Love Happens

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Chapter 12

Is Reece hot?

Brian starts to put some food on his plate and I take this opportunity to look at his perfectly sculpted facial features.

He has a pretty good smile and his quiff is perfect like as if a professional has done it for him. I think his eyes are greyish but I can’t tell because he isn’t really facing me at the moment. In all he is just simply hot.

While I stare at his perfect features, a question runs through my mind. Why am I meeting up with so many hot guys lately?

First, yes I have to admit it, Jackson. I know I cannot lie to myself. Then the jerk from the store from earlier today and now Brian.


Obviously Brian cannot be sixteen, he looks like he is the older brother. Now I am starting to wonder, if Brian is the older brother and is so hot, is the Reece guy hot too?


Wow, I will now have two hot guys who I can call my neighbors living in the house next to me.


“Wha? What?” I snap out of my thoughts.

“What were you dreaming about so much that you could not hear me call for you three times?” Nick asks me.

“Uh, nothing. Sorry. What were you saying?” I look at Brian from the corner of my eye and find him staring at me.

" Mom was asking you if you do not like the food.” He says.

“Oh.” I look down at my plate and see that it is untouched. I quickly pick up a spoon and a fork and start eating.

“Sorry, yes it is really nice.” I smile at my mom.

“Thank you dear. It is no problem.” She smiles back,

“So, Brian you are saying that you and Reece will be here on Sunday for the funeral?” Mom asks.

“Yes. Actually, Reece would have come here for lunch too but he said he had some work and that he was going to go and check out the school he is going to be going to. So I guess you will be seeing him on Sunday.” He smiles.

“Sunday is not that far. I guess we can wait.” Mom says. Why is she being so nice to him?

“The food is really very delicious.” Brian says.

“Oh, thank you Brian.”

“So, Nick. You play football?” He asks my brother.

“Yes i am the co- captain of our school team.” Nick starts boasting about his football skills.

After a ten minute discussion, which felt more like ten hours, about football is over between the two guys, Brian decides to communicate with me.

“So, Haley, how old are you?” He asks.

“I am turning seventeen in two months time.” I tell him.

“Oh, nice. And Nick is a year younger to you, right?” He asks.

“Yes.” I reply.

“Which school do you go to?” He asks staring straight into my eyes which makes me a little uncomfortable.

“Roosevelt High. Is Reece going to the same one?” I ask him.

“No, I am not sure. I do not remember the name of his school. I guess you will have to ask him that yourself.” He answers.

" Oh, okay.”

After a little more small talk Brian decides to finally leave at three thirty in the afternoon.

“Couldn’t you wait for a little longer?” Nick asks him.

" I would have loved to man but I have not heard from Reece so I am going to go now.” Brian stands up.

“Thank you Mrs. Austin for the lovely lunch.” He stretches his hand out for a handshake to my mom.

“Oh, please call me Mary. And you are always welcome here.” She shakes his hand.

“I’ll see you around Haley.” He smiles at me.

“Yes, I will see you around.” I smile back in return.

“I’ll walk you till the door.” Nick says and the same moment his phone rings.

“Crap, I have to take this. Sorry man. Hello?” Nick goes upstairs to his room.

“No problem.” Brian says to his retreating figure.

“Haley, walk him to the door, please.” Mom says sternly.

Oh god, do I really have to? When I see mom giving me THE look. I have no other choice but to agree,

“Okay. C’mon lets go.” I say and start walking towards the door. I can feel him following me close behind.

Once we reach the door, I open it wide for him to go.

“It was nice meeting you.” He breaks the awkward silence between us.

“Yes. You too.” I give him a small smile.

“Okay, I think I should leave now.”

“Okay... ”


“Bye.” I wave at him and he turns to go to his house.

I turn around and open the front door to my house when I hear Kale shout my name.

“Hales! Wait!”

I turn around and see him and Sam running towards me.

“Haley! We heard about what happened.” He comes and hugs me first and Sam follows.

With all these events that took place today I completely forgot about Tracy’s death.

“Yeah, but mom said before they started with her CPR and all she said to her and I quote her words ‘Tell Lee not to think about this much and stay strong. This is what I really wanted’. I was really upset when I heard that dying was what she wanted but now I think I will be okay. If she is happy, I am happy.

“Oh Haley. You are so understanding.” Kale hugs me again.

I hug him back.

“Come one in you guys.”

“Yea, you know we directly came here from school.” Sam tells me once we are in the house.”

“Oh thank you people.” I smile at them.

“And Haley, Jackson was wondering where you were today.” Kale says and winks.

“I’ll text him later.” I say.

“Hello Mary.” Sam and Kale greet my mother together.

“Hey kids. You’ll decided to come here!” Mom greets them back.

“Let’s go to my room.” I start walking up the stairs to my room.

“You know my dad is coming back home tomorrow for like three days or something.” I tell them,

“That is good. At least you are getting to see him.” Kale says.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Are you guys staying tonight?” I asked them.

“Yes, That would be the best thing for now.” Kale says.

“Let me just text my mother.” Sam says and removes her phone from her pocket.

“Oh yes, even I will tell my mum. Wait a second.” Kale does the same.

While they text I go to the kitchen and get some Oreo. After they both are done they start eating. Probably they didn’t eat anything before coming here.

“Who was the guy who left your house when we were entering?” Kale asks me. Oh that reminds me that I have to tell Sammy about Brian and Reece.

“Sammy, I have some news.” I tell her.

“What is it?” She asks with her mouth full with biscuits.

“I got new neighbors. They have two boys, one of their names is Brian and the other one is Reece. I have to admit Brian is hot, he came over for lunch today and he was the one you both saw. I still have not met Reece so I don’t know anything about him.”

“Wow. That is so cool. I cannot wait to meet them.” Sam says.

“If he is cool then I guess we can be friends.” Kale says.

“He is.” I smile at Kale.

“So tell me what did I miss in school today?” I ask them.

“Oh, girl. You missed so much! I have to tell you everything from the start!” Sam gets all excited.

“Oh, about what happened in lunch today?” Kale gets excited too.

“Yes. Okay, so like there is this girl...” Sam started her story and that is how the rest of my Friday was spent. With my best friends in my room. Perfect.

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