Love Happens

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Chapter 21

He likes me or he likes me?

I come out of my shower and make sure to wear my under garmnets before I do so, shut my blinds, wear my lazy t shirt and shorts and then go eat lunch. There isn’t much, just spaghetti.

Nick as usual goes to sleep after lunch, lazy bum. So I decide to catch up on Sam a little. I did not go to her house yesterday as she was still on her date with Ryan and so was Kale with Jess. But I do not even regret my choices. I did have a great time yesterday night with Jackson.

And I also came to know how Jackson really feels about me. But one thing I do not understand is how to show him that I like him too? Like he did say he is not sure if I like him or not. But the truth is that I do but how do I show him? I cannot just tell him. And I suck at flirting, I know I do. I anyways have lost pracice so that is not an option at all. I will ask Sam what I should do.

I skip my way to the house on my right and knock on the door. Sam opens it and engulfs me in a hug.

“Hey!” I greet her.

“Whats up girl?” She beems and lets me in.

“Well, a lot is actually.” I tell her which makes her wriggle her eyebrows. She looks like a clown when she does that and that makes me laugh.

“Come on in. Parents have gone shopping. The house is ours!” She says.


“So...? What is up?” She asks.

And so, I tell her everything. From the time Jackson texted me the night before and Reece watching me dance naked, then me going to Ryans house, watching two movies there, coming back here, not finding the house keys and this time, I do not skip the Reece part. I tell her how I go back to Ryan’s and call mum and she says she didnt give the keys to them and how he still did have them.

“I just find it too weird you know.” I say.

“Maybe he likes you.”

“Are you serious right now? Its THE jerk we are talking about, Reece, the guy who hates my guts.” I deadpan.

“I don’t know. I am just saying what I think. Maybe he saw Nick go out and tried his luck.” She says.

“What do you mean?” I ask her confused.

“Well, silly girl. You really dont understand do you?”

She continues when she sees the bemused expression on my face.

“Maybe he was jealous that you went on a date and wanted to see you. So, when he saw Nick go out he must have taken the spare key. Like obviously everyone knows most of the houses have spare keys somewhere or the other. So he just tried his luck and it did work a little. You did go to his house to ask for it. And so probably he was shirtless. And that is the only way he did have a key. But yeah that is just what I think. Maybe there is another explanation to it. You never know.” She says.

“Well, then I hope there is one. I am pretty sure that is not why he had the key. It is really very unlikely for him to like me.....” I say.

“You sound like you are just trying to convince yourself that.” She says.

“Whatever. Forget that. I do not know if Reece likes me or not, but I do know someone else who does like me.” I grin changing the topic.

“I can already see where this conversation is going. But tell me anyways!” She claps her hands in excitement.

So again I tell her about the almost kiss, the bra scene, and then the conversation I overheard in the morning.

“If he, Reece, likes me or he, Jackson, likes me I didnt know first, but surely now I know that Jackson does like me. He said it himself. What should I do? And I do not care if Reece does or not.” I finish.

“Girl. You got a hot one huh.” She wriggles her eyebrows again which again makes me laugh.

“Stop that.” I say laughing.

“I think you should text him.” She says.

“What right now?” I ask.

“Well duh. You wanted my help, right? So I will tell you what to text him...” she rolls her eyes playfully.

“Okay...” I sigh and remove my phone out.

“But before I text him tell me about your date with Ryan. He said he gave you a surprise?” I ask.

“Oh my gosh, he is just the sweetest I have met. He did everything himself. He planned out a small cozy picnic near the lake. It was so romantic. I had a great time. I think this friday, when we have the match he will make it official.” She grins happily.

“Wow, that is great. I am happy for you.” I give her a hug and my phone beeps indicating that I have a text message from someone.

“Oohh, someone just cannot get enough of you.” She teases.

“Shut up.” I blush and check my phone. But my smile turns upside down when I read the notification.

*One new message from ‘Jerk’.* It says.

“What is he saying?” She peeps.

“You saved his name as jerk?!” She almost yells.

“No you idiot. It is not Jackson. It is Reece’s number.” I tell her.

“Oh. What does it day?” She frowns.

I have your house keys. I can drop them to you if you want...′

“Do I really need to reply to this?” I ask.

“He is so into you Haley!” Sam says.

I sigh and ask him how did he get them to which he says, ′Your mom gave it to mine’

“Such a liar.”

