Love Happens

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Chapter 27

Questions and answers.

“Reece... if you want to... you can stay over... ” I say.

“I mean Nick is probably going to stay at the party he has gone to, mom wont return till Sunday. And there is no one to take care of you in your house....” I quickly add.

“I think that would be best. I hope you don’t mind..” he smiles a little.

“No I don’t. What are friends for?” I smile at him and he returns the gesture.

“I will be right back...” I say and rush to my bathroom.

So, I am going to spend the night with Reece. This is going to be interesting.

Right now, I am in my bathroom, thinking over all the events that just took place a few minutes ago. Why did Reece apologize? I mean, there should be some reason he did so. It cannot just be because he wants my help.

Then it strikes me, its because of the bet we took. How could I forget? I now remember the terms for it, if he would win I had to go on a date with him and if I did, then he would have to stop irritating me! Thats it. That is exactly why he is being so sweet. Wow, he does take these bets seriously. I am sure if I would have lost, I would make some excuse and not go out on a date with him out of all people.

I go back downstairs and find him surfing through the channels.

“Where did you go in such a hurry?” He asks when he sees me.

“Um, to the bathroom...” I reply.

“Oh, fine.”

“So, now I know why you apologised.” I take a seat next to him.

“What?” He asks confused.

“I won the bet, you lost. The terms were that if I win you will stop irritating so that is why you said sorry...” I explain carefully not reminding him about his condition of the bet.

“Oh, that! Honestly, I did not remember it. But yeah... you could say that is the reason.” He gives me a half smile.

“Liar.” I smirk.

“Really? You want to start that game now?” He asks raising his right eyebrow.

“Whatever. I am bored.” I sigh.

“You sleepy?” He asks.

“No... why? Are you?” I ask.

“Not really... wanna play questions?” He asks.

“Questions? You mean Twenty-One questions?” I giggle.

“No. Just questions. Because whenever anybody do play this game they never really ask twenty one questions...” he explains.

“Point...” This boy is smart.

“Okay. Let’s play ‘questions’” I qoute.

“Okay, so the basics first. Tell me your favourites. Colour, food, movie, song, hobby, t.v show, book, animal and so on...” He says.

“Well, my favourites... Colour- black. Food obviously pizza. Movie, T.V show and songs I dont know, I have lots... Hobby, is dancing and playing my guitar. A little of reading too maybe. Animal... I like Pandas I guess. Your turn. Same question.” I answer.

“Copy cat.” He teases.

“My favourite colour is White. Food, is French fries. Movie, The Hangover Trilogy. Song..... anything of Linkin Park? I dont know. TV show, I dont have one. Hobby, football. Animal, dog.” He replies after thinking a little.

“Nice. That reminds me that your dog isn,’t home?” I ask.

“No, Brian took him with him. He cannot let him stay alone. Too much love.” He rolls his eyes and I laugh.

“When’s your birthday?” I ask.

“25th July. Yours?”

“23rd August.” I reply.

“Bestfriends name?” He asks.

“Sam and Kale. You?”


“Biggest pet peeve?” I ask.

“Wet doorknobs and when people chew with their mouths open.”

“Mine is the same as your second one.” I

“Have you ever peed in the woods?” He asks.

“What? No!”

“What about pooped in the woods?”

“Ew, no. Have you?”

“Yes, both.” He smirks.

“Yuck. Um, okay. Moving on, ever gotten a speeding ticket?” I ask.

“In fact, yes twice. Im guessing you havent.”

“You guessed right.”

“Celebrity crush?”

“Scarlett Johanson. You?”

“Hugh Jackman, Tom Cruise, Bradley Cooper... I can go on and on.” I say.

“How many languages can you speak?” He asks.

“English only.”

“Same.” He smiles.

“Are you lazy?” I ask.

“Hell yeah. And you dont need to answer I know you are.” He smirks.

“Whatever.” I roll my eyes.

“Are you patient?” He asks.

“Sometimes. You are?”


“Comfort food?” He asks.

“Ice cream and pizza, yours?” I ask.

“Pasta.” This game is fun. And its going so fast.

“So, any crushes?” he asks.

“Yes. Many actually. Channing Tatum, Bradley Coope--” he stops me.

“Any real crush?” He shakes his head.

“Well, at the moment, none.” I close my eyes for a moment to distract my mind from Jackson.

“What about you? Do you have any real crush?” I ask.

“Actually, I do.” He says.

“Oh yeah? Who?”

“You.” He stares into my eyes for, I think ever. I blink a few times. Did he just? No he did not.

“Sorry, I am just messing with you. No one now, but I am looking though.” He says after a while and breaks the awkward silence in between us.

“My turn. How many girls have you dated before?”

“Let me count.... three. You? I mean guys.” He says.


“Ever been in love?” He asks and I pause. Should I say the truth?

“Yes. Are you a virgin?” I ask quickly.

“Guess.” He smirks.

“Obviously you aren’t.” I roll my eyes.

“Are you?” He raises his eyebrows.

“Uh.. no.” I blush for no specific reason.

“Okay. Wait..... You are not a virgin?” He asks shocked.

“Yes, I am not a virgin....” I say.

He is about to ask me something, when his phone rings.

“Excuse me.” He says eyeing me.

“Yea mom?....... No we lost........ yeah it was great, we would have won but I fell so yeah........ I am okay, dont worry Ma........ yes I know......... Yeah okay....... fine........ I am at Mrs. Austins..........I will explain later........ yea mom okay...... goodbye...... love you too........ bye.” He ends the call.

“Well, I guess the game is over now... we should get some sleep now. It has been a long day.” I say and look at the time. It is almost midnight now.

“You will be comfy here?” I ask.

“Not if you arent beside me.” He winks.

“Goodnight Reece.” I smile and head upstairs.

“If you need anything, call for me.” I yell and head straight to bed.

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