Love Happens

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Chapter 23

Sunday Funday. (Part 2)

“Alright. We are here... ” Jackson says slowly.

“Can I open this then?” I ask.

“Yeah, let me do it for you.” He says.

Very carefully he opens the blindfold and slowly I open my eyes.

Looking at the sight in front of me, I gasp.

“Oh. My. God!!!!” I scream.

“Jackson! Oh gosh! Wow. I don’t even know what to say!” I hug him.

“You don’t have to say anything.” He hugs me back.

“This is so unbelievable. Who told you?” I ask taking in my surroundings.

“You had mentioned it while we were texting once....” he blushes a little.

“Aww, I did? And you remembered! That is so thoughtful of you. I love it!” I grin at him like an idiot.

“Hey Jackson!” A man comes to us and they do the man-shake thing.

“Matt, this is Haley. Haley, Matt.” Jackson introduces us.

“Hi” we both say to each other.

“Haley, you can look around by the time I talk to Matt. ”

“Sure. I would love to.” I smile and start walking around.

At the moment, I am standing in front of four show rooms. One is a Lamborghini show room. The second is a Porsche. The third one is a Jaguar show room and the last one is an Audi. All these cars are shining so bright I think I may go blind. Words cannot explain how happy I am feeling right now. These cars are in my top five list.

I have always wanted to take selfies with these cars. Yes I know, it may be kiddish. But I do not care. These cars almost make me drool. I think I might faint from this happiness. I really have no clue why but I just love these cars so much that whenever I see them on the road I scream. All people around me think that I am getting kidnapped or something.

“You like it?” Jackson comes from behind me.

“Are you crazy? I love it! Thank you so much.”

“You’re most welcome.” He chuckles.

“Come on lets go click pictures!” I pull his hand but he stops me.

“Whats wrong?” I ask.

“Pictures later. First tell me, which one do you wanna ride?” He asks jiggling the keys in his hands.

“Is this a dream?” I ask widening my eyes.

“No. C’mon. We dont have all day.” He says.

“All. But the Porsche first. Then the Lamborghini, then the Jaguar and then the Audi.” I clap my hands in excitement.

“Sure. There are many models you can choose from.” He says and takes my hand in his, interteining our fingers.

We walk in the Porsche show room. It all looks so unreal. Its so breathtaking. I still can’t believe I am actually here.

“The 911!” I run towards it.

It is so sexy. The car is red in colour. Its a convertible and looks so sleek.

We sit in it. I am hyperventilating.

“We are getting the opportunity of taking one car from each showroom for a drive for fifteen minutes each. I tried to increase the time but they were not agreeing.” Jackson says.

“Are you kidding?! We got it for fifteen minutes? That alone is so much. How did you even convince them?” I ask.

“Well, Matt is my childhood friend, Jake’s father. So I arranged everything. He is like the co-owner of all these showrooms. So yeah.” He grins.

“Wow. This is the best thing ever. I dont know how to thank you Jackson.”

“Well, you could let me drive this car. And you can drive the others if you want...” he says.

“Sure! Lets go!”

He starts to drive and presses some button which results in the convertible hood opening. The driveway is I think for test drives and this early in the morning on a Sunday, there is no one here. I stand in my seat and breathe the fresh air. This feels so good.

Jackson is so thoughtful. I would have never guessed it. This is the best date ever.

“Haley, sit down. I am speeding up.” Jackson pulls me down.

“Aww, please.” I plead him.

“I don’t want you getting hurt.” He says. And he is caring too. The perfect boyfriend.

“Okay.” I grin.

We speed up and my hair opens on its own. We are going so fast that now the hair band has gone flying away. My hair is flying like crazy. Thank god I decided not to wear a dress.

“Oh shit!” He laughs when he sees me.

We both laugh together enjoying our ride.

We come to a stop after our time with Porsche is over.

We go back to the Porsche show room. And click so many selfies. Jackson is so cute. He even did a few weird poses with me. This is so going to be my wallpaper when I get home.

The next one is the Lamborghini show room. These cars are blinding my eyes. I feel they will pop out of my sockets now.

I go straight to the Aventador. It looks so sexy. Oh, my god. It is white and black and looks as if it is ready to commit a crime. I am not even kidding.

“This is my fav.” I wink.

“Let the fun begin.” Jackson winks back.

“Honestly, I am scared I might spoil its beauty.” I bite my lip and sit in the drivers seat. The interior is so pretty and complex at the same time.

“I can drive if you want me to...” Jackson offers.

“But this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.” He adds immediately.

