Love Happens

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Chapter 17

I prefer you without clothes any day.

Hey’ I get a text from Jackson right after I am done with my dinner and in bed all comfy.

Hi, sup?′ I text back.

"Just had dinner. And you?” His reply comes faster than a bullet.

Same, laying in bed now haha’

Oh well, I am watchin some football with Ryan. But he is busy texting, I am pretty sure it is Sam he is chatting to.′ He replies.

‘Aha! Thats pretty obvious. Lol’

"Yea, so how about you come around 5 or 6 tomorrow?′

Come for what? I almost send but then I remember our semi date thingy that I have with him. Its just a hang out Haley. This is not a date. That stupid voice says in my head. Urgh. I know it is not a date. But i said semi date. And what is so bad in thinking of it as a date? Everything is. You are just convincing yourself that he likes you and indirectly has asked you out. But nah, not happening.

What is the problem with this voice? Damn, I dislike my own subconscious mind. Alright it maybe a little right but that does not mean that-- a beep from my phone snaps me out of my trance. It is Jackson. He sent eight messages. Woah. I start reading them:


‘Are you alive?’

‘Did you faint because of the thought of you and me alone? ;)’

‘Okay seriously, Haleyyyy???? U there???’

‘Are you ignoring me? :(’

‘It is totally okay with me if you wanna back out....’

‘I guess I can stay alone... but it would have been cool if we got to hang out... :/’

Alright... I will see you in school. :3′

What? No! He misunderstood. I quickly start to type furiously.

‘Jackson! Wait no!’

‘I did not faint -.- gah u are so full of urself. And I was not ignoring you ://’ I press send.

Oh?′ His reply comes faster than lightning this time.

Yeah. I am not backin out, I.. i went to the loo, so yeah. I obviously would love to hang out with you :)′ I tell him.

Gosh Haley, you know you scared me haha.′ I smile when I read this.

5.30 will do?′ I ask.

‘Yeah. Why not? I will be waiting for you x ;)’ I try hard to ignore the wink he just send.

Sure :)′

For some reason I dont really want to stop chatting to Jackson, but I dont know what to talk to him about. While I think, I get another text from him.

Are you sleepy?′

‘What? No. Not at all. Are you?’

"Nah. I hope I am not keeping you up...′

No Jackson :)′

"So tell me, what movie would you like to watch?′

Hmm, that is a good question. ′Lemme think...′

Evn after thinking for a while, I dont come up with anything so I ask him to short down a list to which he says:

‘We have.. The Avengers, Incredible Hulk, Iron man, Rocky, Spiderman, Batman, yeah all that I guess..’

At first when I read the list I think he is joking but when I wait for his reply sending a real list but instead get an ‘are you there?’ I understand that he is not kidding.

You cant possibly think I will watch any of those do you?′

‘Why not? They are great movies!’

Umm...′ Well this is awkward.

‘Oh, I get it.’

He gets what?

‘You are a girl, I should have known, you want to watch a sappy romantic movie dont you?’ I do not really know why this message offends me so much.

‘No, I would like something in mystery/thriller or horror’ As soon as I sent this, I regret it.

You see, its not that I ain’t a fan of horror, but I have just seen almost every possible horror movie. Not to brag or anything, it is just the way it is.

"Really? I thought you were more of a chick flick lover’

No, I would prefer horror any day.′

"Well in that case... how about the quiet ones or thirteen sins? We could even watch Oculus? What do you say?′

He seems pretty excited about this. For some reason unknown, the thought of it makes me blush.

The movies he has listed are seen by me already but I cannot really remember what happens in them in the end, except for thirteen sins...

Sure, I dont mind any.. :)′ i tell him.

‘Cool then we can watch all if you have the time :) i just hope you didnt say horror just because you wanna cuddle ;)’

He is flirting now! Ah. I love the thought of me being in his well toned arms, all cuddled up. But thats not what I intended.

Ah you wish :p and sure we will watch all and then see who is the one who scares up and cuddles to the other ;)))′

Aha ;) Fine, deal. Lets see.′

We chat for some more hours before, I guess I, go to sleep in between texting. Yeah, but I have sound sleep and wake up to seeing this:

"Haha yeah that was funny xD.′


‘I think you went to sleep.. Goodnight Haley :)’

And this last one makes me smile the brightest:

‘Good morning my beautiful sunshine xx’

He said beautiful and sunshine in the same sentence! He called me his. His beautiful sunshine! Ah! The blush just wont stop!

I quickly sent him a good morning message and get ready to get to school.

I have a good day there, for once. When I get back home it is around three in the afternoon. So that gives me two hours for getting ready...

I decide on taking a shower first and then picking on what to wear. I take my own sweet time in my shower, forty minutes later I get out of the washroom, wrapped in nothing but my towel. What. To. Wear?

It is just a normal hang out with a friend so I shouldnt really get dressy... after thinking for an eternity if I should put on shorts or jeans, I decide to wear jeans as it may be chilly at night.

Dropping my towel on the ground, I carelessy dance to the music playing in the background, and put on my bra and panties. I never usually do this out of the washroom, but as Nick has gone to Luke’s and Mum is in the hospital, I dont bother caring.

I wear my shirt and my phone beeps. Who would it be?

Unknown Number: You have sexy curves. And your dance moves are amusing xD’

What the heck? Who is this? What is this person talking about?

Who are you?′ I ask.

‘Your favourite nightmare baby ;)’

‘Dude :/ be real’

Your favourite neighbor then ;)′

Within a second I realize who it it.

How did you get my number, jerk?′

‘Well you see, my brother loves me... ;)’

Urgh! Why? Why did I have to be so stupid to give Brian my number? Obviously Reece would get it too. I feel so stupid right now.

You hide some great things under those clothes you know.. ;)′

I read this and my head turns towards my window. I see Reece smiling and waving ay me, sitting on his bed shirtless. Wow. His room just had to be opposite mine! This is just great! Why didnt I draw the curtains shut? I realize that Reece, the neighbor that I hate, the one who I was planning to ignore till the rest of my life, the guy who is the biggest jerk ever, saw me dancing in my room, naked. Urgh. Fuck my life. God why are you doing this to me?

I prefer you without clothes anyday’ he messages me.

This boy is making me angry. ′Shut up′ i text him and quickly draw my curtains shut.

Aw, you angry?′

‘Go to hell jerk, do not irritate me and spoil my date!’

‘You have a date? With who? :/’

What now he is jealous? Who am I kiddin, he would never be jealous, how can I even think something like that?

’Yess, I do and that is none of your business.′

Whatever you say, Miss I-love-dancing-naked-in-my-room ;). See ya ′

I huff. He irritates the shit out of me! Taking a deep breaths, i check the time, 4:40pm.

I think it is time for me to leave and go on my “date”.

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