Love Happens

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Chapter 1

Jackson Mathews.

“Hales! Wake up, or you are gonna be super late today!” my mom shouts from downstairs.

3 words - I HATE MONDAYS.

Like seriously, Monday is the most boring day in the week and guess what? My Monday schedule is pathetic, it couldn’t have been more boring than this - biology, physics, history, lunch break, psychology, maths and music.

The only good class is music and well lunch too... :P

All our classes are of 40 minutes each except music! It’s for 1 whole hour. Its my favourite class. I love singing a lot! Its my dream to become a singer one day. All my friends say that I have a lovely voice and all but I don’t know yet..

I groan and go in the bathroom to do my morning routine.

“Missy you are seriously gonna be late” my mum says.

“Urgh mom why don’t you tell that to Nick? He is not even ready yet” I say while eating my cereal.

“Kiddo I guess you have forgotten that Nick has football practice today and so he is already in school”

Fudge how could I forget? Nick is the co-captain in the team and is really good with that stuff... I guess he got it from me because I am the captain of the dance team. Yeah you heard it right. Dance Team! I love singing but I am a good dancer as well.

“No, no I did not forget...umm I was just... I gotta go mom..see ya” I stammer as I take a banana and rush to the door.

“Whatever” I hear her mumble. As I am about to leave she stops me and says, 0”Haley listen! I have a surgery to do today so I will come home tomorrow around noon. I don’t want any misbehavior from either of you and yeah--” she rambles but I cut her off by continuing.

“....lock all the doors and windows and sleep early. I know mom, I’ll take care don’t worry. Bye” I quickly close the door and jog to school.

School isn’t that far, it is just a 20-30 minute walk so I prefer walking.

I walk to my locker and hear Sam call for me.


Samantha Parker. She has been my best friend since I moved here. She is my neighbour, so we used to spend a lot of time together. We still do but yeah that’s how we became best friends. She is more like a sister to me though... you must be thinking if we are neighbours why don’t we walk to school together? Right? Well she is in the volleyball team so every Mondays and Thursdays she has practice to attend.

“Sammy! Why so loud huh?” I ask her

“You so don’t know what happened with me yesterday!”

“What happened?” I wonder “Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God!” I screech

“Oh, so you know already?” the excitement from her face starts to drift away.

“Gotcha. I don’t know. Now tell me everything in details”

“okay.. so I maybe have a date with Ryan” she whispers.

“No way.”

“Yes way.”

“I’m so happy for you. But how? I mean what did he say?” I demand

“Okay. So last night I was chatting to him when...“she is cut off mid sentence when

“Hey girls! Whats up?” Kale greets us.

“Kale you always keep on interrupting me when I have something important to say” Sam whines.

“Oh c’mon I know you love me Sam” Kale says.

“Whatever..” Sam murmurs

“So what was so important that you don’t have time for the great ‘Kale Scott’?” he asks

Kale Scott. He was my first friend in Roosevelt. Obviously after Sam. He has been like a big brother to me and I love him for that. Most of the girls in our school are jealous of me as he hangs out with me almost all the time. Granted that he is good looking and well built and all, but seriously I didn’t become friends with him for that. Our first meet was really... I don’t know ...weird and kinda awkward, I guess....


It was my first day in Roosevelt and I was a bit nervous to be honest. I was walking towards our principal’s office, Mr. James, when I heard someone say, “Do you know who the new girl is?”

“What do you think Kale? Obviously I know her, I am the principal of this school.” I heard another voice which I was assuming as our principal, Mr. James. So the voice which I heard before was of a guy named Kale.

Without thinking I went inside and said “um...hi.....I’m.. Haley. Haley Austin”

“So you are the new girl?” A cute guy who I think was named Kale asked me.

“Shut up Kale. Haley I’m James, the principle of this school. Your schedule is already ready so just give me a minute and I’ll hand it to you.”

“Okay.. I’ll jus---” I was cut by Kale

“Hey, I’m Kale Scott. Its nice to meet you and I really like what you’re wearing” he brought his hand up for a hand shake and murmured the last part but I still heard it.

“Haley. Its nice meeting you too. And thank you, its my new shirt” I said to him and shook his hand firmly.

“Ahemm.... Kale you shouldn’t have said that. Now as a punishment you will have to walk her to her class” Mr. James coughed.

“Sorry and sure I can do that..” he told Mr. James and turned to me saying “...and you’re most welcome Haley” Kale smirked.

I ignored the smirk and said “You can call me Hales”

“Okay.. as u say ma’lady”

“Alright kids now your classes will start in ten minutes you should go and Haley here’s your schedule” Mr. James handed it to me smiling.

“Thank you sir”

We both left and started walking...

“Show me your schedule” he said and I gave it to him.

“I seriously pity you, your day is really have Biology, Physics, History, lunch break, Psychology, Maths and Music. Music? So you are into music huh?” he asked.

“Yeah today is kinda boring I guess but yes I love music so that’s the best part today” I smiled

“Cool. We have History, Psychology and Maths together.” he stated and smiled.

His smile. It is really sweet. Overall I think Kale’s a very attractive guy. He is tall, smart, handsome and.... well you got it. I smiled back at him.

“Alright, let’s see how it goes” I told him.

“Here you go this is your Biology class. All the best. I’ll see you in third period.”

“Thank you, Kale” I smiled

“No problem, I’ll see you later” he said and started walking away..


So that’s how we met.

“Nothing that you should know.. right Hales?”

“Ih.. yeah yes right” I say.

“Ouch that hurt Hales” Kale fake cries.

“Guys you all are going to be late for classes” Mikayla says,

“Good morning to you too Kayla” Kale says.

“She is right. we are late. The bell will ring any minute”

“Okay Haley enjoy your Biology class.... see you in History” Kale winks.

“Whatever..Bye” I say and start walking away.

Unfortunately I have to suffer alone in my biology class on Monday. I have physics with Sam and History, Psychology and Maths with Kale then Music with Sarah. She is pretty good at it and plays the piano, while I play the guitar.

As I enter the class and take my seat at the back of the class, and the bell rings. Thank god I’m not late... Our sir Mr. D’cruz enters the class, but there’s another guy with him. Deep down I am wishing that he is our new teacher and D’cruz was leaving school or something because I don’t know what I have done but this man has some grudge with me and the feelings now have become mutual so I don’t care.... but the boy looked our age and he was really attractive. I mean really really attractive, probably he’s a new student.....

“Attention here everybody. Today we have a new student in our class so please lets listen to him”

“Um... Hi. I am Jackson Mathews and I like playing football.and yeah” he introduces himself and smiles.

‘He has a cute smile’ I think to to myself.

“Alright Jackson you can take a seat anywhere you like” Mr. D’cruz says,

Most of the girls or should I say the sluts in our class start bending and giving free shows of their cleavage. I roll my eyes at them and start to draw random things in my book, when I hear someone ask

“uh is this seat taken?”

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