Love Happens

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Chapter 28

Midnight Snacks.

It is around fifteen minutes past midnight and all I have been doing is twisting and turning in my bed. I just can’t get any sleep. Mostly it is because I have been thinking about everything that happened today.

First, the match. It was pretty interesting. Then the Reece and his injury thing. Damn, it was kinda bad. Then obviously the whole Rebecca and Jackson thing that took place. I dont even want to go there right now.

But if you go to see it is not Jacksons fault. The poor guy didn’t even know Rebecca was going to do such a thing.... you cant blame him’ That stupid inner voice starts again.

I know its right. But I dont want to believe it. Forget about the almost kiss, I dont care that happened. Jackson did push her away. But again, he did flirt with her too, in front of me!

Maybe that wasnt flirting. Maybe it was just some misunderstanding’

Maybe it was. Maybe it wasnt. I dont know. I do want to hear what he has to say about it. But then again, I even dont want to at the same time.

I sigh. Maybe I should hear him out. I will just text him tomorrow. Yeah, that is a good idea.

Tomorrow. The fact that, Reece Clark is sleeping in my house, and will be in here tomorrow too, when I wake up is just totally weird.

I mean only ten hours ago, I hated his guts. And now... we are friends? Its just weird. Non-acceptable for some reason. Him being all friendly, apologizing and then flirting too to some extent. Maybe all this is just the side effects of him falling on the ground during the match or something.

I really need to go to sleep though. All these things, I will figure out tomorrow when I am fresh. I take a deep breath and close my eyes when I hear someone knock at my door.

“Yea?” I ask.

“Haley, can I come in?” Reece asks.

“What is it?” I open the door quickly.

“Um, wanna have Oreos?” He bites his lip and asks me holding a pack of Oreos in one hand.

I laugh. “Sure....”

We walk back down to the living room.

“Why are you eating Oreos at this hour?” I ask and sit on the couch folding both my legs.

“I was craving them. Whenever I cant sleep I eat them, but as this isnt my home, I felt a little weird eating alone... so I called you too.” He explains and sits down too.

“Oh. Okay.” I smile and take one.

“Tell me about your friends.” He asks.

“What do you wanna know?”

“Anything...” he says with a mouthfull of the biscuit.

And I start telling him about Sam, and Kale and Ryan, I dont tell him much about Jackson. I just tell him that he is Ryans cousin. Luckily, Reece doesnt ask me anything about who I went on a date with. Then he too tells me about his friends.

“My best friend is Michael. He had moved here when he bought a new house. He lived on rent back in my hometown. And my luck, I shifted here and so we caught up on everything as he moved last summer only so thats very less time. He is the only guy I hang around for now and his other friend Brent. You know, I am new here.. people wanna be my friend but when they know I am Mike’s bestfriend they start moving away... I dont know why though.”

“Maybe he is the badboy of your school or something.” I say.

“Well, I dont know. But I do know that he and Clayton are sworn enemies.” He says.

“Oh, I know Clayton. I dont like him much either.” I say.

The rest of the night we keep talking about a few memories with our bestfriends while we eat Oreos. He tells me something, then I remember something and tell him and that keeps going on and on.

I dont even realize when I go to sleep. But at some point when Reece is telling me something about how he put glue as shampoo for Brian, I doze off.

“Haley?” I feel someones presence near me.

“Go away.” I turn to the other side. Its a Saturday for god sakes.

“Wake up.” Someone shakes me.

“No.” I put my head in the pillow.

“If you dont, I will kiss you.” I jolt up. Obviously, it is not Nick. It just has to be my goddamn neighbour.

“It’s like nine in the morning on a Saturday and you still are up and ready to flirt?” I rub my eyes.

“Well, you see I--” I stop him.

“Reece that was a rhetorical question.” I roll my eyes.

“Whatever. I am hungry. And I need breakfast.” He says.

“What? Am I your servant? Go cook something.” I say and head to the washroom to brush my teeth.

“If you want your kitchen all burnt down then fine. I will go ‘cook something’” He says and turns to leave.

“Forget it. I will be down in five.” I say but then I realize that I was sleeping in my room. How did I get in here? I remember dozing off on the couch...



“How did I get in my room?” I ask.

“Uh...” I see his cheeks turn crimson.

“Well, I brought you up here when I saw you asleep next to me....” he says.

“Oh. Okay.” For some reason, I blush too.

“What do you want?” I ask once I am down in the kitchen.

“Pancakes..?” He says.

“Fine.” I get to work. I too am hungry.

“You have a pretty descent room...” he says.

