Love Happens

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Chapter 19

You smile, I smile.

I start to drive away from Jackson’s, already longing for Jackson, feeling the need of him being next to me.

To divert my mind I plug in my ipod and listen to my favourite tracks.

After fifteen minutes or so, I park into my driveway and get out of the car when my phone starts to ring.

I look at the caller- id and see Nicks name flashing onto my screen.

I am literally five feet away from the door. So I reject the call. I lock my car and my phone rings once more. My ringtone seems extra loud in this cold silent neighbourhood. I reject it once more. Can’t he wait?

Almost when I am about to ring the door bell, my phone rings again.

“Can’t you wait? I am just outside the door.” I say, irritated.

“Yeah. I just wanted to tell you something.” He says.

“Seriously Nick? I just said I am literally outside the door.” I am getting irritated by the second.

“You have the house keys?” He asks.

“Uh, no? Why? Everything okay? Please dont tell me you locked yourself out of the house again.”

“What? No! I.. I’m at a party. I left at eight. Its more like an overnight, actually. I am at Luke’s.” He rants.

“You gotta be kidding. Couldn’t you at least give me a phone call? Or a text?” I say a bit louder than excpected.

“Chill Hay, whats up your pants?” He says amused.

“Shut up. I’ll search the porch to see the spare key...” I tell him already looking under the pot where the key is usually placed.

“Yeah. Do that. I informed mum. She told me to call you. So I did. And she also said she will be coming tomorrow in the evening as there is some problem with the surgery she was performing, blah blah.”

“Okay... I am guessing you wont be home too until lunch then?”

“More like after lunch.”

“Fine. Nick, the key isn’t here...” I feel sweat forming on my forehead.

“You searched everywhere? The pot? Under the mat?” He asks.

“Well, obviously I did. I won’t say I can’t find it if I wouldn’t have searched there.” I roll my eyes.

“Mum has a key, spare key is unknown and I have one key, but mum will get mad if she comes to know you drove all the way to Luke’s at ten minutes to ten o’clock.” He says not amused anymore.

“I know. It’s a forty five minute drive. I wont come there anyway.” I sit on the steps.

“What about.... the neighbours? Mom used to keep one key with Tracy always.” He says after a few seconds of silence.

“No. She won’t. They just came.” I say a bit too fast.

“At least you could try once.”

“Nah. I don’t want to disturb them. Their lights are off.” I lie. The real reason why I dont want to go there is the jerk.

“It’s okay. You can ask once.” He says.

“No Nick, you don’t underst--”

“I gotta go sorry. Bye Haley.” He hangs up.

I have no choice. I gotta try if I want to sleep on my bed. I walk towards the house and ring the bell and my phone rings again.

“Now what?” I ask Nick.

“Well, if you don’t wanna disturb the neighbours, go to the guy’s house you were in... I am sure he won’t have gone to sleep so fast.” He says.

“Couldn’t you have told me that before?!” I say a little louder than excpected again.

I hear someone open the door. I cross my fingers hoping it is not Reece.

“Sorry. Okay now bye.” He hangs up.

“Bye.” I say to the dead line. As always god is just not on my side. I see Reece standing there shirtless smirking at me.

“I knew you would come here after the boring date. What do you want me to do to pleasure you?” He winks.

“Shut up, it wasn’t boring at all. I came here only because I have no key to the house.” I regret coming here. I secretly hope the key is not here and then I can go back and watch the third movie with Jackson.

“What made you think it would be here?” He smirks again snapping me out of my fantasy.

“Nick. Now could you tell me if it is here?” I say agitated

“Let me check.” He says leaning on his door.

“No. Not here.” He says still leaning.

“You didnt even move an inch. It is here, isn’t it?” I ask.

“I said it is not. Now, go away.” He starts to close the door.

“Fine. Good for me. I will go back to my date.” I turn on my heels grinning happily.

“Wait!” I hear him yell.

I hop my way to my car and bring it to life.

“Haley. I have the key!” He yells.

“I cannot hear you!” I yell back and drive away.

I reach at Jackson’s around 10:20 p.m. At first he is shocked to see me there but hugs me anyway. His body smell hasn’t faded away at all.

I explain him the whole story of why I am here, skipping the part about Reece. He happily lets me in. I see the living room is the same way as when I left.

“Third movie?” He asks grinning.

“Yes please.” I grin back and sit where I was sitting before.

This time Jackson sits closer than before and puts an arm around my shoulder. I curl up and get comfy.

Halfway through the movie he pauses it and asks if I want to have dinner. I tell him the pizza is more than enough, so he nods and we go back to watching the movie.

