Love Happens

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Chapter 24

The Bet.

“Hi Haley. How was it?” Mom asks. I see her making something in the kitchen. Nick is nowhere to be seen.

“It was so good mom. He is a real sweetheart.” I tell her.

“Great. Give me all the details.” She turns and places two plates on the table.

And so, I start from the very beginning and tell her everything over dinner.

“I knew he was a nice kid. I could feel it. I am happy for you. And jealous too. You got a nice one girl.” Mom winks jokingly and puts both our plates in the dishwasher.

“Mom, stop. You’re making me blush.” I hide my face in my hands

“Come on now, go get some sleep. It is Monday tomorrow.” Mom says.

“Yeah. But where is Nick?” I ask.

“Oh. He is already sleeping. He was dead tired after swimming. And he has early practice tomorrow so he crashed early.” Mom explains.

“Who told him to go swim then? Stupid boy. Anyways, goodnight mom.” I kiss her cheek.

“Goodnight Hales.” She smiles.

I waste no time and head straight to bed. Even though I want to text Jackson, I think against it. The boy needs to rest. He has to sleep. He was already tired because of practice and then was out most of the day with me today.

I turn off the lights and am almost into dreamland when I hear my phone beep. Me being my usual curious self, pick it up and check it.

*One new message from Jackson*

‘Goodnight Haley xx’

His text makes me grin. He is so sweet. I text him a goodnight back and think about everything that happened today.

Who would have though that he would pay so much attention to my stupid rambles about these cars? He really put more than a thought for this date. It was so unique, so different. So memorable. I had such a good time. And then he just took me to my favourite pizza joint. How observant of him. Then when he brought me to the tree house, I think that was the best thing about today. How can I forget the sweet kiss we shared. I blush thinking about how soft his lips were against mine.

And then it struck me. I remember Jackson telling me, “I would have kissed you again if your neighbour wasn’t looking like he would shoot someone”. Or something like that when we were standing outside my house.

He obviously didn’t mean Sam. So was it Reece? What a jerk. Why was he looking in the first place? God only knows.

Waking up on Mondays, at least for me, is the hardest task ever. But still, I do have to go. And now I have a reason to attend school on a daily basis: Jackson.

I get ready and go downstairs and realize I am home alone. Nick already left and mom went to the hospital too.

I eat quickly and go to my room to packmy bag. Once I am done, I take my phone and see that I have two new messages. I open them and start to read:

So sorry. I went to sleep :/′

‘And goodmorning beauty :) see you in school ;)’

I smile and put my phone in my pocket. There is no point in texting him back as I going to be seeing him in less than an hours time.

I lock the house and start to walk to school.

“Your date was such a pussy yesterday.” I hear someone say.

Obviously. My Monday morning couldn’t have been better. I roll my eyes.

“Well, if you wouldn’t have been creeping on us like that he would have kissed me again.” I make sure to stress on again.

“Creeping? Me? Nah.” I can see he is lying.

“Just go away Reece. Why are you even here?”

“It is my first day in school so yeah. And I was not creeping.”

“Who are you trying to convince here? Me or yourself?” I start walking faster.

“It was a coincidence.” He tries to defend himself.

“He said you were looking as if you are going to shoot someone.” I roll my eyes again. Why am I even telling him all this?

“I just, I just had had an argument and so I was angry okay? Just admit it he is a pussy.” I can feel him smirk.

Ignorance is the best thing right now. I try walking faster but he is taller and has larger steps so it is not hard for him to catch up with me.

Why am I feeling that he is coming to Roosevelt? I want to ask him which school he has joined but I am ignoring him. Forget it, I do not really care.

School is almost here and Reece is still walking next to me. Oh god, please let him not come to my school. I pray inwardly.

I close my eyes and fasten my steps

When I open them, I can no longer feel his presence. Did he run away?

I turn around and find him walking in the left lane from my school. Then it strikes me. Reece goes to Woodson High.

Things just took a whole new turn. This is just great. God save me.

My day at school goes in a rush. In Biology, I mostly talk to Jackson. And then in Physics, I tell Sam all about my date and all the other classes I spend with Kale and tell him about my Friday night and Sunday date with Jackson. He is all jealous about how I got to drive a Lamborghini and what not.

In music, I work on the assignment given to us and then wait for Nick after school ad he has extra practice for the upcoming match this Friday with the Woodson boys.

A few times Jackson comes sits next to me but is always called by the coach. He also gets hit by the ball once while staring at me and coach goes all mad about it on him. It was all funny to see him control the eye roll as coach went on about how important football is.

I go home and do some homework. This week we have a lot of things. Assignments, class tests and then the match.

I don’t get to meet Jackson or Kale or Nick much frequently for the rest of the week as they just keep on practicing.

Soon it is Thursday and all everyone is talking about is the match tomorrow. I am pretty excited as well.

Reece comes to know that I go to Roosevelt and challenges me that his school will win this time as he is on the team. And I challenge him back saying it was just their luck last time. The conversation we had went more like this:

“Oh please, we are going to win. I bet this time we will set a new record.” He says.

“I challenge you that you guys will lose.” I cross my arms.

“Oh yeah? So what if I win the bet?” He asks.

“If you win the bet then...” I think.

“Then I get to take you on a date.” He smirks.

“No way.” I quickly disagree.

“What? I thought you were confident that your school will win. Now are you backing off?” He smirks deeper.

“No. Its a deal. But if I win...You will have to stop irritating me. Okay?” I say.

“Fine. Its a deal then.”

I really do not want to go out on a date with Reece so now I don’t know anything, but my school HAS to win this match tomorrow in the Woodsons ground.

It is always like whichever school wins the former year, the finals of the next year is held in that school. So tomorrows match is going to be held in the Woodsons ground.

All we do is now wait for tomorrow. And see what happens.

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