Love Happens

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Chapter 16

We learn from our own mistakes.

I wake up late today and hurry everything making a mess here and there.

Sleepy ass Nick is still snoring and mom has gone to the airport to see off dad.

“Wake up! Nick! We are late!” I wake him up once I am ready.

“Two more minutes, please.” He turns over to his other side.

I have no patience in me right now so I go to his washroom get some water in a mug and pour it on him.

“The heck?!” He wakes up with a jerk.

“It is 7.40! We are dead! Go change right away and come down fast.” I yell and go downstairs.

“Okay.” I hear him say.

I wait for him for five minutes and he finally comes down.

“Lets go.”

Gladly I drive super fast and reach school just in time.

My first class is maths so I take my books from the locker and rush to class.

After math I get to meet Sam in Physics and she tells me how good her date with Ryan went. Honestly, they make a really cute couple. And after that I tell her all about the dinner and she just keeps winking at me whenever I say Reece’s name. For god knows what reason.

Right after that I get to meet up with Kale, in History, the most fucked up subject ever. (No offense to the history lovers) But I just don’t get that why we need to study this boring useless subject. Like its in the past, the history, we teenagers do not care. So just do not waste our time and yours. If only it was so easy to explain it to the management board. And who in hell keeps two periods of torture back to back?

“Are you even listening to me?” Kale snaps me out of my trance.

“Yeah, sorry. What were you saying exactly?” I smile sheepishly at him.

He has been going on and on about how he asked Jess out and how she was so shocked at first and then finally said yes to him and he is just so happy and they have been inseparable ever since and how excited he is to take her out on their first official date this Friday as boyfriend and girlfriend and what all he has planned blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong, whatever he is saying is too cute and I totally wish that my boyfriend would do stuff like that for me but yeah I know not happening.

“Haley.” He calls out. Shit I again wandered into my thoughts. He will be so mad if I ask him what he was saying again.

“Yeah?” I play safe.

“Do you agree with me?” He asks.

“Yes.” I say. Even though I have no clue on what I am agreeing on.

“Alright so you are saying that I should get her Lilies. Sam said roses were better...” its more like he is talking to himself.

I chuckle at him when i see him writing the pros and cons of each flower. Such a dork.

“I think because its your first date, you should get her Lilies, because like you both have just started to date, cmon. And even if she wont like it get her roses the next time, yeah? Its not like she will break up with you for the wrong flowers you get her. And I quote, ′ we learn from our own mistakes.’” I smile at him.

“Oh gosh. You are just the best aren’t you?” He grins from ear to ear.

“Oh yes. So I have heard.” I wink at him and the bell rings indicating that the period is over and its lunch now. Finally, a few more hours and I will be home.

For the first time today, in lunch, I get to see Jackson. Boy, he looks good. He has a plain white t-shirt and blue jeans. The combination which, in my opinion, looks best on guys.

“Hi.” I wave.

“Haley, hey. Whats up?” He takes a seat next to me.

“Just came out of History class.” I roll my eyes and he chuckles.

“What about you?” I ask him.

“Uh, just boring two periods of English and one maths.” He sighs.

When he says English I remember that he has a project to do with the queen bee of our school. So I ask him how the project is going. To which he says,

“Eh, I don’t know we met each other once more and asked basic questions like favourite this favourite that, so yeah. The more I see her the more I dislike her. ” he rolls his eyes.

“Good luck with her buddy. So um did you find out about the thing in the party?” I whisper the last part in his ears.

He sighs again. “No. I have tried a lot. But I just don’t have any connections to start with. So I have decided to ignore that for now.” He takes a bite of his burger.

“Well, as you wish. If you ever need any help, I am just a phone call away.” I say and eat my french fries.

We make more small talk, a little flirting here and there and soon enough the bell rings indicating that lunch is over.

Jackson and I say goodbye to our other friends and make our ways to Biology.

We take a seat in the back of the class, as usual, and wait for the teacher to start his bullshit. But to our shock, he decides to give us a monthly assignment of working in the lab and under the microscope and blah blah.

“I want you all to partner with each other and sit here with your partners so it becomes easier for me. ” he says and there is chaos in the class everybody shoots up their seats and starts to make their way towards their friends. Jackson and I just look at each other. Yeah no need of a partner when you already got a hot one.

The teacher then explains us more about the assignment and as soon as he is done I zone out for the rest of the class.

“Hales, are you free tomorrow?” Jackson asks me.

“Tomorrow is Friday... yeah I am. Why?” I ask.

“Uh, I was wondering if you know we could catch up on a movie or something... like Ryan has another date with Sam, so my mother and his decided to go to some club and the whole house is mine.... so yeah, if you don’t mind accompanying me. That will be cool.” He scratches the back of his head.

He looks so cute when he does that. I have a sudden urge to pull his cheeks but I decide not to.

“Sure. I will love to come. Text me the time and I will be there.” I smile at him.

Even though he didn’t say it, I would like to think of this hang out as a date. Yeah I know its too childish to do that but I will think of it like that anyway. The thought of me and Jackson actually going on a real date makes me grin like a child on Christmas. The rest of the class is just me sitting beside him, grinning from ear to ear, like an idiot.

“What class do you have now?” He asks me as we walk in the hallway.

“Music. You?” I smile. The thought of music brings peace in my mind.

“Cool. I have Gym now.” He smiles back.

“Alright. I should be going now. See you. Bye” i wave and put my books in my locker

“Bye. See you later.” He walks away.

My music class goes well. As it is Thursday today, Nick will have extra practice and so I, like always, am going to play my guitar.

I text Nick, telling him that I will be in the music room and to text me back whenever he is done. Soon I get a reply saying sure. Such a douche.

“I plug in my iPod and start playing, the song Titanium by David guetta. After playing a few more songs, one if Taylor Swift’s famous tracks, the song mean comes on. I cannot remember the exact chords to it, so I search for them.

You, with your words like knives
And swords and weapons that you use against me
You have knocked me off my feet again
Got me feeling like I’m nothing.....′

I find the chords and start to play.

’Someday I’ll be big enough so you can’t hit me
And all you’re ever gonna be is mean
Why you gotta be so mean?′

For some reason, this song reminds me of Reece. He is just so mean. Jerk.

“And all you’re ever gonna be is mean
Why you gotta be so mean?” I strum the last chord and end the song.

A few seconds later, I hear someone clap behind me and I jump in my seat.

“That was brilliant.”

“Uh. Thanks.” I turn to look at the stranger to find it to be none other than Jackson. He has the huge grin on his face and is a little sweaty. May be he had practice too. Obviously he did. That stupid voice tells me.

“Jackson, how long were you here?” I ask suddenly feeling shy.

“Just heard the last song that’s it. You were amazing. You have a great voice and awesome guitar playing skills.” He praised making me blush all the more.

“Thank you. But, why were you sneaking up on me this way? You should be on the football field right?” I ask him and start to pack my things.

“Well, Nick was called by the coach for something and he told me to call you to inform that he was done with practice so yeah, I came here to find you play and J didn’t really wanna disturb you so I decided to wait and listen to you play.” He explains.

“Oh. Alright then lets go.” We walk out together in silence.

“I would like to hear you sing again sometime.” He says.

“Um, sure.” I smile a little.

“So, I will text you what time you should come over tomorrow, yea?”

“Yeah. Okay. I will see you tomorrow. Bye.” I wave at him smiling.

“Bye.” He winks and at the same moment I get a text from Nick saying he is waiting by the car.

So I unlock the car, sit in and drive home happily.

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