Love Happens

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Chapter 20

Woodson Boys.

I wake up because something is just not letting me sleep. I find it uneasy to sleep. I realize that I am not in my bedroom and then I remember everything and the fact that I am sleeping in Jacksons room. I groan and check the time on my phone. It is 2 in the morning. Why am I even awake?

I think of going to the bathroom to wash my face, but then think against it. If I wash my face, all the little sleep left in me might go away. So I decide on getting some water and again trying on sleeping.

I walk out of Jacksons room and find my way to the kitchen. Pouring myself a glass of water, I walk towards the living room. It is really dark in here. The corridor has a small light on. That is it. No other light anywhere.

I can see Jacksons figure on the couch. He is sound asleep. I cannot see his face though but still I manage to imagine how cute he must be looking while sleeping. My mind wanders to our almost kiss. I really did want him to kiss me. It has been a really long time since I have kissed anybody. But then yeah I just have not had any feelings for anyone too in so long, in the first place.

Something itches in my back. Obviously. I think to myself. It is my bra strap. Yeah, I think thats the reason why I am awake right now. I have the habit of sleeping without a bra. It just is that way.

I dont think I will be able to sleep in it. So I decide on removing it and then sleeping. It is dark in here so I dont bother to care and remove my bra right outside the living room. I put the glass back on the kitchen island and I’m almost about to go back to his room when I dash into something.

I jump back. Whatever that something was falls down with a loud thud. I think I just broke a vase or something.. oh god. Now what?

“Who is there?” Jackson mumbles.

I stiffen up. No movement at all. I will just wait for a minute or teo and let him go back to sleep.

After I feel satisfied of him not being awake I softly and cautiously move towards his room, but as always being the lazy me again I make noise.

“Shit” I curse.

At night when it is all silent, everything becomes louder. Maybe thats why Jackson woke up.

“Ryan?” I hear him move.

I am currently standing still as ever. As if I am a robber caught in the middle of stealing.

The lights go on and Jackson sees me. At first he raises his eyebrow. And then he asks, “What’s wrong? Why are you up?”

“Uh... I wanted water, so I came here and then dashed into something as it was too dark...” I explain.

“Oh, okay.” He says and then his eyes move towards my chest first and then my left hand. It takes me a moment to realize what he is looking at.

I feel super embarassed now. I quickly put my hand behind my back. I cannot get myself to look up at him.

“Are you sure you are okay?” He asks again.

I look up at him and find him bemused.

“Uh..” how do I tell him? Should I even? Does it matter? “Umm... its nothing, its just uh I can’t sleep in a bra” I say fast.

“Oh.” He now looks amused.

“I should have known. Come on, I will give you something of mine to wear.” He says and starts walking.

I feel greatful that I didnt have to ask him to lend me a t shirt of his. I follow him quietly.

“Here you go. It may be big for you, but this is the smallest I have...” he says sheepishly.

“Thank you, it is okay. I will be fine. Thanks.”

“I hope you can sleep now, goodnight Haley.” He smiles.

“Yeah, goodnight.” I say and smile back.

“If you need anything again, just wake me up.” He says.

“Sure thing.”

I wake up to the smell of bacon and eggs. Wow. Somebody in this house knows how to cook.

I freshen up and change back into my clothes from yesterday and call Nick.

“What?” He groans.

“Nick, you do realize the time right?” I say.

“Its uh... nine in the morning, so? I had a sleepover. And I guess I told you I will be back after lunch.” He says. I think I woke him up.

“Well, I stayed over at Ryans, mom told me to call you and tell you to pick me up before you leave for home.” I explain.

“Okay. I will pick you up around 12. See you.” He hangs up.

I go out and find Jackson and Ryan talking and working their butts off in the kitchen.

“What about her?” I hear Jackson ask.

They havent seen me, so I decide to eavesdrop.

“Well, you obviously like her don’t you?” Ryan asks.

“Haley is really nice. I guess I do. I mean I did kinda confess to her yesterday but thanks to you, you ruined it. I don’t know about her though.” Jackson says to Ry.

“Sorry man. But what do you mean you guess you do?”

