for him to continue but when he didn't, I spoke. "Hmm?"

Still, he kept his silence. I decided to give him his space. He would tell me when he was ready.

"Do you think this could work?" he asked out of the blue.

I wanted him to turn around so I could see his reaction but he didn't. "What?"

One of his hands left the wall and placed them on mine. "Nothing," he whispered quietly.

I moved in front of him only for his hands to cage me in between. Wet hair fell on his forehead and his brows were creased. His mouth was lightly gaped and his cheeks were flushed under the warm water. To me he looked so innocent that I just wanted to hug him. How could a mafia Don look innocent? Somehow, Antonio managed to look innocent without even realizing it. He didn't even look like that heartless mafia Don anymore. He just looked...different. I didn't know how to explain it.

I wounded my arms around his neck after a moment, staring into his coal eyes. "Baby, please talk to me."

He licked his lips before closing his eyes. "I meant we—us."

I stood on my toes so I could be a bit taller and pulled his head down. He looked at me in surprise but that didn't last long when I brought my lips up to his in a slow kiss. He instantly responded.

I pulled back shortly, even though I wanted to ravish his lips. I wanted to see them bruised because of me. "I'm willing to try if you are," I told him.

We stared at each other. My hazel-brown eyes drowning in his black ones. There was an intensity and before I could comprehend what was going on, he dipped his head down and stole my lips in another kiss. It wasn't soft this time. It was aggressive.

He pulled me under the shower and stepped back so the water dripped down my body, wetting my hair. His pupils were dilated as he stared down at me.

"I like it when you call me baby," he said. "It feels like home."

I flushed. I didn't know how to respond to that. "I like it when you call me bambola," I tried.

He leaned against the glass wall as I ran my hand through my hair, taking a shower. He watched me like a hawk. "I don't like you lying to me." He brought it up again.

"I don't like you keeping secrets either but I have to deal with it," I mumbled.

He narrowed his eyes at me. "Francesca, there are some things that you do not need to know."

I nodded, dejected a little. "I know and I completely understand that."

"Good." He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. My naked body smack against his. "Are you done?"

"Almost." My voice lowered as his deepened in arousal.

"Perfect," he whispered, his voice husky.

His lips grazed mine before they went down to my neck, leaving a tail of burning kisses. I felt him reach behind me and turn the tap off before brutally slamming me onto the wall behind. I gasped but he already picked me up from the floor. My legs instantly wrapped around his waist.

His hand was on my jaw keeping my head back so he could kiss my neck while his other hand supported me up, gripping onto my thigh. I knew it would leave a bruise later but right now I didn't seem to care.

"An..." I moaned into his ear as I ran my fingers through the back of his head.

He rubbed himself against my warmth and groaned when I pulled his hair to bring his lips to mine.

He pulled my lower lip in between his teeth. "Fucking hell..." he growled out. "I need you." He moaned softly as he positioned himself at my entrance.

I kissed him back as I waited for him to push himself into me. I thrusted my hips to meet his and that was all he needed before he penetrated into me with a moan. I gasped as I gripped onto him more tightly, my legs tightening against his waist. He placed one of his hand on the wall behind and the other on my lower back, making me arch my back with a muffled up groan. Ragged breaths left me as I clenched against him tightly. He pulled out before thrusting inside again.

Things went out of hand quickly and soon enough, his lips were on mine again.
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