Love Happens

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Chapter 32

Kisses and kisses.

“Wow. I just love the end! Great movie choice Kale.” Sam grins.

“I know right. Thanks.” He boasts.

“And now. The thing I love the most. It is time for truth and dare!” Sam claps her hands in happiness.

I never have understood why she loves this game so much. Like it is just a game. And mostly we always end up playing just dare. I roll my eyes partially.

A mixture of “uhh” and “yay” is heard.

“Come on now people, be a sport.” Reece says. He seems to be mixing well with my friends.

“If you think a little practically, we are just six people. It wont be that fun.” Jackson says.

“You scared boy?” Reece challenges him.

“Obviously not.” Jackson glares at him. And Reece starts to glare back. What is up with them today?

“Shut it guys. We can play a few rounds. A few. Okay?” I say loud and clear. I dont want any fight in my house for god sake.

“Fine.” All say in unison.

“I will go and get the bottle.” Kale jolts from his seat and returns super fast.

“Okay, so the mouth is question, and bottom is answer. Clear?” Sam asks and we nod and sit in a circle and she spins the bottle.

It lands on Ryan and Kale.

“Truth or dare?” Ryan asks Kale.

“Dare.” He says.

“Okay.... I want you to put lipstick on anyone in this room without using your hands. And that person has to keep it on for the rest of the game.” Ryan smirks.

“Ooh. Thats a good one. I have a lipstick in my bag. Here you go.” Sam hands it to Kale.

“I will put it on you!” Kale smirks and puts the lipstick in his mouth and walks over to RYAn.

“No. Please. Why me dude?!” Ry closes his eyes and Kale starts to put lipstick on him. His lines go everywhere but Ry’s lips. Gosh this is so funny. Kale struggles while we all laugh at the sight.

“You suck.” Ry says when Kale is done. Ryan looks so damn hilarious.

“Good job.” I say and spin the bottle.

This time it lands on Sam and Reece.

“Truth or Dare?” Sam smirks.

“Dare obviously.” Reece smirks back.

“Okay. Sit in nothing but your boxers for the rest of the game.” Sam winks. Sam will be Sam. Her dares are just the worst.

“Well. Okay.” Reece slowly starts to strip. I cant believe he is actually doing it.

While Reece removes his clothes, for a moment my gaze turns to Jackson. He is glaring at Reece. Then he looks at me and his eyes soften and he smiles. I return the gesture. He is sitting next to Ryan and on the other side of Ryan, Reece sits. I am next to Reece and besides me is Kale next to him is Sam.

“Okay. I will spin now.” Reece says and spins it. He really has a good physique. I could stare at him all day long...... The bottle finallly lands on Kale and Jackson.

“Dare.” He says before Kale can even ask him.

“Uh, let me think.”

“Hey, I will be back, you guys continue, I need to go the the bathroom.” Sam gets up and leaves.

“Alright. I dare you to passionately kiss anyone in the room.” Kale winks at Jackson.

Kiss? Oh god. He obviously wont kiss Sam as she is taken, Ryan is his cousin and for Reece, judging on todays behaviour, he is his enemy. Kale and I are the only options. I know who he is going to choose. Do I want him to kiss me?

Why not? You did like it when you’ll kissed at the treehouse.′ You know you want to even though you are little mad at him. That stupid voice in my head says. Yeah. I did. And maybe. MAYBE I do want to kiss him..... I dont know.

“I choose Haley.” Jackson says and comes over to my side.

“I could happily do this dare infinte times for the rest of my life.” Jackson says to me and puts a strand behind my ear. I smile. He smells really good.

Our lips touch and automatically I conpletely forget everything about my surroundings. It is just me and him.

He kisses me harder and I can feel the passion. How could this guy be bad or mean to me? Now I feel the whole Rebecca thing is a huge misunderstanding.

His lips are soft yet hard and his mouth tastes like a mixture of mint and popcorn. I think I am about to melt. This kiss feels so good.

“Okay you guys! That is enough.” Kale pulls us apart. I miss his touch already.

“That was-” jackson is about to say something but Reece interrupts.

“That was just a dare.” Reece says. I turn to look at him and find his jaw clenched now and his hands in tight fists. Why is he angry? Didnt he say to be a sport?

We spin the bottle again and it lands on Kale and Ryan.

“My turn for Revenge bitch” Ryan smirks.

“I choose Dare.” Kale smiles sweetly at him.

“I dare you to, put 10 ice cubes in your underwear and let them melt.” Ryan has the evil smirk.

“I am back. Whose turn?” Sam asks.

“Kale has just been dared by Ryan to put ice cubes in his underwear.” Jackson tells her. For the first time today, I see him smiling genuinely.

“That is one hell of a good dare babe.” Sam winks at Ryan and he sends her a flying kiss. They are so cute at times.

“I will go get the ice then.” I stand and return with more than ten ice cubes.

“If this hurts more than it should, you will have to do it too.” Kale says to Ryan.

“It is a dare. You had it coming. Be a man!” Ryan playfully rolls his eyes.