“Haley?” He whispers when its almost time for the movie to end.

“Yes?” I lift my head to look at him.

“You wanna stay over?” He asks. I never thought about where I going to sleep...

I look at the time. 11:45 p.m.

“I would love to. I just gotta inform my mother.” I say.

“Sure” he smiles.

I pick my phone from the side table and diall mums number. She doesn’t answer on the first try so I try again and to my luck she picks up the phone.

“This better be important. I am in the middle of a serious brainstorming session.” Is the first thing mom says.

“Well, if the question, where your daughter will sleep for the night is not important, then this isn’t important.” I say.

“Okay, what happened?”

I take a huge breath in and repeat the story all over again. Again leaving the part about Reece.

“Good you did not go to the neighbours. I haven’t given them any key to the house. Cannot trust them that much just yet.” She says and I almost choke on my own spit. Did I hear her correct? She said she didn’t give them any key? Then how did Reece have the key? Was he lying?

“Oh, cool.” I fake a smile.

“So, mom... I am at Ryan’s, he is not here though, has gone on a date with Sam. His cousin, the one I told you about, Jackson, he is here. So he offered me to stay over if that is okay with you?”

Mom doesn’t really have a problem with boys but it is me who is a bit nervous in this case. It is not like I have not stayed over at a guys place before, it is just that the guy has either been Kale, Ryan, Luke or someone else who I don’t have such feelings for.

“Jackson is the guy you were hanging out with tonight right?” Mom asks.

“Yep. He is the one.” I look over at him to already find him staring at me. He smiles slightly blushing when he realizes I caught him staring. But he does not look away.

“Sure. You can stay, if he doesn’t have any problem. Be there till breakfast and call Nick and tell him to pick you up before he goes home.” She says.

“Alright. Thanks. Bye mom, I love you.” I say.

“Love you too, bye.” She hangs up.

“She said yes.” I tell Jackson when I see the excpecting look on his face.

“The movie has ended...” he says slowly.

“Oh, I did not even realize.” I say softly.

He lifts his hand up and pushes back the strand of hair behind my ear. His touch makes me shiver.

“You cold?” He asks.

I shake my head no, but he still gets up and gets a blanket and pulls me towards him.

This position we are in, is just so cliche. We sit there in silence for a while and then I hear Jackson speak.

“Can I confess something?” He asks and I nod, afraid to know what he has in mind.

“You know Haley, when I first saw you in Biology class, you.... you looked so uninterested, like you did not care what the heck was happening in the class. And when I walked towards you, and you lifted your head up, you were just so beautiful. And I have just started to love your smile so much. It’s like your smile is contagious, your smile makes me happy. It is the prettiest smile I have ever seen. When you smile, I smile.”

“Can I confess something too?” I ask and this time he nods.

“This smile only exists when I am with you.” I smile and he returns the gesture.

His hand finds the way up my face, and slowly he starts to lean in. I close my eyes and lean towards him too. Almost when our lips are about to touch, his phone rings, making me jump away from him.

I can see the frustration on his face, he shoves his hand up his hair and answers the phone.

“Yea, Ry?” he asks irritated which makes me smile. He wanted to kiss me.

“Okay, fine.” I see him roll his eyes.

“What happened?” I ask.

“He is outside and the door is locked.” He stands up and heads towards the door.

“Hey Hales, I did not know you would be here so late.” Ryan says when he sees me.

“Yeah well, long story short, I do not have the key to my house and no one is in there, so... I am staying over.” I say.

“Cool. Jackson must be jumping inwardly.” He winks at him. I blush and see Jackson blush a little. He looks so cute.

“Shut up.” Jackson says.

“You are blushing dude!” Ryan grins.

“So, Ryan how was your date?” I change the topic.

“Pretty good. She loved it.” He scratches the back of his head. It is his turn to blush now.

“Now who is blushing?” Jackson raises his right eyebrow.

“Okay, fine. I am gonna head to bed. Goodnight you two, use protection!” He yells and disappears into his room.

“Goodnight. I think we should sleep too...” i say ignoring Ryan’s comment.

“Yeah. You can sleep in my room. I will take the couch for tonight.” He says.

“No, no. It is completely fine with me. I will sleep on the couch.” I argue.

“Haley. You have no choice.” He rolls his eyes. He is right, I know he won’t let me sleep on the couch so I decide not to argue anymore.

“Okay. Goodnight, Jackson.” I say and stand up heading towards his room which was first the guest room.

“Goodnight love.” I hear him say.

I switch off the lights in his room and wander off into dream land whilst thinking about what would have happened if Ryan had not called at that time.

Oh Ryan, I really hate your timing.

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