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Addicted to you

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"What's your name?" He asked quietly turning his attention to me "Aurora Lupin" I replied looking away from him and back at the stars it was hard to keep eye contact with someone so intimidating. Aurora Lupin is intrigued by Mattheo Riddle. Her father demands her to stay away from him. Will she listen to him? Aurora does not fear Mattheo or judge him like everyone else does. Mattheo finds himself not being able to stay away from Aurora, anywhere he goes Aurora is the first person to meet his eyes. "Does it hurt?" She asked innocently, running her fingers over my cut knuckles "I've been through worse" I whispered, she looked up at me still holding my hands, she brought one of her hands up to my face lightly pressing it on the side of my face, running her thumb lightly over my scar. CONTAINS DRUGS/ SEXUAL CONTENT/VIOLENCE/TOXIC RELATIONSHIP/ MENTAL AND PHYSICAL ABUSE

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Aurora lupin POV

I sat at the slytherin table across from kiara while dumbledore gave his famous first day speech I tuned him out

"I can't believe it's our last year at Hogwarts" Kiara said I turned my attention to her looking up from my plate

"It feels like just yesterday I was meeting you on the train here" Kiara smiled

"I'm gonna miss it" I smiled shyly

"Now before I dismiss you to your common rooms I would like to introduce to you all a new student" dumbledore said I turned my head towards him and he put his arms out to the door of the great hall

"Mattheo riddle"

Gasps and whispers filled the great hall as everyone quickly snapped their heads to the door

Riddle, as in Tom riddle my heart pounded, the son of a psychopath I turned my head to the door a tall male with dark brown hair entered the great hall he was already in slytherin robes he must have already been sorted not very shocking that he was sorted into slytherin

The closer he got to me the more I could make out what he looked like his face showed no emotion as he continued to walk closer he had a small scar on his left cheek and a big scar on his forehead all the way down his cheek on his right side

For a split second his brown eyes connected with mine before I quickly looked back down at Kiara, why would dumbledore let Tom Riddles son into Hogwarts? It made no sense Kiaras eyes went wide looking up past me I furrowed my eyebrows together confused

I looked to my side to see none other than mattheo at my side he looked down at me still with no emotion he placed his hands on the table infront of him beside me and sat down I looked straight up at Kiara panicking

He didn't say anything and I definitely wasn't going to say anything the whole hall was still whispering about him


Breakfast was awkward, I don't know why he would sit next to me out of everywhere he could have sat the table was full but there we other empty seats.

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly I unpacked and hung out with Kiara and Lucy I hadn't seen mattheo since breakfast but everyone was talking about him

I made my way to the astronomy tower after my roommate Kiara fell asleep I could never fall asleep the first night back to Hogwarts I rested my arms on the railing looking at the stars

I heard heavy footsteps coming up behind me I quickly turned around, mattheo riddle stood by the entrance of the astronomy tower holding a cigarette in his hand

"Smoking kills you know" I stated he shrugged and walked to the railing grabbing a lighter out of his pocket he put the cigarette between his lips and lit it in inhaling the smoke as he looked forward the moonlight hit his skin perfectly I tried not to stare but it was quite difficult not to not only because he was the son of Tom Riddle but because he wasn't that harsh on the eyes

"What's your name?" He asked quietly turning his attention to me "Aurora Lupin" I replied looking away from him and back at the stars it was hard to keep eye contact with someone so intimidating

"I'm guessing I don't have to introduce myself" Mattheo chucked putting the cigarette back up to his lips

"No definitely not" I whispered We stood in silence for a few minutes while he continued to smoke his cigarette I was to afraid to talk or move I looked over at him sneaking small glances at him

"What are you doing up here so late.. Aurora" Mattheo asked

"Just looking at the stars" I responded


"Can I ask you a question?" I asked looking back at him he put out his cigarette placing his elbow on the railing leaning up against it

"You just did" he smirked I looked away at the stars once again and lightly scoffed "what was that?" He asked cocking his head to the side

I turned back to him, his brown eyes stared into me "go on, don't be afraid to ask what everyone wants to ask" he said

I had more than one question I didn't know where to start and I didn't want to ask him to many personal questions

"Your father.." I paused

"Lord Voldemort" he said his jaw clenched waiting for my response

"Yes" I swallowed trying to stay calm

"What's he like?" I asked my eyes wandered to his scar on his face from his forehead to his cheek

"I'm sure you've heard plenty of story's why are you asking me?" He asked my eyes shot back up to his

"Because you would know if they were true or not"

He lightly chuckled rolling his tongue over his bottom lip turning his face back to the view

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked, it was rude" I said looking down at the ground

"No, no everyone's wondering but no one was brave enough to ask like you were" he turned back to me I moved my head back up slowly

"He's just as you would think, as every story goes, he's a evil, psycho, murderer, nothing more nothing less" he said

I bit the inside of my cheek looking up at his scars

"Something on your mind witch?" He asked

I wanted to ask him more questions. Why did you come to Hogwarts? Did your father send you here? How did you get the scars? Did your father give them to you?

I looked down at the pack of cigarettes and lighter in his hand "you should quit" I said and looked back up at him he looked down at the pack of cigarettes in his hand smirking "yes a young witch once told me smoking kills" Mattheo chuckled

I turned to the exit and began to leave "I hope I'll be seeing you around" I turned around to see him leaning his back against the railing smirking "night" I whispered


Transfiguration was my first class of the day after breakfast I headed to the transfigurations class room. I was a few minutes late I looked around the room to see if there were any empty seats...

