Revengeful obsession

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Chapter 1

Revenge?? Nahh I am just returning the favour.

Y/n pov

I was going home from my training of cosmetic surgeon.
Hello guys my name is y/n and I am 23 years old I always want to persuade my training from xyz University of seoul.only 3 months left to finish my training and after that I will get my certificate to work as a surgeon then I will fly back to my country I am from India.
The only thing I have in my life is my pride I don't have anyone in my life no parents no siblings I grew up in an orphanage and there they told me that someone leave me on their orphanage stairs .
I don't talk too much with peoples and they think that I am rude but no I am not rude I just wanna focus on my training that's it .
I have a male best friend whose name is jungkook he once proposed me but I told him not to mention this thing again otherwise I will break our friendship ass well he understood me and never proposed me again. He is the only friend I have I don't want to ruin our friendship.

Y/n: home sweet home.

I entered into my bedroom and fall on bed.

Y/n: I can't sleep I have to go for my shift.

I worked in a cafe as I need to earn money for my survival I am a scholorship student I don't need to pay my fees.

In cafe

I completed my shift and went to the boss as I need to tell him about my tommorow leave.

Y/n: hello hoseok I need to tell you something.

Hoseok: hello y/n tell me what you wanna say.

Y/n: actually I won't come to the cafe tomorrow as there is an event in our college.

Tomorrow is an event in our college where we will appreciate the donators for their donation and give them honor.

Hoseok: oh it's okay y/n.

He gave me a smile . Oh how much cooperative and sweet he is . Why can't all the peoples be like him? How beautiful the world would become if peoples behave like hoseok.

Y/n: thanks hoseok you are the best.

Time skip to tomorrow

Taehyung pov

Tae: why i have to go in this stupid event hyung?

Suga: cause you gave them donation.

Tae: I do?

Suga: yes your company gave them the donation for the reputation of yours as the news of you harassing a girl were poping up at that time.

Tae: ohh that girl was a slut she was the one seducing me but when I grabbed her breast she started shouting and accusing me.

suga: taehyung learn to respect girls.

Tae: I love to put them under my shoes hyung oh now I want someone to full fill my Dom side I am leaving hyung

Suga: you can't go taehyung you have to go in the event.

Tae: send my secretary or if it is so important you can go there.

Suga: I can't you have to go taehyung if you want to keep your gentlemen side to the world.

Tae: fuckk ok I fine.

Time skip

I was sitting on my car waiting for the signal to turn green when my eyes caught an innocent girl well it's now new my eyes always caught innocent girls.
She was soo beautiful wearing a frock her hairs were knee length long and were ceremal brown . She was looking forgieneer.
She was sitting on the road on her knees and collecting her stuffs she then stand and gave the guy who was on bike a deadly glare.

Y/n: Learn to drive Mr or burn your license.

Woww innocent but assertive her accent were very cute she was fluently speaking Korean .

My attention snatched by the horns behind my car.

I look in front and the light were green .

I looked at the girl again but noone were there.

Tae: control your hormones taehyung
Just bear a little bit then I will fuck a girl mercilessly..

Y/n pov

I was in hurry running to the college when someone hit me with a bike I fall on the road but I didn't have time for the pain I quickly assemble my stuff and gave a quick lecture to biker then I rush to college.

Jungkook: are you fine y/n?

I was breathing heavily

Y/n: yes I am fine . The event started?

Jungkook: yes now it's speech time.

Y/n: okay.

Taecher: y/n ? Come here and help the girls to setup the chairs they fall because of a girl.

Am I servant?

Y/n: sure mam I am coming.

I gave her a fake smile .

Time skip

Taehyung pov

I was sitting waiting for my speech I drank a glass of water but when I was putting the glass it slipped from my hand with my phone I bend to put my phone but my hand cut by the glass.

Tae: ahh...

President: are you fine sir?

Tae: yaa just a little cut.

President: wait our medical students are there they can help you.

He called a girl for my help.

President: hey you come here.

I looked at the girl who came here as I saw her my eyes widen she is the same innocent girl .

President: listen mr taehyung injured his hand take him in medical room and treat his wound.

Y/n: okay sir please come with me.

I follow her like a puppet.

She make me sit on bed and start treating my hand.

Tae: what is your name?

Y/n: my name is y/n sir.

Tae: are you forgieneer?

Y/n: yes I am from India.

Tae: hmm nice.

I offered her my hand for shake.

Tae: nice to meet you y/n.

She looked at me then joint her hands together.

Y/n: nice to meet you too sir.

Did she reject my handshake??

Tae: my hand is not that bad bileave me I am a hygienic person.

Y/n: it's not like that sir just handshake is not considered appropriate in my culture.

I don't know why but she talking back to me make myself loosing control.

Tae: you speak alot Don't you think?

Y/n: no sir I am just answering your questions.

Before I can say something a boy came in the room.

??: Sir it's time for your speech everyone is waiting for you.

I looked at y/n who was sitting calmly with her pride face.

Tae: I will meet you soon .

She gave me a smile.

Y/n: sure sir.

I stand up and made my way towards door I last time turn around to look at y/n who was talking with that boy and that boy was touching her shoulder.

How dare he??

I will meet her soon I just want to fuck her but why am I feeling jealous if I just wanna fuck her??

I don't have time for these thoughts I went from there and gave my speech.

I guess I didn't regret coming here..

how was the first chapter guys?? Please tell on comment section and let me tell you this book will gonna get darker, darker and more darker.

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