Mafia Puppet

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53 (part ii) | can be skipped

“PUT YOUR HANDS on the headboard," he said, his voice deep and husky. Flakes of his hair fell onto his forehead sexily and his eyes noticeably darkened.

I heaved out a silent breath as I did what he asked. Leaning back on the large king sized bed, I placed my hands behind my head and gripped onto the wood. I had a feeling I would need something to hold on to. My husband spread my legs apart and he sat in between, bending my knees so I could cage him in between. I wanted to cherish these moments because I knew they weren't going to happen often. Spending each moment with him was blissful and something like a dream come true. It gave me hope for something more.

I didn't know whether I should be glad for wearing lace panties under the lingerie nightwear or not, especially since I knew the look on his face was the one of teasing. He wanted to play a game.

My grip on the headboard tightened as his hands fell onto my thighs, slowly making their way up. His dark eyes never left mine as his fingers rubbed against my inner thighs, making my core clench. He held my legs from closing before his hands skillfully teased me by rubbing around my core, not once looking away from my eyes.

His fingers touched the tip of my panties before pushing his hands further up my thighs and under my sheer piece of clothing making me breath out a shaky breath. I wanted him. No, I needed him near.

"Antonio," I gave away in short breaths.

His gaze wandered down to my lips before they fell on the my cleavage. I threw my head back as his finger traced a path over my slit on top of the single clothing. A gasp left my lips at the sudden feeling. I was already sensitive from before which made the throbbing almost pleasurably painful. I was literally pulsing and desperate for release, and by looking at the large tent behind his sweatpants, he was too.

He ran another finger down my slit but harder this time making my face contort into a wince at the sudden tingles. He then rubbed his fingers around my warmth but not fully touching it. I tried to move but no avail. He didn't let me by pausing his fingers every time.

"Don't move, sweetheart. You don't want me to stop, do you?" I could hear his voice clouded with pleasure. He enjoyed knowing that he had complete control over my body and he enjoyed teasing.

I groaned when he stopped for a moment. "Anton—!" I yelled when he suddenly crammed his two fingers inside, filling me completely. I didn't even have time to be embarrassed as he rapidly started rubbing my walls and my lower set of lips. His thumb found my clit and pressed onto it—softly at first but then harshly—making me whimper as tears formed at the back of my eyes. It was all just too intense.

My core pulsed around his fingers, hoping to find some release. He brought me to the brink and just as I was about to come he stopped.

"Don't come," he dominated and pressed down on my clit when I didn't reply making me jump.

"Okay. Yes," I rushed out. I just wanted some release but he had other plans.

I cried out when he pulled his fingers out. I almost let go of the headboard but stopped when I saw the warning look on his face. He liked me tied up and all at his mercy, but he hadn't tied me up. He wanted me to feel like I belonged to him without any force. I didn't really mind. I liked being submissive to him in bed.

I sat in front of him with my legs wide open and my core dripping wet and bare. My red nightwear still covered my body but barely. It showed a lot of my cleavage and had sides of my waist uncovered. I wasn't particularly ashamed because he was the only one seeing me and the large tent on his sweatpants told me he liked what he saw.

Out of a sudden boldness, I spread my legs a bit wider and bent them even further to allow myself to be more exposed. I quickly pulled my nightie off of me as seductively as I could before placing my hands back on the board. From the way he raised his brow and a small smirk played on his lips, I knew he knew what I was doing. I was seducing him and it worked. Better than I thought it would actually.

He grabbed my legs and pulled me down from the sitting position I held. My hands left the headboard and immediately wrapped around his neck as he leaned toward me. His forehead touched mine and my legs wrapped around his waist. The moment felt private and more than just intense. It was delicate, like it could break any moment.

Just like that I forgot about the throbbing in between my thighs and only focused on him as he was doing to me. He titled his head to the side, making his lips hover over mine. I waited for him to kiss me and gradually he did. His lips molded onto mine softly before he pushed me down harder on the bed and thrusted his pelvis onto me. I moaned at the feeling. I could feel him under his clothing grounding onto me.

I felt him move a hand away from the side of my head before I heard him shuffle down but I didn't bother to check. Using my hands I tried to pull him closer than possible. I needed him. I needed the heat he provided.

A blunt tip slightly pushed inside me making me jerk back and break away from the kiss. His cheeks were flushed as he let out ragged breaths just like me. I quickly realized that it was not his fingers but rather his member poking me. His eyes met mine and I gave him a silent nod, hoping that he was asking for my permission. If not then I really didn't have time to be embarrassed either.

He didn't waste a second before sharply thrusting into me. My eyes closed as I moaned with him. The knot in my stomach grew rapidly again as his body rocked against mine. I thrusted my hips up to meet his and he pushed my legs up a bit, hitting me deeper than before. My legs convulsed sharply as I felt like being ripped in half. The stinging sensation soon faded with the pleasure. He grunted as he toyed with one of my breasts before bringing his lips down. I was all at his mercy and I didn't regret it one bit.

I knew he could tell I was on the brink of coming with how I clenched against him. He didn't bother telling me to stop. Instead he just started rubbing my clit, and I came—without his permission.

And he realized, just like he realized everything, but he didn't comment as he continued to thrust into me, riding me of my orgasm. I stifled in a groan when I felt his hand grip my hips harshly before filling me to the brim. I could feel him in my stomach. His body slumped on top of me as he came before stuffing his face in between my neck and shoulder. He didn't bother to pull out of me. He just rested on top of me.

After a moment, he caught his breath and rolled off. I felt empty but I knew that I couldn't take more. I was tired and I just wanted to sleep and from past experiences I knew that Antonio did not like to engage in conversations after sex. He would often just roll to the side, facing the other way. He was no spooner.

Just as my eyes drooped closed and I was almost asleep, he slammed his fingers into my very sensitive warmth. My body jerked up but he held me down, fastening his pace. I moaned out as my body rocked against his fingers. My breathing laboured and I felt my stomach knot again into a very familiar feeling. He didn't bother stopping when I came all over him again. It was as if he was torturing me on purpose.

"Antonio," I groaned. "S-Stop, I d-don't think I c-can." Yet I made no move to push him away. Instead, I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him closer as he held my hips down with one hand and the other rubbed against me.

At last, I came for the third time before he stopped. I instantly bit his shoulder, moaning at the sharpest sensations I got. I could practically see dark spots in my vision. I loved the pleasure he brought me but there was only so much I could take and my husband knew that. He just did it because I defied him and came before he told me to.

Deeply out of breath, I closed my eyes as I felt someone caressing my hair lovingly. A feathery kiss was pressed on my forehead by him.

"Go to sleep, la mia bambola. You'll need it," was the last thing I heard before slumber took over me. But the smile never fell off my face as his arm wrapped around my waist, hugging me for the first time.
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