Love Happens

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Chapter 30

Truth and lies.

I wake up to my phone ringing. I know it is a Sunday, so I start wondering, half asleep, that why my phone is ringing? I didnt put any alarm... I turn my head to the other side and the ringing stops. Then after a minute or two it again starts.

“Urgh. Who the heck is calling me so early on a Sunday?” I say sleepily and without seeing the caller id, answer the call.

“This better be good.” I say.

“Uh, Haley?” Jackson asks. Shit. Should I speak to him or not? I remember I had promised myself to text him today. Might as well just talk to him right now.

“Jackson. Yeah, sorry. I thought it was Sam or someone...” I say.

“Oh thats okay. I think I woke you up. Anyways, I wanted to ask you where you went after the match and why you didnt come yesterday...? To the party, I mean.” He says.

Should I lie? Or tell him that I was mad at him? No lying is better. If he wants to explain, he has to do it voluntarily. “I had to rush home... And for the party, Nick told me it was players and chearleaders only.” I answer. The thought reminds me that him and Rebecca were together the whole night. This angers me for some reason.

“He did? I didnt know that... But you could have still come...” he says.

“You didnt call me anyway.” I say rolling my eyes. Why do I feel he is lying?

“My battery was dead. And Nick said you were not well or something... and the” he tries to say something more but I interrupt and ask,

“So why call me today? Where were you yesterday?”

“I was hungover yesterday, so bad that I am now grounded for a month. My phone is taken away from me, no outings, no television, nothing. Mom was really mad. She came to know about the fight at the party so, yeah. I am now grounded. She went to the store and then she is going to the mall so I took Ryans phone to call you....” he explains.

“Oh... What fight?” I ask remembering Nick saying something about a fight at the party too on the phone yesterday. I will ask him if Jackson doesnt tell me.

“Ryan wants his phone back. I promise, I will tell you the whole story in school. ” he says. Again I get the feeling that he just doesnt want to tell me about it.

“Alright. See you tomorrow then...” i say sighing.

“I’m sorry Haley. We wont get to text tonight. Anyways... see you in school. Bye.” He says.

‘Wont get to text you tonight’ my ass. I roll my eyes. “Bye Jackson.” I hang up.

“I cant believe Jackson is not grounded after all that happened at the party.” Nick says and sits on the bed.

“Well, he is grounded. For a month. It was Ryan’s phone he was using. What happened though, at the party?” I ask curious to know.

“Okay so this is what happened.” Nick begins.

“We were around twenty- five to thirty people in total. But Jackson and Ryan hadn’t come yet. And Rebecca and her two puppies too. The party had already started. We were enjoying, dancing, drinking, playing and all. Then they entered. They all looked fine for the first half hour I guess. I didnt see them the whole time but then, when it was like around maybe eleven or midnight I aint sure, but around that time there was like a big fight. Between Jackson and another guy.

“So apparently this had happened, Jackson was drunk as fuck. So was almost everyone though... but thats not the point. He and Reb were dancing and some guy came out of nowhere and started to feel her up. She made a huge issue about it as if it was a big deal but we all know she wouldnt mind any guy on her. She did so because it was one of her psycho ex, Parker or something like that. Jackson was so drunk he first told Parker to get off but when he challenged Jackson that he will not back off, Jackson lost it.

“He punched him in the face. Then the other guy hit him back. Then another punch and another. And they kept beating the shit out of each other until Ryan stopped Jackson. Everyone else was just looking at the two guys fighting. I would have stopped them but by the time I came it was too late. I have no clue why Jackson was beating the guy up in the first place. I think he forgot that Reb was a slut and yeah.

“Then most of the party got over. We kicked that ex out of the house. The party got over at one. And most of us crashed there. Jackson, Ryan, and Rebecca were sent home by Tyler, the guy whose house the party was held in. So yeah that happened. But I gotta tell you though, Jackson can fight. His punches were like strong, and hard and just it looked cool to be honest.” Nick completes the story.

Wow. Right now, I dont even know if I should be angry, annoyed, amused or what. But I sure know that the fact that Jackson fought with one of that bitch’s ex, for her is really annoying.

“That was a long story. I hope no one got too hurt.” I say trying to act not too affected by it. Trying to act like I dont really care. But on the inside, I am burning, obviously I care. I dont know, like is it just me? Or do other people too act like they dont care when they do a lot on the inside?

“Well, that I dont know. But whatever lets just forget about that. I came to wake you to make us breakfast.” He says.

Us? My eyebrows furrow in confusion. Oh right. Reece is here. I totally forgot.

“I will be down in some time. ” I say and go to the bathroom.

“I am in my room. When the foods ready, just shout for me.” He says and leaves.

I go down but hear someone talk in the living room so I stop on the third last step. I peep a little and see that its Reece on the phone with his back facing me. Me being me, decide to eavesdrop.

“No..... Yes. Yes babe.” He says. Babe? He haas a girlfriend? I thought he was single.....

“I will come see you this Friday. Okay?” See who? His girl? Such a liar.... I think to myself.

“Okay, then Saturday?...... Sure babe.” Who is this babe of his? I am getting more curious by the second. But at the same time I dont want to find out that he was lying about being single...

“Yeah, yeah........ Okay. I love you too babe. See you on Saturday then. Bye.” He hangs up.

‘I love you too babe’? What the heck? I sigh heavily. Obviously a guy so hot like him would have a girlfriend. Fuck everything.

