Love Happens

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Chapter 15

Dinner gone well?

“Haley! Get your fat butt down. Now!” Mom yells from the kitchen.

“Urgh. Fine! I am coming!” I yell back for her to hear.

Tonight is going to be a disaster, is what I know for sure.

I have not come across Reece the whole day today. Maybe he is sick and won’t come for the dinner tonight.

That is just what you want.′ My subconscious reminds me. And sadly, it is the truth. Because I know, he will not miss an opportunity of torturing me, for the world.

Since morning I have been feeling way too lethargic to function. It is probably because of the dinner though. It just has to be because of that.

Today in school, I almost dropped my whole lunch. If it wasn’t for Jackson to hold me on time, it would have been all over me and the empty bleachers. Like seriously though, who falls down just own their own? No slippery ground, no one pushing from behind, not a single person except for yourself. Nothing. Just you, walking towards the bleachers with your lunch in your hands, being lazy as fuck and suddenly out of nowhere tripping on your own damn leg.

“Haley!” Mom yells again.

Damn, she is so furious today. I have never seen mom in such a hurry for things to happen before. Like she is just going from one corner of the house to the other shouting and cursing for no specific reason. She has taken this dinner just a bit too seriously.

Something what you have not taken it as.′ My mind keeps reminding me of the ugly, sad truth.

Finally I lift my butt from the bed that I love, and slowly make my way downstairs.

“Yes Mom?” I ask when I finally reach the kitchen.

“You do realize that we are gonna be having guests over here in less than an hour and one, you are not even trying to help me. Two, you are still not bloody dressed and three, where the heck is the schezwan sauce?!” Mom is way too hyper to function.

Both the things that she listed are true. I have not really helped in anything today. Except if going to the grocery shop last week counts. And yeah, I am in my lazy clothes. Sweat pants and a crop top. I wish I could stay that way for dinner but I know mom will kill me even if I ask her.

“Are you processing where the heck you have kept the sauce or what?!” I snap out of the shit I am thinking and go to the cabinet in which I kept the schezwan sauce.

“Here it is. Sorry mom. I think it is my time of month... I will go upstairs and get ready right away and.. um yeah. ” I give her a small smile. She raises her right eyebrow waiting for me patiently to complete the last part of my sentence.

“And.. then I will come back down to help you.” I add.

“Good. Now go.” She gets back to chopping vegetables.

I open my closet door and look for a good outfit for tonight. What to wear? Isn’t that a question every girl asks herself before going to the movies or on a date or to school even? Even though she knows what she should be wearing, this question comes out like a default before changing into something. I don’t know, it has always been that way with me at least. I have loads of clothes. Like LOADS. But every time I like wearing the stuff I usually wear. Or like the clothes that get in hand first. And like always, always even if we have the clothes we say to ourselves that we don’t. Why do we do that? Google is still searching for an answer.

I pick out a lemon coloured dress first. Nah too light fora dinner. Then I go towards an electric blue dress. This one is good. I think to myself. It is sleeveless. And has a black belt attaching the blouse to the skirt, which makes it a dress. I don’t want to wear such a pretty dress and let it go for waste. Nah. Not this then. I pick out a white dress this time. It is a top to bottom lace dress. Nah not this one for tonight. I search for more. Grey? No. Too light. Pink? Nah. Too girly. Red? Too bright. Black? Too simple.

Then my hands reach a dress which has been untouched since brought here. It is black in colour. Has no sleeves, has a round neck which has a V-cut, which has pretty lace on it. It is elegant. I think this is the best dress for now. I just hope I fit in it.
With crossed fingers, I put the dress on and to my surprise it is a perfect fit. It comes just a little above my knees.

I decide to leave my hair open. I put on some mascara, a little gloss and just a dash of eye shadow so that my eyes don’t look dead. I look at myself In the mirror. Perfect.

Oh, wait. Not perfect. I have no shoes on. What shoes will go with this? I have black stilettos which might match. I quickly get them out of the box and put them on. Once again I look at myself in the mirror for the last time. I have to admit, I do look hot.

“Haley? Can I come in?” Someone knocks at my door.

“Yes.” I open the door. It is Nick.

“Hey, I wanted to- -- oh, my god.” He stops mid sentence.

“What?” I asked him, confused.

I find him checking me out. Top to bottom. Again and again. Repeating the process.

“Haley... you...” he is at a loss of words.

“Nick... I what?”

“You look breathtaking. And so hot!” He smirks and widens his eyes.

“Goddamn it idiot. Stop. You will make me blush.” I cover my face with my hands.

“Um, sorry. But you do.”

“Thank you. So do you. I like your shoes.” I fist bump him.

