Love Happens

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Chapter 11

New neighbors.

“Rise and shine.”

“Urgh, go away Nick.”

“Haleyyyy. Wake up!” Nick yells.

“Let me be in peace.” I put my pillow over my head.

“Shut up, I have some news.” He starts to shake me.

“One more minute.” I turn my head to the other side.

After five seconds he starts singing loudly in his ridiculous voice.

“I am not waking up.” I bury my head more into my pillows.

“Haley that’s it. You. Wake. Up. Now!”

“I have something really important to tell you.” He continues.

“Fine. What is so important that you couldn’t wait for me to wake up?”

“First, its 10 am. You slept for thirteen hours! Second I don’t want you to cry when you hear the third. Okay? And third, we are getting new neighbors. By Wednesday.”

“New neighbors? How? I mean, it’s just been a day since the death...” I say confused.

“Yeah I know, let me explain. A month ago, Tracy put her house for rent and never told a soul about it, except for Sophie. So these people who are coming this Wednesday agreed to stay here, and now when they heard about the death they decided to buy the house.”

“For rent? Why would she do that?” I ask.

“We don’t really know yet. Mom is gonna ask Sophie though.”

“Why didn’t Sophie tell us? And where is she going to live now?” All this new information is a lot to take right after I wake up.

“I don’t know why she didn’t tell us but she is going back to her hometown today, will come here on Sunday for the funeral...” he tells me.

“She is going back to Texas? Wow.”

“Yeah... I think Tracy was going to go with her and so she put the house for rent but I’m not sure.”

“This is all so messed up. Nothing explains this.”

“It is. But anyways mom wants you and me to go grocery shopping as dad arrives here tomorrow.”

“Can I eat first please?” And take in all this news.

“Sure, we’ll leave in an hour?” He asks and stands up.

“Alright. Where’s mom?” I ask and stretch a little.

“She is cleaning.”

“Cleaning? And mum?” I ask amused.

’Well yeah, her room. She doesn’t want the maid to do it.” He tells me.

“I wonder why”

“Maybe it is because dad is coming back home after seven months? ” he says it more like a question.

“Yeah, maybe.” I agree.

“One hour, okay?”


We arrive the store around twelve o’clock.

“Where is the list?” I ask.

“Here.” He hands me one and keeps one for himself.

“Why did you get two lists?”

“It will save our time. I’ll go to the east aisle and you go west.” Nick orders.

“Okay. Smart ass.” I start walking towards my aisle.

Good thing is I get almost everything written on my list except Yogurt and Pringles. I go to the area where they are usually kept but don’t find anything.

I wonder where they would be. I search them around for a while but all in vain so I decide to ask one of the attendants.

“Excuse me, where do you keep the yogurt?” I ask the lady.

“It is the first right from here.” She directs me.

“I searched over there... but thank you. I’ll look again.” I smile and start walking.

“No problem.”

I reach my destination and look in every row. Nope. Nothing.

I go to the lady again.

“Um.. it is not there.” I feel like such an idiot right now.

“I’ll search for it. One moment.” She looks for the yogurt but doesn’t find any too.

“I guess they are all over...” she finally says.

“What do you mean over? Don’t you have it somewhere else? No stock left at all?”

“I am really sorry.”

“Great. Just great.”

“I am very sorry about the inconvenience ma’am.” She say apologetically.

“Never mind.” I walk the other way, but stop on my tracks.

“At least you could tell me where the Pringles are. Are they out of stock too?”

“Uh, I don’t think so. Its the fourth left from here...” she directs me again.

“I hope that they aren’t.” I mumble and start walking again.

“Damn my height they are too far from my reach.” I curse.

I jump again but can’t reach the box.

When I try again someone shoves me to the side which makes my list fall to the ground and picks up five boxes of Pringles.

“What the hell man?”

“Here.” He grumbles and shoves the list in my hand.

He has the nerve to snap at me right after pushing me? My eyes move to his cart and I see loads of yogurt in there. The heck?

“What? No thank you?” I hear him ask.

“First, you push me to the ground, second you snap at me right after doing that, third who buys so much yogurt at once?”

“That is none of your business.” He says.

He is such a typical jerk.

“Because of people like you, I have no yogurt to take home.”

He only smirks.

