Love Happens

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Chapter 14

Jerks will be jerks as always.

Gah! I hate my life right now. I mean have I done something so bad that I need the yoghurt jerk from the store to be my new annoying neighbour? I don’t think so.

It is now Tuesday, Reece and his family are officially moving to the house next door tomorrow. And my parents being the nice people they are have invited them for dinner tomorrow.

Brian and Reece have already moved their things here. And frankly, I don’t mind Brian here but Reece, he is such a pain in the ass. That Sunday when I came to know the yoghurt jerk was Reece, I almost threw up. But thank god they left right after that. I didn’t really see them before Monday morning. That morning was the worst Monday morning of my life.


I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing. Damn, it is my alarm. I have school today. Great.

I quickly get dressed and pack my bag. I rush downstairs and find a note attached on the fridge. It says,

′ Haley , the hospital called for something urgent, so I had to rush. I will be back around lunchtime. Nick already left in the morning and dad is sleeping, so don’t wake him up. P.S I love you.′

“What do I eat for breakfast?” I think to myself.

I have like half an hour or more before I should go to school so I think I should eat something. I decided on making pancakes for myself.

‘Fifteen more minutes before I should leave...’

I decide on going early today. On my way out I see a dog on my porch.

Whose dog is that? I wonder.

“Hey fella, where is your owner?” I pet him.

He just barks in response. Obviously he would bark. It is not like he can talk or anything. Stupid Haley.

“Benzo!” Someone shouts from behind me which makes me turn quickly to face them.

Reece? Oh god. He was the last person I was wishing to see.

“Oh, it’s you. And I was thinking ′this girl is hot’. But now I know, I was mistaken. It is just your back which makes guys like me think you are hot.” He says.

“Guys like you can go to hell.”

“C’mon you really want that? I mean look at me.” He points to himself.

I take this moment to gaze at his well built body. He has no shirt on for some reason. Perfect abs, biceps. Stop Haley! He is THE jerk.

“Like what you see?” He smirks and snaps me out of my thoughts.

“No. Just. go. to. hell.” He is pissing me off.

“No I cannot. I have been sent from there.”

“Oh yeah? For what?!”

“For irritating the shit out of you.” Here comes the smirk again.

I start walking away. Ignore him. It is not like he can follow me the whole way to school or something. Besides he is shirtless.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he stops me on my way .

“Away from you” I yell.

“Not so fast babe” he pulls me by my hand.

What? What is he doing?

“Get away” I want to say but something in me stops me from moving back.

He pulls me closer to him, decreasing the distance between us. Does he want to kiss me? What is going on? Why is my body liking his touch?

When our lips are almost touching, he says “I am really sorry for my behaviour all this time. The only reason I was acting that way was because when I first saw you, I had feelings for you. And they were so strong that I didn’t like it. And I thought the best way to fight them would be to make you dislike me. I am really very sorry.

I freeze. I am dumbstruck by his little outburst. Is he saying the truth? I look up to meet his eyes. They look sincere.

I cannot even blink anymore. It is like my body is not able to cope with my brain. I find him leaning in more. He does want to kiss me. I close my eyes and wait for the impact.

“I cannot believe that you actually fell for that crap.” He says in my ear. My eyes open immediately. I look at him again and find him smirking.

“I was yet again taking your case. Man, did you really think I like you? And I would kiss you? Never. Never gonna happen babe. You are not even close to my standards. And I feel guilty that even after doing such a thing with you, I am not guilty.” He says.

The feeling I am having right now is unexplainable. Within a second I raise my hand and slap him. Hard. Really hard.

“You did this to me, but never, ever do it to another girl.” I say through gritted teeth, giving him a cold stare.

He seems shocked for my surprise. I turn on my heels and start walking towards school before the tears start to flow.

I am angry but heart broken as well. How can a person do such a disgusting thing? I should not have fallen for it. It was all my fault. All my fault. I furiously wipe the tears off my face. No girls tears’ reason should be a guy. I am not gonna cry. No crying. I keep telling myself. For some reason unknown I feel betrayed too. Why does he do such awful things to me? I have not even known him for a week and he has his pranks all planned and set.

I sit on the last seat in Biology as usual and put my head down. Right before the bell, someone takes a seat beside me. I look up to find Jackson smiling brightly.

“Hi” he says.

“Hey...” I try and avoid direct eye contact.

“It feels so long since I last saw you. I think it was a Wednesday... or Thursday. Not sure.”


“Have you been crying?” he asks.

“No.” I say quickly.

“Look here.” When I dont look, he holds my chin and turns my face so that I am facing him.

“Why were you crying Haley?” He asks worried now.

“Its nothing really.” I try and look away but his hold gets firmer.

“Is it because what happened with your neighbour?” He asks.

What? How does he know? I never told no one about what happened with me and Reece. Then how does he know?

“I am really sorry about the death. Ryan told me all about it.” He continues.

Oh. He was talking about Tracy. My neighbour.

“Yeah kind of... but I am better now. See.” I give him the widest smile I can smile at the moment.

We stay silent for the rest of the class. In physics, I tell Sam everything about Reece how it all started from the grocery store to he coming for the funeral and mocking me and the incident from the morning.

“How could he do that to you? Such a big jerk.”

“Jerks will be jerks as always.” I say.

“If I find him alone anywhere, I will slay him.” She says.

“Slay?” I am a little amused.

“Yes. SLAY! ” she yells a little too loudly and attracts the attention of half of our class.

“What? Do your work.” She says. Damn, she is more angry than me.

“You know the worst part is, he is coming over for dinner on Wednesday with his whole family.” I tell her.

“Dont be there for it. Come over to my place. ” she tells me.

“It is not that easy. Mom wants me to meet his parents and all.” I whine.

“Okay whatever. I will talk to her. Maybe she will agree. If you ever feel that you cant stand him anymore just say excuse me to them and come over. Okay?” She says.

“I can never stand his presence. After what he did to me.” I mumble.

After physics I meet Kale in History then we have straight three classes together. So I tell him all about Reece and this is what he says, “I will one night sneak into his room and chop his balls off.”

The rest of my day goes like any normal, boring Monday.


Just the thought of Reece kills me. Thank goodness I didnt see him today in the morning nor in the evening. I just keep wishing to god that tomorrow will be the last day I see him at dinner and then never in my life. But we all know that wont happen. After all he is my new neighbour.

I am not hungry right now so I decide to sleep early. I look at the time. 8:35 p.m.

Mom requested dad to stay for one more day so that he could be there for the dinner with the neighbours thing. She is happy that he agreed. I am happy that she is happy. Being such a busy man, it is not easy to take decisions that way.

Thinking about tomorrows dinner I can surely say it will be anything but good.

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