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69 | the positive response




I really was pregnant.

Antonio watched me as I walked out of the bathroom with the three sticks in my hand. They were all positive.

"It's positive?" he asked, still shirtless from last night but he wore a pair of grey sweatpants.

I nodded. "Are you happy?" I feared his response.

He shrugged. "Are you?"

"I want to be a mother," I said. I was happy that I would bring a life into this world but I despised how he or she would live it.

He beckoned me forward with his fingers. I grabbed his hand when I was near and straddled him on the bed.

"But are you happy?" he asked again.

I smiled. "I am. Are you though?"

"You do know that if it is a boy he will be my heir," he said, not looking into my eyes. He wasn't happy.

"You don't want him to be your heir?" I asked in confusion. Wasn't that what he should have wanted? A boy to carry on his legacy.

He leaned back so he was holding his weight on his hands. "I would always want my son to rule. I just don't want him to grow up like I did."

I cupped his jaw, knowing what he meant. Childhood of the mob children nowadays wasn't pleasant. I would know. "Hey, look at me, baby. You won't be the perfect father and I won't be the perfect mother, but we can try our best. We will give him the best life we can."

"And what if it's a girl?" he asked.

"She will be raised like a princess to be a queen," I answered simply.

He pulled me over him as he laid down on bed. "I love the look in your eyes when you talk about our child."

"I have feeling it would be a boy," I said.

He shook his head with a frown. "A girl."

"Boy," I insisted.

"Girl." He didn't back off. I didn't expect him to.

"Want to bet?" I grinned.

His lips curved up into a stunning smile. My heart leaped a beat. "Sure," he agreed.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"You," he instantly said.

I raised my brows. "But you already have me."

"There isn't enough of you."

I grinned. "You're becoming too romantic nowadays."

He shrugged.

"You aren't going to ask me what I want if you lose?" I asked.

"I don't lose."

I gaped at him. "You don't even know the gender of our child, and it's in my body!"

"My gut feeling is never wrong," he defended.

I glared at him. "Whatever."

"But still, what do you want?"

I bit my lip, glancing down at his lips. "What I want is something you will know when I win."

I gazed my lips against his. He cupped my jaw and I brought my lips down to his. It was a slow kiss. I tried to lead it and he allowed me to until he got bored and savagly pushed his tongue inside my mouth.

He moaned softly when I trailed my hand over his abs. "S-Stop," he said.

My eyes widened. "What?"

He groaned. "Get off me if you don't want this to continue."

I felt giddy all of a sudden. Giving him a chaste kiss on his forehead, I got up. "I think you need a shower. A cold one that too."

He rolled his eyes and sat up, not bothering to hide his manhood straining against his pants.

"Or I could use your mouth," he grumbled in annoyance.

"I have never tried it before." I bit my lower lip.

His face whipped to mine so fast that I thought he would sprain it. "Francesca, you need to get out like right now."

I frowned, embarrassed a bit. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

He stared at me for a moment. "Are you doing this on purpose or are you just generally that oblivious?"

"Oblivious? About what? What did I do?"

He closed his eyes in despair. "How about I go take a shower and you sit here and use your brain?"

I nodded, feigning confusion. "That sounds like a good idea."

He walked away before I could even blink and I broke out into fits of laughter. "My God," I mumbled under my breath. If this was how our relationship was going to be then I didn't mind where we were.

He was in a good mood and I was in a good mood this morning so he asked me to take the pregnancy test and thankfully the results weren't any different. I could see the joy in his eyes and the relief of his shoulders. He really wanted a child but was nervous of their future, and nervous was better than rejection.

I chuckled. When Antonio left for whatever work he had, I decided to go look for Fabio and ask him if he found anything on that boy named Matteo. If it was something important then he would've told me instantly. Maybe I was just overthinking.

That was a lie and even I knew it. Alessia had a boyfriend and the poor girl didn't even know that if his information got out then how defamed she would be within everyone's orthodox mentality and the boy would be surely chased away from the country or left somewhere to die, depending on how far they went. I shuddered. I hoped it hadn't come to that because then even I can't save her from her family's wrath.

