Love Happens

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Chapter 25

The match.

Today is the day everyone has been waiting for. It is THE FRIDAY. The match will start at 4. All of us are pretty excited about it.

Yesterday, Mrs. Clark came to our house and told us that they will be leaving today to see her mother in her hometown as she is not very well and will return back on Sunday evening. Reece will be the only one who won’t be going as he has his match to play.

Inwardly, I wanted him to go. But then, I want to see him lose too today, so that I can later tease him. And then there is the bet too. Even though I am confident enough that our team will win, a tiny piece of me is scared that Reece’s team might win and he will win the bet. Like come on, I really do not want to go on a date with him for god sakes!

When I told my two best friends about this silly bet with Reece, I got mixed reactions. Sam told me that it was a very stupid idea and I should have never agreed on it. While Kale told me that I did a good thing challenging a ‘Woodson boy’. As he is so confident that Reece will lose the bet and I will win. It all now depends on the match.

School is already off, everyone will just start to gather in the Woodsons ground by 3:30. Nick already left as he has the ‘pre-match motivational speech’ thing by coach.

Mom has gone to the hospital and texted me earlier today saying that she will be back maybe by Saturday night if the operation is succesful and if it is not then she will return directly on Sunday. So Nick and I as usual will have the house to ourselves. Sam and I will just be leaving any moment now for the match. My phone starts to ring and it is Sam.

“Ya ready?” She asks.

“Yeah, I am coming to yours. See ya.” I say and hang up.

As Nick has taken the car, I am riding with Sam in hers. Today is going to be interesting.

“I am so excited!” Sam claps her hands in excitement.

“I know right! Both teams stand a good chance but obviously we are winning.” I say with the same level of excitement.

“We are here.... but it seems there is no place left for parking.” Sam says looking for an empty spot.

“Why don’t you just park it in our school then? We can walk the way. It is like ten minutes.” I suggest.

“Smart.” She takes a u-turn and soon we are in the Woodsons ground.

“Hey you too.” Ryan greets us. Behind him, Jackson stands looking all motivated.

“Hey, I didn’t see you there.” He smiles at me.

“Hi. So, all ready?” I ask.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” He winks.

“Where are the others?” Sam asks.

“Kale and Nick are doing the final positioning and strategy thing with coach and the other players are scattered around here and there. The match will start in fifteen minutes now.” Ryan says.

“Guys, go kick their asses!” Sam yells when she spots Clayton. The main ass of Woodson High.

“All the best. Win and come.” I smile at both of them.

“Thanks both of you.” They say at the same time. Brother moment.

“We will head to our seats now. Good luck.” I say and pull Sam. She looks like she will pounce on Clayton if he comes closer.

“Sam, come on.”

“I want to murder him. It is because of him that we lost last year.”

“Okay, I know. We won’t this time. Now lets go.”

The match is about to start any minute now. The chearleaders are already chearing. I spot Rebecca and how mini her clothes are. Why doesnt she just remove all the little clothes that she is wearing? I roll my eyes.

Both the teams are now on the ground. They are standing in two circles with their arms around each others shoulders and their respective coaches are giving them last minute advices. I have to say that all these boys look hot.

“Go Roosevelt!” Our school boys scream and take positions.

“Woodson! Boys!” The opponent team yells and take their positions too.

The whistle blows and the match starts.

Here we go.

The match is pretty intense. It is almost half time now. And the scores are equal. Two-Two. There is no say in which team will win.

It is now half time and everyone is sweating. No one knows what is going to happen. There is a good chance we may lose tonight.

I saw Reece before and he was playing well. He even scored once. He was a shock for our team as no one knew about him and how good of a player he was. So no one was ready for him apparently.

I see coach yelling at the boys and try to make out what he is saying. I think he is saying the friends or the fence wait may be it is the pen. No wait let me hear properly. He is shouting defence. God how stupid of me.

Second half starts and Woodson scores another goal. Things just have taken a different diretion now. In the corner of my eye, I see Nick pissed off. Oh god. This is bad. He is the co-captain. He cannot lose his chill.

“Come on you guys!” Sam yells.

“Oh, he has got it. Come on Jackson! Come on!” She chears.

“Come on. You can do it!” I chear for him too.


“Wohoo! He did it. Its equal now!” I hug Sam.

“Yeah! Come one boys!”

Last ten minutes to go

The Woodson Boys score once again. At this point, coach has lost it. He is yelling profanities at the boys now. This doesn’t look good at all.

I see Reece on the ground. He looks pretty relaxed. He knows he is going to win. He is going to score another goal. Oh my god. No this cannot ne happening. They cannot win!

But then suddenly, he is lying on the ground. Everything happens so fast that it takes me a moment to digest it. The whole audience becomes silent. Reece is injured. And the person who hit Reece is Kale. Kale goes away to his side to shoot the goal but then there is a whistle blown.

Reece lies limp on the ground and for some reason, my heart skips a beat. It looks bad. He is really hurt.

Our team has scored another goal and now we are equal again. But the paramedics are called. The match comes to a halt.

After a good five minutes, they pick him up and send a substitute. Obviously he cannot play anymore. Kale gets a yellow card from the referee.

In the last five minutes, our school scores once more and our team wins. Everyone starts to scream and yell going about in different directions to meet and hug the players.

Even though, we won 5-4. I feel bad. I have never ever in my life felt bad of winning but today I do.

Maybe it is because Reece is injured and so you won or deep down you know he had it’ that stupid inner voice starts again. But this time, I know it is true. This wasn’t a fair match. But hey, we won!

I run down to go meet all of them.

“Hales!” Kale runs towards me and picks me up.

“Kale! Congrats! We won!” I hug him.

“I know right. I lost a little hope in the end. But we did it!” He hugs me again.

“Hay!” Nick comes charging towards me.

“Ew you sweaty pig. Get away from me.” I tease him.

“Shut up. We won!” He hugs me. And I do not really mind it. Like I too was sweaty so I gotta anyways take a shower.

“Congratualations brother!” I smile and hug him back.

“Oh my god. Can you believe it?! You should have seen Claytons face!” Ryan yells and hugs me.

“Congrats buddy. It is sad that I missed it.” I say and hug him back. Where is Jackson?

I turn to look for him and find him with Rebecca. The heck?

“Oh babe, you did it. How hot was that goal.” She clinges on him.

“Thanks Rebecca.” He smiles politely at her.

“Oh hottie. Come here!” She hugs him and to my surprise she is almost about to kiss him when Jackson pushes her away.

“What are you doing?!”

“Come on now. We both know you want to do that. I know you have been waiting since the party.” She winks at him.

‘Act like you didnt see anything. Act normal. Act normal Haley.’ I tell myself and move towards him.

“Congrats Jackson.” I fake happiness but my voice cracks a bit.

“Haley! Thanks so much. We did it!” He hugs me tight and I fake a smile.

“So babe, are we meeting tomorrow or what?” Rebecca still hasn’t left his side.

“Stop calling me that and I will text you.” He says.

Thats it! Enough. Let them flirt. I am out of here.

I stomp my way out when Reece stops me on my tracks.

“Not now Reece.” I say not even looking at him. All forgotten about his injury.

“Whats got your panties in a twist?” He smirks and his two friends next to him start laughing.

“Go away jerk.”

“Make me.” He challenges. I am in no mood of fighting an already injured person so I just dodge my way out.

I am so mad right now. Couldnt he at least wait till I was gone and then flirted with that slut?

“Haley wait!” I hear someone call for me. But I do not look back. I just keep walking towards home.

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