Heart of Margalla

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A strong and independent billionaire girl Alia who is is tired of heartbreaks and betrayals due to men running after materialistic things. So being a sucker for riddles herelf, she arranges a scavenger hunt starting in the heart of margalla hills to test the integrity and intellect of people . A kind young foreign man named Afiq finds it and tries to follow the clues and in the process falls in love with the person who arranged it.But that is not all. Will things be as charming and easy as they seem when they actually meet?. Will they be able to find their way to eachother even through some evil obstacles? Will Afiq be able to make Alia fall in love again? Lets find out...

Romance / Mystery
Hina Rubab
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 : The boy

It’s not really a treasure when you have coordinates to the Mark. Want to know if you’re worth it?
Wear a Red Cap and find out.

33°35′49.3"N 73°10′07.8"E

Our story starts when Afiq was a nine years old boy from a middle class family in a small Middle Eastern Muslim country, Oman. His family moved to Muscat from Pakistan when his father got the job in Oman as a salesperson. On one hot summer afternoon, Afiq came skittering through the main gate and whooping through the door, entering in the living room where her mother was sitting and reading a book. He had a broad smile on his face, wearing dirty white tank top and green pair of shorts and an unfamiliar brown coloured wallet in his hand.

“Mama, now I can get that videogame that you said I can’t have because we don’t have enough money. See now I have money” he said in his thrilled voice with big bright eyes looking at his mother with excitement and hope.

“Where did you get this?” his mother inquired, who was a kind gentle soul. She was a woman of religion. Good moral values were the most important thing to her. Her faith was the thing that kept her going in the hardest times.

“I saw it on the road. Someone dropped it. Nobody was watching so I took it. There is so much money in it, mama. I can get whatever I want. I will also buy something for you and papa. I am so happy”, Afiq said while jumping up and down and doing his famous dance of victory.

“Ok! First, Calm down and sit here with me.” His mother said holding his arms gently and looking him in the eyes. He sat on the couch beside her. “Now listen to me very carefully honey. What I am about to tell you might be the most important thing in our life. You know what integrity is?”

“ummm.... honesty and truth?..But I didn’t lie.... I just took it because no one was there... So technically I didn’t lie.” He said trying to justify his actions.

“Oh dear, I know you never lie but you got the meaning a little bit wrong. You see....when you do the right thing only to show others what a good person you are and not when you are alone, it might not mean that you are lying to others but it means you are lying to yourself which creates a big void inside your soul and that void can never be filled with anything on earth, no matter how expensive it is .Integrity means doing the right thing when no one is watching. That is what makes you a genuinely good person and when you make it the principle of your life ,you know in your heart that doing the right and fair thing can give you true peace of mind. That is the key to real happiness.”

In that moment, little Afiq knew that he was never going to forget these words. But what he didn’t know was that one day they will set in motion the waves of most unforeseen incident of his life.

Now let’s just fast forward twenty years when little Afiq wasn’t little anymore. He was a tall brown man with office job at a marketing firm in Muscat and a recent broken engagement. To add to his despair, he was stuck in Pakistan with his egocentric, self-obsessed cousins and some intruding match making aunties with single daughters due to pandemic. He went there to attend a wedding of his first cousin. The whole world went into lockdown while he was there. What a bad luck, Right? Well... we’ll see...

On one rainy day in Islamabad, he was sitting in the porch of his uncle’s house sipping tea when his phone rang...

“Hello. Afiq here.”

“Hello! Mr. Afiq. I hope you are doing well. I am told to inform you that due to current pandemic situation and our very unstable economy, we have to make some difficult decisions which includes letting go of some of our employees. I am so sorry Mr. Afiq. We wish we could do something but.....”

“Don’t bother...” Afiq said with the tone of disappointment and dropped the call.

He started pacing in porch with his temporal vein popping out and clenched jaw. There was frustration all over his face and body. He was so infuriated that he tossed his air pods with so much force that it smacked the wall and broke into pieces.

Assad, his cousin, saw the spectacle of his smashing phone. “What do you think you are? Why would you do that? You might be some big man in your home but remember; right now you are living in my house feeding on my bread .you might be everyone’s darling but not mine. So before showing your tantrums like this think before that how you are going to pay for it because I don’t want to pay for this stuff even for the sake of courtesy no matter how rude everyone thinks I am”. Assad said in exasperated voice.

Afiq couldn’t stand there listening to him making a fuss over everything so instead of picking a fight, he chose to walk away. He patrolled toward the main gate keeping his head high leaving him there whining about his favours.

“Where are you going...?? I am not done yet...” Assad kept yelling and Afiq kept walking until his piercing voice faded away.

He hustled on the road and started running thinking this was the worst day of his life. He could feel everything in his life slipping away. Everything he worked so hard for was quitting on him. He was missing his deceased mother. She was the only loving creature who could have been there for him at this time of adversity. Every cell of his body wanted to leave this place and break free from all his problems so he kept running until he abruptly stopped.

He could not believe the magnificent view in front of his eyes. For a minute there, he stopped thinking about all the bad things in his life because all he wanted to do was absorb this captivating view and capture this picture in his brain for life. The rugged yet peaceful beauty of those majestic mountains took him to a state of trance. He kept walking the road until he saw a roadside sign saying “trail 5 parking-Margalla Hills”

He took a deep breath and started walking towards trail. He hiked while admiring the beauty of every flower and leaf. He often got out of breath so he took many little breaks by sitting on rocks and benches installed by the locals but he could not stop. He wanted to make it to the top and see what was there. So he kept going passing fresh water streams. He saw people were following the trail but since he wanted to be alone for a while so he decided to go off trail when he saw a narrow muddy patch with wild bushes running alongside. He passed the patch and heavens! It was the best decision he could have made.

He had never seen anything like this in his life. The scenery was breathtaking .It was like paradise on earth. He was standing on the edge of hill with big rock protruding out. There was this huge gulch between the hills with small waterfalls and falcons gliding and doing the dance of their royalty. Hazy white smoke covered the peaks of hills. The view was nourishing to his eyes and quenching the thirst of his soul. He could be there forever and never get bored but his fate had other plans.

He was sitting on that rock admiring the beauty of nature. He started throwing little pebbles into the gulch when he found his hand on a big stone with flat base .he was picking it up when his gaze caught something unusual on stem of a shrub. He looked closer. There were some numbers and words carved into the wood.

It’s not really a treasure when you have coordinates to the Mark. Want to know if you’re worth it?
Wear a Red Cap and find out.

33°35′49.3"N 73°10′07.8"E

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