It wasn't hard to find Fabio. The man was standing stoically in the dining room. Fabio was one of my husband's trusted men just like Alessandro, Pietro, and his brothers. It was difficult to get on the good graces of the mob boss but I felt like Fabio earned it. I could see loyalty breezing in his eyes. Just like Silvio, Fabio too was a good man who I had never encountered watching women with a lusty gaze. He was always respectful, a rare thing in our mob.

I quickly fixed my dress and made sure I looked presentable to be in front of a man outside family. It was unwise and stupid to meet a man alone like this even if it was in my own house but I respected Fabio and he respected me. As long as Antonio trusted me, there was nothing I feared.

"Good morning," I greeted with a smile.

Fabio stiffened at my voice. His face was stoic and he had an envelope clutched in his hand tightly. I furrowed my brows, the happy mood I was in instantly gone.

"What did you find?" I questioned him quietly.

Fabio met my eyes. "The Don needs to be notified of this. I couldn't find much on Matteo. It was all concealed as if he has a fake identity because a month ago there was no such person as Matteo Jackson living on Spades street." Fabio handed me the envelope. "In here is his picture. All I found out is that he lives with his mother Brenda and sister Olivia in a small, crappy apartment. He's sixteen years old and the weird thing is that he stopped coming to school just last week. No one has spotted him or his sister. There is a rumour going on that his sister is kidnapped but I don't know how true that is. I couldn't find much and for that I apologize, Donna."

"What do you think?" I questioned. "Could he be dangerous?"

"I think something is very sketchy here and needs to be seen in-depth. Matteo's physique is also muscular as if he works out constantly. When I had followed him, I could tell he knew that someone was falling him. He has good instincts and I know he will have no problem fighting." Fabio sighed as he complimented his next words. "It is not my position to question you about where you have come to this but I will have to tell the Don," Fabio cleared.

I nodded. "Don't worry. I'll tell him myself. I think it'll be better if he rather hears it from me."

I didn't waste a second in opening the envelope and once I did, I felt the colour drain from my face. But before I could speak, Dante walked in with his newspaper. When he saw us alone, he visibly tensed.

"What's wrong?" Dante asked, glancing at my face and then at the pictures in my hands. "May I?" he asked, sparing Fabio a look.

Fabio stayed quiet and I appriected his loyalty towards me.

"D-Dante, I-I," I stuttered. I couldn't show him the pictures. As long as Angelina was here, this couldn't get out.

"Are you okay, cognata?" Concerned filled his voice. "Fabio, what happened?" (Sister-in-law)

Dante was ready to pounce on Fabio had I not intervened. "Fabio, please leave."

Fabio didn't wait a second and left.

Dante and I stared at each other for a moment. It was awkward. Even though my brother-in-laws and I interacted often, we never had a full blown out conversations alone. They were always formal.

"I'll get the breakfast ready, Dante." I clutched the photos tightly.

Please don't tell Antonio.

Or maybe I should tell him. What was I doing? Matteo wasn't just Alessia's boyfriend, he was Valentina's brother. He was Vincent Bianchi's half brother and he was here, in our territory. What was he still doing here? Was he planning an ambush? Why was he playing with Alessia? And how come Costanzo and Omero didn't notice him in school? Or did they know and hid it? Did Antonio already know? She didn't think so.

I couldn't risk it. If I tried to save Angelina then I would putting us all in risk and Angelina wasn't my responsibility. She knew the risks when she came here. Antonio trusted me and now it was my time to do the same. What if it was all connected? What if Angelina was here to distract us and something big was going on?

"Actually, Dante, where is Antonio? I need to have a word with him," I asked.

Dante raised his brows. "He's gone to the warehouse to her."

I knew by her he meant Angelina. "Can you take me to him? This is very important."

Dante furrowed his brows. "May I ask what is so important? Toni said he didn't want to be disturbed during the integration."

He expected me to answer and I didn't want to insult him by saying no. Dante had never disrespected me and I knew he wasn't asking to disrespect me either. He was being wary and he had every right to be. I didn't sound weird for being a mob wife.