“And you don’t even have the courtesy to ask if I want Pringles.”

“Why would I? I don’t know you.” He turns to look at the other rows for god knows what.

“I can’t reach them..” I hate the fact that I am indirectly asking him for help.

“Do you want me to help you?” He smirks again.

“Urgh. No.” I feel like punching him.

I think he is about to say something but my phone stops him.

“Hello? Nick?”

“Haley! Where are you?”

“I am in the Pringles section... and you?”

“I finished shopping long ago. I have been trying to call you but your number was out of reach.” He informs me.

“Could you come here, please? I... I can’t reach them.”

“Oh. Okay, where is it exactly?” He asks.

“I think west aisle, fourth left from the dairy section.” I tell him.

“Okay. I’ll see you shortly.”

Nick comes in view after a minute. That stupid jerk is still here looking for something only he knows.

“Here you go. How many do we want?” Nick asks.

“Three.” I say.

He hands me three boxes.

“Since when did they start keeping Pringles at such a high level?” Nick wonders aloud.

“God knows.”

“Did you get everything else?” He asks me.

“Yes except for yogurt.” I squint my eyes at the devil.

“Why? They are also at a height you can’t reach?” Nick teases.

“No because some stupid jerk took all of them and now they are out of stock.” I look at the devil again.

This time Nick follows my gaze.

“What is he gonna do of so many?” He mouths to me.

“I don’t know. Let’s leave.” I pull my cart.

“Wait. Lemme get my cart and then we’ll leave.”

“Okay. I’ll come with you.”

“No need to, the billing section is closer from here.”

“Fine.” I say and he leaves to get his cart.

“Your boyfriend is a big douche.” The jerk says.

“He is not my boyfriend and nor a douche.”

“So who is he?”

“That is none of your business.” I quote him from before which makes him smirk a little.

“You don’t have to be so bitchy.” He says smugly.

“Why are you still here? You got what you wanted.”

“I want to be here. My wish.” He replies.



“Douche bag.”




“Dick head.”




What? He did not just call me that.

“What? No comeback anymore?” Mr. Jerk removes his shades and looks at me this time.

‘He is attractive.’ is what my subconscious says at first. ′Shut up.′ I say to it.

“Haley, let’s go.” Nick pulls my arm.

I glare at the jerk until he is out of sight.

We reach home at twenty minutes to two and mom tells us that our new neighbors’ kids have come to see the house and all.

“One of their names is Reece and the second one is Brian. One of them is coming over for lunch. Please be good to him.”

“Okay. When will he be here?” Nick asks.

“In half an hour.”

“Why aren’t both coming?” I wonder aloud.

“Because Reece is not here yet.”

“Oh okay, so Brian is the one who is coming. How old are they?” I ask.

“One is sixteen and the other is nineteen, I don’t know which one is what though.” Mom says and gets back to cooking.

“I guess we will just have to wait to find out.” I say and go to my room.

“Haley, Nick, please dress into something decent!” I hear mom yell from downstairs.

“Okay!” I say back,

I decide to wear my casual white lace dress with a brown belt and flats. I did my make up before going to the store so I just brush my hair and go downstairs.

As soon as I step the last step the door bell rings.

“I’ll get it.”

I open the door and feel like my eyes will pop out any second.

“Hi, I am Brian.” the guy smiles.

‘Hot.’ is what I think as soon as I look at him. ‘Why is he so hot? And he is going to be my neighbor.’

“Can I come in?” He breaks my thoughts.

“Uh, yes. I am Haley.” I let him in.

“Nice to meet you.” He smiles.

“Hello Brian.” My mother beams and hugs the guy.

“Hey.” he awkwardly hugs back.

“Hey man, I am Nick.” Nick shakes Brian’s hand.

“Let’s eat. I think we all are starving.” Mom says and sits at our dining table.

“Yeah. I am really hungry.” I say and sit down opposite Brian.

“Serve yourself.”

Brian starts to put some food on his plate and I take this opportunity to look at his perfectly sculpted facial features.

He has a pretty good smile and his quiff is perfect like as if a professional has done it for him. I think his eyes are greyish but I can’t tell because he isn’t really facing me at the moment. In all he is just simply hot.

While I stare at his perfect features, a question runs through my mind. Why am I meeting up with so many hot guys lately?

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