I walk towards the kitchen and start to prepare breakfast, acting like I did not just hear half of Reece’s conversation with his girlfriend on the phone.

“Oh haley, good morning. I didnt see you there.” He smiles. I just mumble a morning to him and get back to my work. Ftom the corner of my eye, I see him texting someone on his phone whilst sitting on the island waiting for breakfast to be ready. Obviously, it is his girlfriend. I roll my eyes.

All these thoughts are going through my mind right now.... I dont know what to believe and what to not. I have no clue what is the truth and whats the lie. why would he lie about being single? Just to flirt with me? Why did he not tell me first about his girlfriend? At least I would not start getting too attached to him. Even Jackson is the same. I shouldn’t have believed any of them. Reece will remain the jerk he is, even though he has started acting better than before. Just to kiss me, he pulled off such a big stunt. But why? I want to ask him so much. But no words come out of my mouth, I just keep beating the eggs. I sigh heavily. I have started doing that a lot nowadays.

I turn around, but to my shock Reece is so close to my face, I almost drop the bowl from my hand.

“What the hell!? You know there is something called as personal space.” I back up a little bug there is hardly any place to go back. I am stuck between the glass slab and Reece.

“Sorry. I was just looking at how you cook....” he takes a step back. Due to my annoyance at him, and everyone for thag matter right now, I dont realize that he felt a little hurt by my previous comment.

I sigh again. “Its fine. I just got a little surprised.” I smile a little.

“Nick, breakfast!” I yell for him and hear a faint ‘coming’ from upstairs.

We all eat and make small talk, mostly Nick and Reece talk and I try staying out if their converaations as much as possible. There is a lot going inside my head already. I dont need to know what Clayton did after they lost the match or whatever.

“Haley, mom said she will be back in three hours.” Nick informs me as I wash my hands.

“Cool, so thats like around two or something.” I say mostly to myself.

“Brian too said that they will be back around after lunch like four.” Reece says.

When did he even talk to Brian?

“I was just texting him before breakfast...” he continues.

Oh. So it wasnt his girlfriend he was texting before breakfast. But this still doesnt prove that he has no girlfriend. Bloody liar.

“I am gonna go to Jakes. See you both.” Nick leaves. Great. Now its just us.

My phone starts ringing and just by the ringtone I know its Kale.

“Heyyyyy.” I smile. Last time I spoke to him was after the match.

“Haley. I missed you!” I hear so much enthusiasm in his voice. This boy really does make me happy.

“I missed you too! How are you?” I ask and by the corner of my eye, I know Reece is listening to every bit of what I am saying.

“I am good. Are you free? Lets hang out. I am super bored.” He whines.

“You and your boredom. I too am. But I have a friend over...” I say biting my lip.

“Sam?” He asks.





“No Kale.”

“Then is it--”

“No none of the above, it is my neighbor.” I tell him.

“So, it IS Sam.” I can feel him rolling his eyes.

“No dude. I have two neighbours. Its Reece...” i say not sure of how he will react. He still wants to remove Reeces balls for the small I-really-like-you prank.

“Him?! Are you for real? What happened to I hate him so much?” He asks.

“Not now. I will tell you later. But we are at good terms now. Come over. I will call Sam too.” I say.

“Fine. But you gotta tell me everything. See you in thirty. Bye.” He hangs up.

“That was Kale. My best friend. He wants to come over... so I am calling Sam too. I hope you dont mind meeting my friends....” I say looking at Reece. He has really good features....

“No not at all. I am looking forward to it.” He smiles a little.

“Well cool then, let me just call Sam.” I speed dial ‘three’.

“Whaddup girl?” She answers on the third ring.

“Come over in thirty? Kale is coming too. And Reece is here too....” i say the last part slowly.

“Sure-- wait. Reece?! That jerk?” She asks. I can almost imagine her shocked face.

“Yes. I will explain later. Just be here in thirty minutes.” I tell her.

“Can Ryan come too? Please.” She asks.

“Yeah. Why not? I will see you then.”

“Alright I will text him. See you.” She hangs up.

“Both of them will be here in half an hour.” I Tell him.

“Alright. I will just go shower and come.” He says.

“Yeah. Cool. I will too. See ya.” I wave at him and smiling he leaves for his house. And I go up to shower too.

My phone rings again. Who is it this time?

“Ryan. Hey.” I answer.

“Hayley, it is me.” Jackson says.

What happened to him being grounded?

“Yeah, whats up?” I ask unsure of why he is calling.

“I just wanted to inform you that Ryan and I, both are coming over to your place.” He says calmly.

Wait. What. Happened. To. Him. Being. Grounded?

“I thought... you were...” i dont finish my sentence

“Grounded? Yeah I still am. When Ryan told me he was gling to your place ti ganv out, I thought why to miss a chance? Mom has gone to the mall as I aleady told you before. So, I called her and told her I have project work to do. With a little pleading, she agreed. But I still sadly am grounded.” He explains.

“Oh. Alright. Fine. See you then. I have to go shower. Bye.”

“Okay. Bye Haley.” He hangs up.

I enter my bathroom, and turn on the shower. But then a realization hits me.

Reece and Jackson are going to be seeing each other today. They will be under one roof. With me. Reece and Jackson. Oh god. I just have a gut feeling that this is going to turn out really really bad.

God save me.

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