The only empty seat was next to Mattheo riddle. I walked I beside the desk. He looked up at me and smirked resting his arm over the other chair. His curly dark brown hair fell onto his forehead. My eyes flickered between his eyes and his smirk.

"Ms.Lupin please take a seat." Professor mcgonagall said I turned my head to her in the front of the class, I would usually sit next to Lucy in transfigurations but she was sitting next to one of her Hufflepuff friends.

"Take a seat" Mattheo whispered looked me up and down, I sat down next to him and professor mcgonagall started teaching again. Mattheos arm stayed rested on the back of my seat.

"Late on your first day- " he leaned forward "naughty girl" he whispered in my ear I sat up straight, my face went pale at his words, the tone he said them in, seductively.

He leaned back in his chair and I sat up straight for the rest of the class, his words ran through my mind the entire class.

Mattheo Riddle POV

"Naughty girl" I whispered in her ear. She sat up straight and became very pale I smirked and leaned back in my chair, I don't know what it was about her but it was fun to mess with her, other people would just annoy me so much I wouldn't talk to them I would just ignore them but she, she was different.

I found myself staring at her in the halls between classes, she was leaned up against and walk a tall blonde boy I knew him I've seen him before, Draco Malfoy.

His father was a big supporter of mine, Draco too was a death eater. I couldn't hear what they were talking about but Malfoy was smirking, Aurora had a small smile on her face, she said something and pointed a finger on his chest pushing him back lightly and walked past him.

I let out a small chuckle of how she turned down Malfoy. I walked her walked down the hall as Malfoy put his head down in defeat. I knew it was wrong to stare but I couldn't help myself I looked down her body, she wasn't wearing her robe. I looked at her exposed skin beneath her skirt above her thigh high socks.

"You listening mate?" A slytherin boy I was talking to said

I didn't realize I was smirking while staring at Aurora until the boy said something "Aurora Lupin" he chuckled my head snapped to his

"She's a good fuck if your looking for a easy fuck" Adrian pucey said I was disgusted by his comment about her "she try's to play hard to get but she's pretty fucking easy" he laughed

"Don't fucking talk about her like that! Or any girl for that matter!" I shouted I was close to breaking his nose

"I-I I'm sorry I won't- Adrian stuttered

"And I'm not your mate." I said and walked off

Rage filled my body like never before, no one should ever talk like that! Especially about her. I loosened my tie heading towards the boys bathroom.

There she was again leaning up against a wall but this time she was with two girls. Her eyes flicked to mine away from her friends, she furrowed her eyebrows together most likely confused, I was glaring I looked away and pushed open the door the the boys bathroom.

One boy was in there I sent him a glare and he quickly walked out of the bathroom. I placed my hands on both sides of the sink looking down. My hands gripped the sink tightly.

I was more pissed at myself than Adrians words, how they affected me so much, why I cared so much about what he said about Aurora, she's sweet and doesn't deserve to be talked about like that.

I looked up from the sink looking at the mirror infront of me. I slammed my fist into the glass shattering it. I placed my bloody hand back down on the sink looking up at the shattered glass still inside the mirror.

I took a few breaths trying to calm down my breathing, but it didn't work I smashed the mirror again and again and kept hitting it until all the glass hit the ground.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Aurora yelled slamming the bathroom door behind her

"This is the men's bathroom" I said annoyed and looked back down at the sink

"Your bleeding" she said walking up to my carful putting her hands on my hand holding it up slowly

"It's fine" I said pulling my hand out of her hands

"No it's not why would you do this?" She said looking back up at the mirror

"Because I felt like it" I said

"You can't ju-

"I can do whatever I want! Who's gonna stop me? You?" I tiled my head looking down at her

She glared at me, I smirked and let out a huff "that's what I thought" I said and walked past her



I went to the astronomy tower for a smoke tonight, a part of me was hoping Aurora would be here. But she wasn't.

I lit my cigarette and placed my hand on the railing inhaling my cigarette. A few minutes had gone by I finished my cigarette. I lifted my hand off the railing looking a my bruised and cut knuckles.

"I thought I'd find you here" I turned my head to the side

"Ah, Aurora" I smirked and turned my head back around

She walked up beside me staring out at the view in-front of her. I turned to face her furrowing my eyebrows together "what are you doing here?" I asked

She stayed silent turned to face me, her eyes fell to my hand picking it up and bringing it in-front of her
"Does it hurt?" She asked innocently, running her fingers over my cut knuckles

"I've been through worse" I whispered, she looked up at me still holding my hands, she brought one of her hands up to my face lightly pressing it on the side of my face, running her thumb lightly over my scar.

Her eyes followed her thumb down my cheek, my eyes followed her eyes. Her eyes flickered back up to mine. Her brown eyes looked concerned. Her hand was still placed on the side of my face and her other hand was on mine hand.

I turned away. Her hand dropped from my face, I pulled my hand out of her hand, she as well looked out at the stars, tilting her head up leaning against the railing. I turned my head slightly looking at her.

She seemed intrigued by the stars, staring at them, her eyes scanned the different stars and constellations.

"Do you like stars?" I asked she turned her head to me

"Yes, well like is an understatement." She giggled

"That right there that's the Little Dipper" she said pointing at the stars

"And that is Pegasus" she said pointing at another set of stars

"I have no idea what your pointing at" I laughed

"Come on don't tell me you can't see that!" She said and pointing at the stars

"I-I can't" I chuckled

Aurora laughed looking back and me "I can't believe you can't see them their right there" she laughed

We spent a while staring at the stars while she tried to show me different constellations I still couldn't see any

"Oh is that one right there?" I asked pointing at a cluster of stars "which ones that?" I asked

"That's not a constellation" she laughed


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