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He can see she deserves better. Can he be the one to do that for her?

Romance / Erotica
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Don’t get involved

Tanner PoV

I'm queuing at the checkouts. It's busy in this little convenience store. Guess everyone's like me, moving back to student accommodation for university life to get into full swing again.

You can see the freshers from a mile off. All smiles and eager to get to know people, make friends.

I'm finally close to paying. I'm shattered and just wanna buy my food and beers, and get back to my shitty shared home.

Then, I see her.

She's talking to whoever she's serving, sitting behind the counter, pulling off the work uniform well.

Her hair is tied up in a messy bun. She's not smiling, she clearly has some sass to her, some spunk, I like it.

She serves the next guy, in front of me, he asks what's the cheapest loose tobacco, she tells him off the top of her head in a bored tone, he buys it. He stinks. He throws the coins on the counter, snatches the packet and rushes out rudely.

"Oh he's nice" I mutter and she rolls her eyes.

"Need a bag?" She asks in a bored voice.

"Please, one" she passes me a bag.

She scans my shopping, I just watch. Earning a weird look when she's done and I haven't rushed to pack.

I see her names Livvie, her name badge.

"So Livvie, you a student?" I ask casually. I don't know why but I feel I need to know more about her.

"I'm not Livvie. And yes" she tells me pressing buttons on the till.

"ID?" She asks and I smirk, pulling out my ID.

She raises an eyebrow, looking to me. I see she's looking at my tattoos. She checking me out?

She looks back to the ID, smirks and hands it back.

She passes me my beers and I get my card out.

"£27" she tells me.

"So you know my name, what's yours?"

"Anyone who's name is Kent... I don't think should know my name" she tells me handing me the receipt.

"Alright, see you about Livvie" I wink and leave the shop.


It's pissing it down and my fucking flatmates finished all my fucking milk.

Swear whoever fucked me over will regret it.

I rush to the shop, pulling my hood down as I enter.

Ah, she's working. Instantly I don't mind my flat mates. Drink my milk whenever you want fuckers.

I go to the chillers, pull out a milk, then head to the checkouts.

I've seen her twice, both times, she plays hard to get. It's good for my ego.

Some guy is there leaning over the counter at her. She's smirking at him.

Shouldn't he surprised another guy is interested. She's hot.

She leans back and he looks over his shoulder giving me a flat look.

"Serve quick" I hear him tell her.

She doesn't meet my eyes as she serves me. "£1.10" she mutters biting the inside of her cheek. She ok?

I see her name badge is missing today, not even the Livvie one to humour customers.

"Alright?" I ask her as I pay contactless.

"Fine" she tells me tightly.

I nod slowly, she passes me the receipt, I take it, pick up the milk.

"Take care babe" I wink to her, she just looks away quickly.

The rude guy just blocks the door.

I stare at him. My tattoos, my big build, my 6"3 height. I can be quite intimidating.

"What?" I ask the bloke.

He has the balls to step forward to square up to me? Hilarious.

"Don't talk to my girl. You hear me?" He looks up to me, he's maybe just shy of 6 foot?

I step forward. Closing the gap, making it clear I'm bigger than him in more than just height.

"Fuck. Off" I tell him flatly.

We stand there, staring.

He finally steps back and I carry out on of the shop.

I get a few steps away, then something makes me go back.

I turn and walk back. When the door opens I see the pretty girl behind the counter, the fucker speaking shit. I hear "you worthless cunt" and I cut him off.

"What the FUCK?"

"Don't get involved shithead" he turns to me, his nose flaring.

I know I'm pissed off and I see him consider backing down. He should.

"You have no fucking clue what you're getting yourself into" he threatens.

"Are you alright?" I ask Not Livvie. Her head nods, but I see her eyes. She's scared.

"Oi. Don't ignore me" the fucker steps forward. I do too.

"I'm not talking to a piece of shit like you" I shake my head.

"Don't ever talk to my girl again" he tells me and I smile. A terrifying full smile.

"I think I'll do as I please"

I look to the girl again. She's nodding slightly. I feel bad, awful.

She shouldn't be with someone like him. I barely know her but I know nobody deserves that.


Saturday. Party night.

I can't be bothered.

I head downstairs, music blaring, people laughing, talking.

I grab a beer from the fridge, open it, and turn to lean on the kitchen counter, assessing the room.

Then I spot her, the Not Livvie girl.

She's leaning against the shed in the garden. Alone. Swigging her beer.

Only polite for me to say hello, she's in my home after all.

I finish my beer and grab another, then head out.

She watches me walk towards her, I can't read her expression.

Her eyes look me over. I think she likes my tattoos? Most girls do.

"Checking me out Livvie?" I smirk as I get close.

"You look like a drug dealer"

"Talk about judging a book by its cover" she raises an eyebrow "maybe I'm not all bad, like you clearly think I am"

She scoffs. I feel myself smirk.

"What? Are you my knight in shining armour to come save me from my boyfriend or something?" She banters. I like her.

"You want me to be?" I lick my lips as I step closer a little. She looks to my mouth.

"No. I don't need saving" she rolls her eyes and looks away from me.

"Good. Who says I would save you?"

She doesn't move. I step a little closer, talking a little quieter.

"What if I was to cause more harm than good? You're a good girl"

She looks back to me, looks up to meet my eyes.

"I'm not" she seems defensive?

"What? You not a good girl?" She gives me a flat look. "Sorry, no you're not, you're a good woman, right?"

"No" she replies softly. Her eyes to go my lips again. I can't help but look at hers.

"What? You got daddy issues and wanna be a good girl?" I feel her tense, her eyes keep flitting to my eyes, then my lips.

"What? You want me to call you daddy? Get over yourself" she surprises me and pushes past me.

I reach out to stop her. Gently.

She turns back to face me quickly.

"If you know what's good for you, you'd let me go" she tells me, it's not a threat, it's like a warning. Her voice is soft. Unexpected.

"If.. you know what's good for you" I step closer to her "you'd avoid my bedroom. Second left, first floor" I wink to her.

Her mouth opens slightly. Then closes.

I let her go and walk off back inside, sipping my beer.

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