Love Happens

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Chapter 31

Small Encounters.

All the time that I was in the shower there was just one thought in my mind. Reece and Jackson will be face to face for the first time today. Jackson and Reece, today. Reece and Jackson. Together. Under the same roof. This is just a really bad mix. Just no. No.

If you are thinking, ′what’s such a big deal in that? They even saw each other during the match....′ Then let me tell you, it IS a very big deal. Not for them but for me. Yes they did see each other during the match, none of them knew each other though and lets be honest, I hated Reeces guts back then.

And for Jackson, I’m not gonna lie here, yes I do like Jackson, but his recent doings are making my feelings fade away. And those faded feelings are developing for another guy, called Reece Clark. Alright yeah. I admit it, okay? Big deal.

Who would have ever imagined that I, Haley Austin, would be admiting a little affection towards the great jerk, Reece Clark? Yep thats right. No one.

But I know, I just know something bad will happen today. I just shouldn’t have invited Reece. But then I never thought that Jackson would come.

Even though he is grounded, he wants to see me. Why? Shouldnt he be running towards that bitch?

I hear something all of a sudden. Wait. Thats my ringtone. My phone is ringing. Wow, how do I get it? Its on charge....

I remember shutting the curtains before going so I dont think that it should be a problem if I just wrapped the towel and answered the call.

I quickly get out and check the id,

*Jerk* I will later today, change the name Jerk from my phone and to Reece. I hope I remember.

I answer the call.


“What took you so long?” He whines and I roll my eyes.

“I am a girl, I take long showers okay?” I say in my defence.

“So are you naked in your room again?” I can hear the smirk in his voice. Boys will be boys.

“Not exactly naked. But you arent getting to see anything anyway, the curtains are closed for a reason. That day you were just... uhh just.. you were just lucky. That was the first and the last time.” I say sitting on my bed.

“Oh really? You sure it was the last?” He asks.


“So you have a towel on?” He asks, his voice a little louder than before.

“Yup.” Where is he going with this?

“A light blue coloured towel?” His voice become more loud. But then I realize, I am in a light blue towel. What? I turn and


“Reece! What the?!” I am so alarmed right now.

“How did you--?” My eyes turn towards my window. Of course. He climbed his way here. How stupid of me? I should have shut the windows too.

“This is the second time now.” He whispers so close to my ears. My body shivers slightly. What is he doing to me?

I breathe deeply.

“Go back.” I say. But my voice comes out very small. What effect is he having on me?

“And if I dont?” He leans in closer. My eyes drop to his lips for a split second. I wanna know how they feel. I look back into his eyes.

Unlike Jacksons eyes, which are blue, Reece has blue eyes with a tint of green in them. Which makes him unique. I just have dark brown eyes. Meh.

“You have to?” I say more like ask.

“I dont want to.” He is closer than ever. Are we really going to kiss?

“Then-” he puts a finger on my lip not letting me complete my sentence.

“I could kiss you right now.” He says and the butterflies in my stomach I think, turn into rats. He really does have THE effect on me.

“So do.” I simply say. I want to kiss him.

He leans an inch more and our lips touch and I close my eyes.

“Haley! We are here!”

I move away quickly from Reece. I see frustration in his eyes. Our lips hardly touched for a second. It was more like a peck than a kiss.

“Uh.. thats Sam. And Kale. You should go.... I have to wear my clothes.” I bite my lip. Is he angry? I cannot make out...

“Fine.” He stands up but then bends down again.

“I will finish what I started.” He whispers slowly in my ear and goes out of the room.

He gives me chills. Is it bad that I want him to finish what he started?

I wear my clothes real fast and go down to greet my friends.

“Hey guys.” I smile and soon I am engulfed into a tight hug by both my monkeys.

“Yeah, I know you missed me. So did I. And uh, Sam and Kale, this is Reece, my new neighbour, and Reece he is Kale, and she is Sam.” I introduce them. Kale sits on the couch. Sam sits on the one opposite Kale and I sit on the one in which Reece is sitting.

“Nice to meet you.” Reece says.

“Same here.” Both say at the same time.

“Hey man, aren’t you the guy who I hit during the match?” Kale asks.

Oh shoot. How did I not remember that? It was in fact Kale who caused Reece’s injury. I hope they dont have any grudges.

“Yeah that was me.” Reece smiles.

“Really sorry about that.” Kale says. He seems to have forgiven Reece already.

“Thats not necessary. Its okay though.” Reece says.

“But thanks to you, I would have never got the chance to hang with Haley if it wasnt for my injury.” He continues. I blush for some reason.

“Oh?” Kale looks confused.

“I am confused. Someone care to explain?” Sam asks.

“Yeah. I should probably tell you guys everything.” I say looking at Reece and he gives a small nod as if trying to say it is completely okay with him if I tell my two best friends about him in the presence of him.

“So you both already know we didnt start off at good terms. And you guys know about the bet too so after the match I went home early and was watching telly after Nick left for the ‘players and chearleaders only’ party. And this boy, he knocked at the door.