"Trust me, please. I think it is best if only Antonio would know."

Dante nodded slowly. "Alright."

And then we were driving away. This time, when we reached Dante came with me inside the warehouse. It was a different warehouse though and in a much more sketchy place.

I had noticed that Stefano wasn't around the moment I walked in and did feel guilty for what I did, but then I remembered that what Stefano did was betrayal even if he meant no harm. What if things went wrong? He should've let Angelina in without a gun at least.

"I told Toni that you are here," Dante said as he took me to the living room.

There weren't many men around here. I recognized few of them as Antonio's trusted circle.

"Dante, I'd like to see the interrogation," I whispered.

Dante looked complexed as if he should listen to me or the normality that women should be kept away from the crime. He knew bringing me here was already pushing it.

At last, he nodded and pulled me through a door. I instantly saw Angelina sitting on a chair handcuffed and Antonio sitting on the side of the table. They couldn't see us but we could see them from behind the glass.

Pietro and Alessandro stood in the room with their arms crossed. Alessandro passed me a nod while Pietro's eyes lasted on my face a little longer than usual before he looked away with a hard glare. I paid him no mind. Usually my gut feeling was always right and I had a feeling Pietro would be harmless. Even if the man and my husband didn't see eye-to-eye often, they both were loyal.

"Why come here, Angelina? Why risk your life?" Antonio asked her in the other room. I attention instantly zoomed onto my husband who looked stunning in the black shirt that I had picked out for him.

Angelina shrugged. Her guard was completely up unlike the time she met me. "Ask the Donna, Don Giordano."

Antonio stayed silent, building up the tension. Finally, Angelina cracked and she looked away. Antonio instantly took the bait. "Does your husband know that you are here?"

Angelina pursued her lips - another major give away of her fear.

Antonio too figured it out. She was breaking. "He doesn't, does he? But he surely must've figured out that you are missing by now."

"Let me go. Vincent won't give you anything," she said.

"I think you underestimate the power you hold over your husband." Antonio pulled out a cigarette.

Angelina coughed. "Vincent won't ever betray his Family for me."

"You've changed a lot since the day you got married," Antonio said instead.

My brows furrowed. Antonio knew Angelina?

Dante saw my expression and leaned closer. "Angelina's father was part of the Giordano Family first. When Vincent came here once, he saw her and asked her hand in marriage. Toni agreed and their marriage was a stamp to the agreement on us staying neutral."

I didn't ask why I didn't know. Women were kept away from this stuff. I felt like an oblivious fool in between them. For a moment I regretted coming here but what I had to tell Antonio was important as well. Now I understood why Angelina was somewhat comfortable coming here because despite living a very sheltered, normal life she was still apart of the mob, distantly but still. She knew people in the Giordano Family. She had connections, but she was an idiot for thinking that Antonio would care if she was the daughter of one his associate's daughter.

"People change," Angelina said softly, bringing my attention back to the interrogation.

"You're right. They do, Angelina," my husband agreed. "Anyways, I don't have anything to do with you. I mean no harm to you, Angelina. You had married for the sake of the Family and the Family owes you."

I raised my brows, looking to see if Angelina fell for Antonio's lies.

And she really did. "Really? You would let me go?"

Antonio nodded. "Of course, Angelina. You are not my enemy. If what you told my wife is true then we are not enemies at all. You have nothing to fear."

Suddenly, she paled. "H-How do I know that I am not being b-baited?"

Antonio licked his lips and opened the top few buttons of his shirt casually. "I have no reason to lie, Angelina. I know that you are not my enemy. If you don't believe it then I will drop you to Vincent myself. If only you allow me that is."

Angelina looked so hopeful that it made me feel guilty. Antonio was not someone who would let people go once they messed with him. Angelina breached our territory and she was going to pay for it. Hopefully, that wasn't the case and Antonio had another motive for giving her hopes of freedom, but as far as I knew him Angelina was nowhere near safe now because Antonio was finally going to checkmate one of his opponents - Vincent Bianchi.
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