“Thanks. So, um I came here to ask if you wanna help me set the table.”

“Yeah. Sure. I am ready. Lets go.” I shut the door to my room and go downstairs.

“Mom, go get ready. We will handle it from here.” I say when I spot her.

“Oh thank you Haley, I --” she stops mid sentence too.

“Wow. You look dazzling. I completely forgot you had that dress.”

“Thanks mom, so did I.” Here comes the blush again.

“Okay, so as I was saying, they said they will be half an hour late so the time we have now is forty minutes. I will go get ready, and send dad down too to help you both. Every thing is on the island. Just have ti set the dining table and then put the dishes on when they arrive. Okay? All good?” She explains us our job.

“Yeah. All good.” Nick and I say in unison.

“Please be good to them.” Is what moms last words are before she leaves to get ready.

Dad soon enough comes down looking sexy as hell. I have to admit, he looks good in anything he wears and in that age being so fit is a really good thing.

“Hey kids, Haley you are looking so sexy child.” He winks at me.

“Dad! C’mon.” I cover my face once more.

“What? And you too son, I like your shoes.”

“Thanks dad. You don’t look bad yourself.” Nick says.

“Yeah.” I agree with him.

“Thank you. Okay, is everything settled? Or do you both need any help?” Dad asks.

“Nah, we are fine. All set and done. Now we just gotta wait for mom to come down and the neighbours too.” Nick informs daddy.

“Cool. Then lets sit and watch some football by the time the guests come.” Dad and Nick take a seat on the couch.

I am not interested to watch football so I decide to click a selfie and send it to Sam and Kale. Within seconds I get the replies:

Bitch, you look so effin’ hot *_* If I were a boy, I would take you then and there.′

‘Girl, you lookin sexy af. Man I am proud of saying that i am your bestie <3’

I think we all can distinguish who sent what. I am about to reply to both of them when the doorbell rings.

“Hales, please take the door.”

I quickly reply saying a thank you to both and rush towards the door, Taking a deep breath in, I open it.

“Hello,” I smile at my new neighbours.

“Hey darling. I am Martha. And I’m guessing you’re Haley?” The lady smiles wide at me.

“Yes, I am Haley. Come in.” I open the door wider for them to enter,

“Hi Haley.” Mr. Clark shakes my hand.

“Hello, Mr. Clark.” I smile at him.

“Oh, please. You make me sound so old. Call me Ray.”

“Haley! Hi. Wow. You look flawless.” Brian hugs me.

“You don’t look too bad yourself.” I hug him back.

The adults start to mix up and all and Brian goes towards Nick.

“Hi.” the moment I never waited for is here.

Just face the goddamn guy, Haley’ I tell myself.

“Reece.” I give a cold smile with a little nod.

“Okay, I think we all are hungry so let’s eat.” Mom claps her hand to get everyone’s attention.

Yeah okay. Is what everybody says.

Our Dining table is of only six people. So I go and get two extra chairs and put them on each vacant side of the table.

By the time I do this all seats are taken. Only the men are left standing. They take their seats and the only seat left for me, is the one in between Reece and Brian. Great start. Wohoo.

I take my seat and start serving myself.

The dinner goes well. We get to know our neighbours a lot. The Clarks family is way too amazing except for Reece. He didn’t say anything today though, just answered the questions which were directed to him. And the one thing he did not stop doing was feeling my thigh again and again. But you know what, I have decided to just ignore him. And that is what I did the whole time he was feeling me up. I ignored him and that is the reason why the dinner went well.

“Haley, come help me with the dishes.” Mom calls me.

“Yeah, sure.” i get out of my seat and help mom. We serve dessert together which is just so yummy.

After everything is done. It is finally their time to leave.

“Bye Haley, it was really nice talking to you tonight,” Mrs. Clark says.

“Yes, you too.” I give her a quick hug.

“I hope I get to see more of you.” Mr. Clark says.

“I hope for the same.” I smile and shake his hand once more.

“Goodnight Haley. We will meet soon. Okay?” Brian hugs me tight.

“Yes, okay. Goodnight.” I hug him back.

“Bye Haley.” Reece has a poker face.

“Bye. Goodnight.” I say smiling knowing well enough that whatever he had planned for tonight didn’t work out. So two points to Haley! Yeah!

Finally, they leave. Mom and dad rush upstairs for god knows what and Nick too goes up with them.

Tomorrow when I wake up, dad will be gone. I think to myself.

Sometimes, I just wish he didn’t have so much work and could just do it sitting at home here. But nah, that is not how life works and it can never be so simple. For anyone.

I change into my nightwear and crash to bed thinking of the ways I can ignore my neighbor.

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