Revengeful obsession

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y/n: y-you can a-also slap me if you want just please leave me alone. the girl was shaking in fear and crying in front of the devil who was getting more turned on by the pleads and her fragile figure. taehyung: Don't you think slapping you would be a very easy punishment for you? you need a proper punishment now strip... y/n is an Indian girl (authors country) who study for becoming a cosmetic surgeon in South Korea . what will happen when one day she slapped a most powerful mafia and business men of South Korea? will he forgive her or make her life miserable? ⚠️ warning ⚠️ this ff is 21+ it contains sexual stuff like forced sex and abusive relationship if you are not comfortable than don't read. (I know you are not 21+ but you will still read even author is not 21+) indiangirl x Koreanmen

Romance / Thriller
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Taehyung is a 25 years old billionaire and mafia of South Korea. He is a womanizer he is soo handsome that anyone can fall for his angelatic look but he is a devil in the costume of angel.

Y/n is a 23 years old cosmetic surgeon she is still a student who is taking her training in South Korea for surgeon. only 3 months left and she will be a official surgeon. But fate decided to not let her go back to her country as taehyung will never gonna leave her.he is madly in love with her but his ego got hurt when y/n slapped him in front of everyone for an other boy..


Y/n: y-you can a-also slap me if you want just please leave me.

She plead infront of the devil who was enjoying her pleadings and shaking figure it was turning him more on

Taehyung: don't you think slapping you would be a very easy punishment for you? Your punishment should be like a horrible film for you that whenever you will see me you will recall the punishment I am going to give you.

He smirked and said his words in his deep voice.

Tae: now strip if you want me to fuck your pussy and if you didn't strip in my 10 counts I will fuck your ass and trust me sweetie that shit hurts like hell.

Y/n: please don't . you said you love me.

Tae: I love you I didn't lie baby you are the one here who don't love me but don't worry I will make you love me forcefully...


Y/n: I will run from you one day.

She said looking at the ceiling without any emotions in her

Tae: you can run sweetheart but can't escape from me there is no place you can hide from me.

He said with a proud smirk.

Y/n: you will regret it one day . You will beg for my forgiveness but I won't be here to forgive you.

Tae: let me bang you hard tonight kitten.

He pinned her hands on bed and start thrusting on her but she didn't flinch even an inch

Y/n: there is a place taehyung where I can go and you won't be able to take me back.

Tae: don't ruin my mood y/n .

With that he start thrusting more hard on her.

Y/n : do you know taehyung dead people receives more flowers and respect cause... Guilt and regret are stronger than gratitude and love...

That were the last words she said before blacking out..

This ff contains alot of mature scenes and abusive stuff.

Taehyung is devil and most cruel person in the world.

Taehyung in real life: am I a joke to you??

Hehe please comments your opinion and tell me my mistakes and writing skills I am just a college student who has a story on mind so decided to share that with you I am not a professional writter so pls don't hate my book.

Thank you!

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