“I mean like I do like her or at least I think I do. But I want to eait and take things slowly. It has just been two weeks or so since we met. And I think she likes me back. But I want to make sure.” Jackson says.

“She is a really good human. Do not hurt her.” Ryan says.

“Never.” Jackson replies and thats my cue.

“Need any help?” I ask acting as if I did not just overhear the conversation these brothers just had. Inside I jumping. Jackson likes me! Yay!

“No, thanks. Good morning.” Ryan says.

“Good morning. Okay I will just sit here and see you boys work.” I say and take a seat. He just said it. Oh god it is so overwhelming.

“Sure. Good morning.” Jackson turns to me and smiles before getting back to frying his eggs.

“If it makes you both feel any better, it smells good.” I say and grin.

“Well, just a second. It is all done.”

Ten minutes later, we all are sitting on the island and enjoying our breakfast.

“The breakfast was tasty.” I say.

“Yeah, it was.” They both agree.

“So it is now half past ten. Nick will come pick me up by twelve... what do you guys wanna do?” I ask.

“Dunno. Telly?” Ryan asks.

“Yeah” Jackson agrees.

“Okay.” I agree too.

We all settle on the couch and sit and enjoy one of the Mission Impossible. I just cannot get enough of those movies. They are so good. And plus Tom Cruise stars in it. They have to be good.

In between the movie, Ryan gets a call from Sam and he goes to his room to talk to her.

It is kind of awkward, on my side at least, being alone with Jackson. As we almost kissed and then the bra scene happened and I eavesdropped their conversation which he has no clue about.

“So, do you know about the match that is coming up?” Jackson asks.

“The one with the Woodson High boys?” I ask.

“Yeah. That one.” He says.

“Well, I do know about it a lot actually. You see, I know both the captain and co-captain very closely so.”

“Oh right. I forgot. Kale is a really good captain though and so is your brothers co captaincy. Anyways can you tell me why is this match and only this one so important for us to win?” He asks.

“Well, let me tell you from the start. So the Roosevelt High and the Woodson High always have had a competition with each other. Like you name it, Math quiz, Debate, football or volleyball match or a dance off or Music competition, anything at all, these two schools are always in the top three.

“But when talking about football it is always our school who comes first. Every year we have this tournament kind of thing and always the finals are with these guys. Last year I guess was the only year in like more than a decades time, that these Woodson boys won the finals. The whole school was in shock. So this year, we are working our asses all the more. It was like their luck last time but we cannot let it happen again is what coach always says. They all take it pretty seriosly you know. The students of Woodson too, like there have been break ups due to this rivalry, it is so bad.” I finish.

“Oh. I didnt know.” Jackson seems to be taking in all this information.

“Yea, I guess it is coming friday right?”

“Yeah. We are having extra hours of practice and stuff because of that. Its a sad thing that I wont be your date for it.” Jackson winks.

“Yeah you will be on the team. All the best. But as always Sam and I go as a date for each other.” I tell him.

“What you talking about Sam?” Ryan joins in.

“Nothing bad dont worry.” Jackson chuckles.

“Shut up.” Ryan throws a pillow at him.

“We were just discussing about the match with the woodson boys and how Sam and me go as each others date.” I say.

“Oh. I hate those boys. Last year if they wouldnt have cheated we would have won like always. That jerk Clayton injured one of our main and last minute scored a goal.” Ryan really does hate them.

My phone rings. It is Nick. I think he has reached.


“Haley, I am on my way I will be there in five minutes.” He says and cuts the call.

“That was Nick. He is almost here. It was nice spending time here. Thanks both of you. I have to go now.” I say and get up.

“No problem!” Ry says and hugs me.

“See ya girly.” He smiles and I return the gesture.

“I will walk you to the door.” Jackson says.

“I had a great time last night.” He says.

“Me too. We should do it again sometime.” I smile.

“Maybe we can go out tomorrow somewhere?” He asks me.

“Sure, call me.”

“Well, then I will see you tomorrow I guess.” He hugs me. I hug him back. Tight. It feels good.

He kisses my cheek and then lets me go.

“Bye Haley.” He says and at the same time Nick arrives.

“Bye, see you later.” I wave and rush to the car.

Reaching home, the first thing I decide to do is take a long bath.

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