“Just tell him to come here and give it and then go away. Do not worry I will be right next to you.” Sam says and I do exactly as she says.

Within a minute the bell rings.

We both go downstairs.

“Hi.” He greets.

Oh so now what we are friends?

“Just give me the key.” I say not even looking at him in the eye.

“Uh.. here.” He hands it to me and briefly his hands touch mine.

“Thanks. You can go now.” I say and turn ti shut the door.

“No problem” I think he says.

“Haley!” Sam whisper shouts.

“What?!” I ask.

“That was a little mean.... you should have seen his face. He kinda looked angry and hurt at the same time...” Sam says.

“I do not really care Sam. He is a really good actor. You know that. Do not fall for his facade.” I say.

“Oh well. Forget it. Text Jackson!” She smiles.

“Oh, yeah. Right I completely forgot.” I text him a simple ‘hey what you upto?’

He replies two minutes later.

Missin you ;)′ He texts.

“Well, he already is flirting.” Sam nudges me.

“What should I say?” I ask blushing deeply. It feels so long since I last did something like this.

“Tell him you do too.”


“Yes. Come on!”

“Fine.” I huff.

‘I kinda do too :$’

Well, tbh I have been thinkin about you the whole day u know.′


‘Yeah x’

‘What about you? What you doin?’

‘Chillin with Sam...’

‘Oh cool, say hi to her :)’

‘She says hi back :)’

‘Haley... are you free tomorrow?’

Yeah why?′

"He so wants to hang out.” Sam beems.

I was thinkin if you know we could just hang out? Together somewhere... :D’

"Ask him like a date. And put a wink too”

“No, Sam!” I whine.

She glares at me and I do what I am asked to.

‘Like a date? ;)’

"I hate you.”

“Oh shut it. You will thank me later.”

Yea a date ;D’

‘Fine, sure we can go. But where have you planned?’

That Im obviously not sayin’


"Nahh you will have to wait and find out yourself tomorrow :)′

Okay *pouts*′

‘:DD x’

"Aww, he is so sweet.” Sam says.


We chat a little here and there and then around seven Sam’s parents come back home and tell her they have a dinner to attend. So I head back home.

I find a Nick in a hurry.

“Where you going?” I ask.

“Uh, coach has called for a meeting urgently. Tell mom I will be late.” He says and hurries out.


‘Hey, I am really sorry but i gotta go, coach has called all of us urgently...’

‘Yeah, yeah i know, Nick just left. See ya later :)’

‘Okay, see you. Ill text you at night see you xx’

Okay x’

Mom comes home after a while and we both eat dinner. She goes straight to bed later, obviously she must be really tired.

Nick still has not come home. I go to bed and decide on reading when the bell rings.

I rush down and find Nick looking all tired like he came back from some war.

“Woah, what happened?” I ask.

“Coach has gone crazy he made us all practice like so much just because he had a dream that we would lose this coming match. He is so unbelievable. I am going to bed.” He drops his backpack on the floor and goes upstairs.

Coach really is too touchy about this whole Woodson- Roosevelt rivalry thing.

My phone starts to ring and I look at the id. It is Jackson. I smile.

“Hey.” I greet and sit on the porch outside my house.

“Hi.” He sounds tired.

“I know about your coach thing. It is really okay if you are tired, we will talk tomorrow. You should rest....” I say quickly.

“No. I want to talk to you.” He says.

“Jackson. You sound extremelly tired. Go sleep. I don’t want you all grumpy on our date tomorrow.” I say trying to convince him.

“I will be okay really. Just a few minutes.”

“Fine.” I agree.

We talk for like half an hour or maybe more, time flies but then I tell him to go sleep when I hear him yawn. It is pretty late.

“Goodnight Jackson.” I say.

“I dont wanna hang up.” He says. He is so cute.

“Neither do I, but we gotta. Come on. At the count of three?” I say.

“Fine. Goodnight love. I will see you tomorrow be ready by 11 okay?” He says.

“Okay. I cannot wait to see you. 1, 2 and three.” I say. But neither of us hang up.

“Jackson...” I smile. He such a sweetheart.

“You didnt do it too...” he whines.

“Fine, I will do it. For real this time. I’ll see you at eleven in the morning tomorrow. Goodnight.”

“Okay. Goodnight Haley.” I smile even though he cannot see me and hang up unwillingly.

Its really late at night. I go straight upstairs and head to bed with a wide smile on my face.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day.

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