Love Happens

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Chapter 22

Sunday Funday. (Part 1)

I wake up around nine in the morning. I have two hours before Jackson will come and pick me up.

I fresh up and go down to find mom and Nick eating already.

“Hey, goodmorning kiddo. I made pancakes.” Mum says.

“Yum. Thanks mom and ’morning.” I smile and take a seat next to Nick. He still looks tired.

“Are you okay?” I ask.

“Not really. Coach has literally lost it. He wants us to come today too! If he keeps doing this, we wont have any energy left to play the real match!” Nick whines.

“Oh. That is sad. So are you going?” I ask biting my lip. If they have practice, then Jackson will be gone too. What about the date?

“No. None of us are going today. We just lied that we have plans and as it is a Sunday he surprisingly agreed but everyday after school we have practice. And its all because of his stupid dream. I mean just because you had a dreak that your team will lose doesn’t mean that it is real. It is called ‘dream’ for a reason! Because they are not real! But who will explain this to coach? This is just so dumb. Nick rants.

“Yeah, I know it is. Good luck.” I take another bite of my pancake.

“These are really good mom.” I smile.

“Thank you.” She smiles back.

“Oh, by the way. I forgot to tell you. I kinda have a hang out date kind of a thing today...” I say sheepishly.

“With who?” She smiles and asks.

“Jackson.” I blush. Why am I feeling so shy all of a sudden?

“Oh. Alright. Have a nice time. I want to meet him though. I havent got the time to see the boy yet.” She says.

“You may get the chance today. He will be here around eleven.” I tell her.

“Fine. I took a day off from work so I am free. But I was planning on going to the mall. I will go around twelve.” She says more like talking to herself.


“I might go for swimming...” Nick says.

“Cool.” I say again.

After I am done eating, I take a quick shower and stand in front of my closet. What should I wear? This is the hardest task ever. I never know what is the right thing to wear.

I pick out a peach dress first. It is really cute, but I am not sure if I should wear a dress or not. I do not know why, I just feel like that. I feelit will be too dressy. So I decide to not go with it and place it back in my closet.

Then I reach for my semi laced jumpsuit. I think this is good. It is not too dressy nor too casual. It comes till my mid thigh and has black lace on half of it and a nice light brown coloured under cloth. I really like it.

I wear the jumpsuit, put on light mascara and gloss and decide on wearing black bellies. I tie my hair in a high pony tail, leaving two tendrils on either side of my face. Perfect. I smile looking at my reflection in the mirror.

I search my phone to check the time but I cannot find it anywhere. Where the heck is it? I start to panic.

“Mom?” I scream. But she doesn’t reply.

“Mom?!” I can hear her watching television.

“What?!” She yells from down.

“I cannot find my phone!” I yell back worried.

“Search it, I don’t know.”

“Mom, please help. I have a date! I will be late.” I yell searching furiously.

“I will call you, wait.” She says entering my room.

“No. That is of no use. It is on silent.” I say worried.

“Oh god, Haley. I will look down. You search it here.” She says and leaves.

I search the desk near my window. Under the bed, the drawers, everywhere!

“Its not here.” I hear her say.

Where is it?! I cannot leave without it. Why did I have to put it on silent? It is all my fault.

“Mom. I have a date to go to. Please do something.”

“Looking for something?” I hear someone say and turn around immediately.

Of course. This was what was missing in my life right now. Reece.

“No.” I turn back. Why is he even looking here?

“Well, I was just trying to help.” He says.

“Reece, I really don’t have time for your bullshit okay.” I huff.

“Yeah, yeah. I know. You have a ‘date’“. He qoutes date.

“Yeah I do. So what? ” I cross my arms and find him clenching his jaw. What is wrong with him all of a sudden? I raise my eyebrows.

“I know where it is.” He says.

“Yeah right.” I start walking towards the door. He is just irritating me all the more.

“I am not kidding. Check your pockets!” He says.

I stop on my tracks. My pockets? I put my hands in my pockets and find my phone in my left pocket.