“Thanks.” I say and then we dont talk. I get back to making the pancakes while he goes through his phone.

“You look really cute when you sleep.” He says suddenly.

“Right. I look cute all the time to you, dont I? When I am angry, irritated, asleep, anything else ...? ” I roll my eyes.

“Well, you are cute. I aint gonna lie.” He smirks and makes me blush. I quickly turn and act as if I am preparing something so that he doesnt see me blush.

“And also when you blush.” Even though my back is facing him, I know he is smirking.

“How creepy is the fact that you were staring at me while I slept?” I giggle.

“I wouldnt have woken you, if it wasnt for my hunger.” He says.

“Here you go.” I place his plate in front of him.

“Thank you.” He smiles genuinely. And I smile back in return.

After we are done eating, I pick up our plates and put them in the sink.

“So how is your leg?” I ask.

“Better than yesterday. I think I can walk.” He jokes.


“Are you scared of heights?” He asks me out of no where.

“Um, no. Why?”

“Just asking.”

“Are you?” I ask.

“I am not scared of anything.” He says with his head held high.

“Show off.” I roll my eyes at him.

“I am bored.” He says.

“So am I....” I bite my lip.

“Do you wanna go out?” He asks.

“Out?” I raise my eyebrow. Where is he heading with this?

“Yeah like, some movie or something?” He says.

“There are no good movies right now.” I pout.

“Uh, to the carnival maybe?” He asks.

“The carnival?! Oh my god. Yes!” I grin.

“I just cant get enough of those. I love them so much.” I say happily.

“I too love them. I heard about one, but I dont know if its nice or not.” He says.

“Yeah, I know which one you are talking about. We have the Spring Carnival coming up, so there is a one week pre carnival thing that we have, it is pretty awesome. But then Spring ones are the best! And then the ones we have on Halloween. It is amazing they all follow the theme and everything. These carnivals are always good. Trust me.”

“Cool, so then we can go whenever you are ready.” He says.

“I may take some time... I mean, I have to shower and then get ready too, gotta inform Nick and mom so yeah. You should too go get dressed....” I suggest.

“It is ten thirty right now. Will you be done by twelve? We can leave then...” he says.

“Twelve sounds good.” I smile.

“So, it’s a date.” He smirks.

“Who said it was?” I fold my arms.

“I did.”

“No, it is not a date.”

“Yes, it is.”



“No Reece.”

“Yes Haley.”

“Reece...” I look at him.

“What? Come on. Its a small date. Friendly date....?” He asks slowly.

“What does that even mean?” I laugh.

“Friends who go on a date?” He says more like a question.

“Oh god. Fine whatever. Think of it as the date-bet date.” I say.

“I am sure you will think better of it after its done” he winks and starts to leave.

“See you.” I wave and go to my room remove my clothes to wear and then go for a shower.

Right after I am done, I wear by denim shorts that I removed and put on the black top I took out and over that I wear a light blue coloured over-shirt. (A/N: THERE IS A PIC OF HER OUTFIT.) I put on light brown shoes which I have started to love and as my hair is already a little wavy today, I enhance the waves and put on very little makeup. Once I am done, I call mom.

“Hey mom.”

“Haley, how are you darling?”

“I am good. I just wanted to tell you that I am going to the Pre-Spring Carnival with Reece... at twelve.”

“Oh, thats good. Enjoy baby. I will return back maybe tomorrow afternoon or evening latest.” She says.

“Okay, thanks mom. See you. Love you.” I hang up.

Now Nick.


“Nick, when are you coming back home?” I ask.

“I dont know. The party was pretty wild. There was a big fight and everything. I will tell you when I come back. I still am kinda hungover. I dont think I will be able to drive....” he slurs.

“Well, whatever. I am going to the Pre-Spring Carnival with Reece at twelve. I hope you have the key.” I tell him.

“It is fifteen minutes to twelve right now.... okay whatever I have the key. Come back with food if possible. See ya”. he hangs up.

*one new message from Jerk.* my phone beeps. Shit, I forgot to change Reece’s name from jerk to Reece on my phone. I will do it later.

‘You look beautiful ;)’

Stop creeping at me mister -_-′

Haha, I just cant stop myself x’

What is up with him?

Whatever. I am ready.′ I send.

‘I will get my car then. And we can go.. see ya.’ He texts me and I pack a few things in my purse.

When I hear a car honk, I know thats my cue to leave. I lock the front door and sit in the passenger seat next to Reece.

“Its just the start of our date baby” he winks making me roll my eyes and starts to drive.

Well, here we go.

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