Love Happens

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Chapter 2

Ryan’s cousin? Who!?

I roll my eyes at them and start to draw random things in my book, when I hear someone ask, “Uh is this seat taken?”

I look up and I am like ‘wow this guy is really hot!’ and then it hits me that he is the new student!

“Umm no.. no its not” I say to him.

The new hot guy is sitting next to me and all the slu- girls are glaring at me.. talk about awkward..

“Umm Hi. I’m Jackson” he introduces himself again.

“Haley” I whisper

“So umm you are new right, not to be rude or anything but why did you move?” I question

“Actually you see my father passed away three months ago, and my mum couldn’t take it. She says all the memories keep on flashing in her mind in that house and all... so yeah we decided to move here. My uncle stays here so yeah. but I didn’t actually understand why the memories came to her when half the time she is in the hospital, yeah like I mean I don’t have a problem moving or something plus Ryan’s here so I have company, yeah so thats most of it...yeahh probably all of it yeah” he explained to me.

Okay. First of all thats a lot of ‘yeahs’ in his little speech. And second his mom is most of the time in the hospital? What does he mean by that?

There can be only two things- 1. She is sick. 2. She is a doctor.

I’m hoping its the second one but I will have to ask him to know the truth..

“Oh.. okay. and your mum? I mean is she uh sick or a doctor..?” I hesitantly ask.

“No... she is a doctor, not sick or anything” he chuckles.

“Ohheven my mum is one” I tell him.

“Cool” he says.

“Hales. C’mon lets go” Sammy screams without noticing Jackson.

“Ohh uh hello... I’m a Samantha Parker. Nice to meet you” she smiles at Jackson

“Hi. I’m Jackson Mathews. Nice to meet you too” he smiles back.

“Jackson Math....wait, what? Mathews?“Sammy asks him.

I give her a confused what-the-hell-are-you-doing look. And she just ignores me and stares at Jackson.

“Uh yeah Mathews, why?” He has a confused look on his face.

“Holy shit! You are Ryans cousin! ” she almost yells.

Ahh Ryans cousin-- wait whaaattt?

“Um yes I am the one and only” he say.

How could I not figure it out by now? Both are Mathews. Jackson even said something like ‘I have Ryans company too’. And lately I have heard Ryan talking about his cousin moving here. Plus both of them are attractive and hot. So that sums it up.

Woah.. Did I just call Ryan and Jackson hot and attractive? No way.. scratch that they are just.... cute I guess.

“Earth to Haley.”

“Uhh yes uh what?”

“Do you want detention?” Sam asks me.

“No definitely not. Lets go” I pull her by the arm and start to walk but I stop suddenly. I totally forgot about Jackson.

“Jackson? What class do you have now?” I ask him.

“English” he replies.

“Hellooooo...” Kale says entering in our conversation.

“Hi I’m Jackson. Ryans cousin” Jackson introduces himself before Kale could ask who he was.

“Cool.” Kale says. I nudge him on his side.

“Ouch right. I’m Kale” he replies.

“Kale, you have English now right?” I ask him.

“Yeah so?” he asks.

“Please take Jackson with you or we all will serioulsy end up in detention. ” I say to him with puppy dog eyes.

“Okay.. you owe me Hales” he sighs and starts walking the other way.

“Wait up” Jackson calls for him.

Seriously sometimes Kale can be rude, and an annoying jerk. But at times he is just so cute and sweet. But for that you need to be his buddy.

“Girly! C’mon lets go”

We enter physics and go sit at the back of the class. Midway through it Sam call for me, “Psstt. Haley”

“Haleyyyy”she calls again.

“What is it?” I ask her.

“Jackson is hot” she simply states.

“What are you trying to say?” I ask.

“You two will make a really cute couple”

“What? Where is this coming from?” I ask her.

“No where. Its just that you know sometimes you can feel it in the air that you’ll are made for each other or something like that. I’m getting that feeling for you.” She tells me.

“You’re going nuts. Remind me why am I friends with you again?” I say to her.

“Ehh coz I’m awesome!” She says getting a little attention from some students.

I just give her a you-are-totally-crazy look and she just smiles sheepishly, saying sorry to the others.

Lunch Break

My friends and I are already sitting at our table. Only two people arre missing now Ryan and Jackson.

After a while I see Ryan coming towards us. He immediately waves. And behind him is Jackson smiling with another ... girl?

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