“Yea. You are right.” I smile and bring thr car to life.

“Here we go!” I yell and speed up.

“Yayy!” I hear him yell.

“Wow. You are going faster than me. This is fun” he says.

I let my hair fly and take a sharp turn. I am loving this.

We also ride the Black Audi R8 and the White sexy Jaguar whose name I forgot.

Soon we are done with all the cars. We end up looking messy as ever and with more than 100 selfies and pictures of the cars. The poses we have taken pictures is so funny.

“Jackson. I had a great time. I really did.” I say, ecstatic.

“I did too. I was unsure if you would like it or not.” He says.

“Oh god no. I LOVED it!” I hug him.

He holds me tight as if his life depends on it.

“Haley, wanna have pizza?” He says so close to my ears it sends shivers down my spine.

“Su-- sure.” I stutter.

“Come on. Now back in my mustang.” We walk hand in hand. Both of us happy.

With comfortable silence, we reach and go eat pizza. Its lovely being alone away from everyone with Jackson by my side.

Its around five o’clock when we are done.

“I have one more thing...” he says.

“What?” I ask.

“As if I am telling you.” He smirks. And I pout.

“Fine. Dont.” I sit in the car. Helaughs and starts to drive.

My phone rings and I see it is mom.

“Yea?” I ask.

“How is your date going?” She asks.

“Pretty nice. I have loved every bit of it.” I smile looking at Jackson.

“Thats great. I called to ask if you will be home for dinner or not.” She asks.

“One sec.”

“How long till we get home?” I ask Jackson.

“By six thirty, seven?” He says.

“Yeah mom, I will be home by dinner time.” I tell her.

“Okay kiddo, enjoy. See you.” She hangs up.

“Where are we?” I ask him when I notice the car has come to a halt.

It looks like we are in some field near the lake. It looks so pretty. The sun is about to set.

“Uh... I used to come here whenever I got angry. It gives me peace. I even built a tree house. Its a five minute walk from here.” He says and opens my door.

“Oh. Its nice. You mean when you used to come here in summertime?” I ask.

“Yes.” We walk in silence listening to the birds chirp. It really is peaceful.

After a while, I see a small tree house.

“It is still intact” I say.

“Well, yeah.” He smiles and helps me climb up.

“This is so beautiful.” I can see half the town and half the lake. It is really pretty and very peaceful. The sun is almost about to set.

“I used to watch the sun set.” He says.

I take his hand in mine and quietly we both watch the pretty sunset.

Suddenly, I shiver. He immediately remobes his jacket and puts it on me and the pulls me towards him. He feels so warm. His arms securing me.

We sit there silently and then he says, “Haley, I want to finish what I started yesterday.” I know he is looking at me. But I cannot get myself to look at him.

He gently lifts my chin up and faces me to him.

Very slowly, he places one hand on my left cheek and looks straight into my eyes. My heart starts beating faster. I notice he has a small scar on his chin. And it makes me wonder how he got it. I want to know everything about him. But mostly I want to know how his lips feel.

His cologne smells sweet but manly and his hands feel cold but warm at the same time on my cheek. He leans in all the more and our lips finally touch. The warmth of his mouth sends a current through my body. His hands find their way up my waist and I throw my arms around his neck as I lose myself in the kiss.

Its a sweet yet passionate kiss. His mouth tastes slightly minty and his lips are soft and smooth. His hair is even more soft. I feel him deepen the kiss. I inwardly smile.

Slowly we both pull away, smiling at each other. The sun was down now the moonlight was beaming the lake. Both Jackson and I do not say anything. We just sit there smiling, cuddled up in the tree house.

“I just want to stay here.” I say.

“Yeah, I know. But we should go, its getting late.” He says.

“Your mom will get worried. You told her you will be home by dinner right? We can come back again here sometime” he smiles and says when I don’t reply.

“Sure. You’re right. We should leave.”

We both go down and walk to the car.

There is comfortable silence in there. In twenty minutes I reach home.

Jackson opens the door for me. I smile and get out.

“So, that was great.” He says.

“Yeah. I had a really nice. I enjoyed every bit of it.”

“I want all the pictures you took. Send them to me.” He winks.

“Sure, I will.”

He leans in but sadly whispers in my ear, ” I would have kissed you again, if your neighbour wasn’t looking like as if he is going to shoot someone. Don’t turn and look.” He says.

“I will see you tomorrow in school.” He hugs me.

“Yeah okay.” I say and watch him leave.

“Bye, Haley.”

“Bye.” I wave and walk into my house smiling like an idiot.

Today was a good day.

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