“He looked half dead and as his parents are gone to his grandma’s he needed to be taken care of and was hungry. So I made him soup. He thanked me and then apologised too for everything he did in the past. The conditions for the bet were that if I win, he would have to stop annoying me, and if he did I had to go on a date. But we won, so I guess he stood to his words.

“And the reason for irritating me was because he thought I looked cute when I was angry or annoyed.” I roll my eyes and the other three chuckle.

“So yeah. After that we were bored yesterday so we went to the carnival, that was pretty fun. And then yeah thats how I ended up staying here for this weekend. Dont worry my family comes back at four today.” Reece completes.

“Wow. Great. I am happy now. My best friend will finally have a hot boyfriend.” Sam winks.

“Shut up.” I throw a pillow at her. Sometimes she is so embarassing. I know I am blushing. Remembering the small encounter Reece and I had just minutes ago.

“Hey people.” Ryan and Jackson enter.

“Hi.” We all say in unison.

“Reece thats Ryan, Sam’s boyfriend and this is Jackson. Ryan, Jackson, this is my new nighbour Reece.” They change their hellos.

Kale stands up and lets Jackson sit on the single couch he was sitting on and takes a seat next to me. I shift to make place for him and Reece’s hands touches my waist. I bolt up a little. We are so close. Like a couple. What is happening?

From the corner of my eye, I see Jackson looking at Reece continuously.

“Some movie?” Kale asks.

“Horror it is.” Sam, Reece and I say at the same time.

“High five.” Reece turns to me.

“You have such good collection.” He puts in the DVD of Poltergeist.

“Oh I have not seen this one. Is it good?” Jackson asks looking straight at me as if the question is directed to me.

“Yes. It is really good.” I smile at him. Even though I am mad at him I cannot stop myself from smiling by just him being here. He just has the effect on me

“I too have seen it. But its really interesting. One of a ‘must watch.’” Reece says more sternly than he is usually.

“I will go make popcorn. I have seen it si it doesnt matter if I miss a little.” I stand up.

“I will come with you. I too have watched it.” Reece follows me. While passing Jackson I see his right hand tight in a fist. Is he jealous?

“Is that guy your ex or somethin’?” Reece asks once we are in the kitchen.


“Isnt it obvious. Kale is your best friend. Ryan is dating your other best friend. So who is left?” He rolls his eyes.

“Jackson is just a new friend. He is Ryans cousin. I met him almost two to three weeks before I met you. Why do you ask?” I say.

“Fine. He just is acting weird.” His hands go up to my hips from behind me. I can feel his body warmth radiating on my back.

“Reece. There are people.” I am crimson right now.

“Everyone is watching the movie. No one will see. Okay?” His hold becomes tighter. I have started to like these small encounters.

I am about to give up and turn to him, but then it strikes me. How could I kiss him? He is a liar. He lied to me about being single. How much ever I want to, I will not allow him to kiss me. And plus, he would be cheating on her if I do allow.

“No. Not okay. Go kiss your girlfriend. Not me.” I say not too loud as others are just in the next room.

“What girlfriend?” His eyebrows furrow in confusion.

“Oh please dont act now, I heard the last bit of your conversation with her on the phone today in the morning.” I roll my eyes.

“That. Oh god. No. That was not my girlfriend.” He denies.

“Oh really? Who says, ’I love you too babe′ not to thier girlfriend but someone else?” I raise my eyebrows. What is the need to lie?

“I do. That was my grandma. I always call her babe.” He says looking straight into my eyes.

Now I feel guilty of accusing him and judging too soon. He didnt lie

“Oh. Sorry.” I look down at my feet. What else can I say?

“I did not lie to you when I said that I was single Haley.” He lifts my chin up to meet my eyes.

“Sorry I just thought--”

“Shhh.” He stops me.

“I still have to complete what I started but not now. They will get suspicious.” He says softly.

“Okay.” I blush.

“Havent I told you, you look cute when you blush?” He winks at me. And I just blush deeper.

“Oh by the way,” he leans in again, but to my ears this time.

“Popcorn is ready.” His lip slightly brushes my ear.

“Uh, you go, I will get it.” I tell him and he obeys.

“What took you’ll so long? Were you both making popcorn or babies in there?” Sam teases and I just roll my eyes.

“After the movie, lets play truth or dare?” Kale says and all of us agree.

Jackson doesnt seem to be pleased by all this.

Throughout the movie, I can feel his eyes on me. Sometimes when I catch him staring, to lighten the mood I smile and he does too, but then Reece whispers something or the other in my ear, like anything at all or he puts his arm around my shoulder. And then Jackson has that all clenched jaw expression. Jealous much?

Even though, I like some of the cute things he says in my ear between the movie like ”you are way too prettier than the actress” or ”if you were in there, I would give up my life to save you" or ”you smell so good, I wanna cuddle” etc. For some reason, I know Reece is doing all this on purpose. But why?

The movie is coming to an end now. We have to still play truth or dare after it gets over. Why do I have a feeling it will be bad? I bite my lip.

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