“How did you know?” I just had to ask him.

“Well, I saw you put it in there. And well... I had a great laugh looking at you messing up your room searching for it when it was with you all the time.” He chuckles.

“Whatever.” I roll my eyes. The fact that he was looking at me all this time creeps me out. My phone rings. It is Jackson. I smile.


“Hey, I have reached. Should I come in?” He asks.

“Yeah, please do. Mom wants to meet you. I’ll be down in a sec. See you.” I rush down and open the door to find Jackson looking sexy as hell. He is wearing a white V-neck t shirt, a black leather jacket over it and black jeans. He looks so hot.

“Hey beauty.” He hugs me.

“Hi. You look good.” I hug him back.

“You look breathtaking.” He winks making me blush.

“Thanks, come on in. Moms waiting.” I pull him.

“Mom? Jackson is here.” I yell for her.

“Hey Mrs. Austin.” Jackson greets.

“Do I look that old? Call me Mary please. It is nice to meet you Jackson.” Mom smiles.

“Sorry. And same here.” He says sheepishly.

“You should come for dinner sometime, when I am at home.” She says.

“Sure will.” He says smiling brightly.

“So, I should let you kids go. Enjoy both of you.” She smiles.

“Sure. Bye mom.” I grin and wave.

Jackson opens the passenger door for me and I get in.

“So, where are we heading?” I ask even though I know he wont tell me.

“I am not taking you to some park, mall, or a diner. It is not a picnic either. Somewhere very different..... I am taking you somewhere I am pretty sure you must have never gone. Or you may have, I don’t know. But I hope you like it. This is a different kind of date.... I just hope you enjoy as i love to see you smile. ” he says keeping his eyes on the road.

“Well, at least you have got me wondering where we are going now. I am sure I will love it. How long will it take to reach though?” I ask smiling and blushing at the same time.

“I think it will take forty minutes?” He says quiestioning himself.

“So you got the directions from Ryan I am guessing?” I ask.

“Kind of. For your house and the place we are heading to. I have been there before though. I mean, I have come to Ryans when I was young like twelve or thirteen maybe... so I kind of remember.” He explains.

“Oh. Cool. I cannot wait to see the place. Can I turn the radio on?” I ask.

“Sure. Why not?” He does it for me and luckily one of my favourite song is playing.

“Do not mind or cringe if I sing.” I warn him and start to yell at the top of my lungs.

“Sure” he chuckles.

“′So if you feel me let me know, know, know. Come on now what you waiting for, for, for. My engine’s ready to explode, explode, explode. So start me up and watch me go, go, go, go’” I yell bobbing my head as if I am playing an electric guitar.

“Come on. Join me!” I say waving my hands in the air.

“Cos I’m 0 to 60 in three point five. Baby you got the keys-" Jackson joins me. He is not a bad singer.

“Now shut up and drive, drive, drive, drive. Shut up and drive, drive, drive, drive.” We both enjoy the song dancing to Rihanna.

“I like this song.” He yells over the music.

“I know right!” I grin and sing with Rihanna.

“′Now shut up and drive!” I jokingly wink and tell him.

He suddenly stops the car.

“What happened?” I ask.

“Well, we are almost here. I will need to blindfold you.” He says scratching the back of his neck.

“Is that really necessary?” I ask pouting.

“Well, yeah. I mean I want to surprise you. Please?” He says.

“Okay, fine.” I turn my head away from him letting him tie the blindfold. I hear him open my door.

“Come on, take my hand.” He says.

I slowly hold his hand and get out. Now I am just wondering if he did this whole blindfold thing just to catch my hand.

“It is a five minute walk from here.” He says holding my hand tight. It feels so right. All of this. I smile to myself.

“Okay.” I say.

“No peeking.” He says joking.

“Sure sir.” I try to wink but fail miserably.

“Alright. We are here... ” he says slowly.

“Can I open this then?” I ask.

“Yeah, let me do it for you.” He says.

Very carefully he opens the blindfold and slowly I open my eyes.

Looking at the sight in front of me, I gasp.

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