“Fine.” Kale slowly starts to put in the ice cubes one at a time. Obviously, it will be painfull.

“Oh my god. Thats cold.” He closes his eyes and repeats the process.

“Cold oh god. Shit. That. Is. Super. Cold.” Kale almost winces in pain whining about the temperature of ice. We laugh at the expressions he keeps making.

“Just sit calm, and let them melt Kale.” I tell him trying to control my laughter.

“Its too much. Oh gosh. Sorry. I give up. They are taking too much time to melt.” He says.

“Fine fine. You can go.” Ryan laughs.

He rushes to the bathroom.

“Much better.” He sits back next to me.

His pant is completely wet from up. Poor boy. He spins the bottle and it lands on Sam and me.

“Truth or dare?” She sings.

“As all are taking dare, I take dare too.” I say.

“Okay. Take off one item of clothing that you are wearing.” She says.

The only things I am wearing is shorts, a normal t-shirt and bra and panties. My t-shirt too is not so long that it will cover for my shorts.

I slowly get up. It is a dare. I have to do it.
I remove my shorts and sit back down and spin the bottle. From the corner of my eyes, I feel Reece staring at me.

It is Kales turn to dare Sam.

“I wont choose truth you know that.” She says.

“Okay, give someone in the group a piggyback ride around the room except for Haley.” He says smirking.

“That is not fair. You all are guys.” She whines.

“Do it. It is a dare.” He says.

“Fine. Who amonst you guys are the skinniest?” She asks.

“Sam!” I laugh. This girl has no limits.

“What? Who should I give the ride? You tell me.” She asks.

“Come on. It doesnt matter who is skinnier or weighs lesser, all of them play football. They all are heavy.” I say.

“Exactly my point.” She says.

“Ouch, we are sitting right here.” Kale fakes as if he is hurt by my previous statement. I roll my eyes.

“Just try lifting your boyfriend.” I tell her and she does the same.

And its the most funniest yet cutest sight ever. Sam trying to give Ryan a piggyback and Ryan all protective about her not getting hurt. They do make a good couple.

Finally she does her best but then falls down and Ryan rushes to her asking if she is okay. And then they kiss. Couple things.

“Okay, last round. Then game over please.” Jackson says and we all agree.

He spins the bottle and it lands on Reece and Sam.

“Dare, you choose.” Sam says and Reece nods.

“Kiss one of us.” She says. What? Kiss? Again?!

“But that is a repeated-” Jackson tries to object but Reece beats him to it.

“I will do it.” He smirks at Jackson. They keep on having this glaring/smirking competetion in between them.

I know. I just know that he will kiss me. He has wanted to anyway.

He pulls me towards him and our lips clash.

I feel the same firecrackers in my tummy that I felt when I kissed Jackson. But this kiss, is more powerful. Like something in it, makes me want to kiss Reece more.

His hand goes up my waist and I slowly fade away from reality. But then I soon realize that Jackson is watching us. There are people watching us. I pull apart acting like I am out of breath.

“I told you, I would finish what I started.” He whispers, winks and then smirks at me.

“Okay that was something.” Sam says.

“Haley is lucky to be kissed by two hot guys.” Kale winks playfully at me. I glare at him.

“Two?” Sam asks looking confused.

“Yeah, when you went, she got to kiss Jackson too.” HE explains.

I look at Jackson and find him but obviously not happy about the kiss I shared with Reece. He is angry. And jealous. He does still like me. I smile thinking about that.

I personally, find it very hot when guys get jealous. It just is simply efffin hot. Them being all possessive.

“Jackson, we gotta go now though, mom will be back soon. It is half past one now.” Ryan snaps me outta my trance.

“Aw babe, is it really necessary for you to leave?” Sam asks Ryan. I let them talk.

“I too have to go home now though.” Kale says.

“One sec.” I rush to the kitchen get a wet towel and go back to the living room.

“You dont wanna be seen with lipstick all over your face do you Ry?” I laugh and hand the towel to him. And he mumbles a thanks while Sam removes all the lipstick from him.

“We meet tomorrow Kale. In school. No worries.” I assure him.

“But i will miss you.” He pouts. Sometimes he is so cute. Jessica is a lucky girl.

I hug him. “Dont act like I am going on a war. In less than 24 hours we will be meeting again.” I smile.

“I love you boo, see you tomorrow.” He kisses my forehead and leaves. I just sometimes wish that every girl had a boy best friend like Kale. He has every quality you require in a guy best friend. Really. No kidding.

“Bye kale.” We all wave to him.

“We too should go now. Had a good time Hales. See you tomorrow.” Ry says and Sam goes out with him. Damn. This is awkward now.

Reece, Jackson and me in one room. Alone. Why do I even have to go through all this?

I turn to Jackson and find him staring and smiling at me.

“So, that was kinda fun.” I slowly say.

“Yeah. I would like to do it sometime again. If you know what I mean.” He flirts. And as usual, I blush.

“Act like a good boy and maybe your mom will reduce the days of you being grounded.” I wink at him.

“I will find a way to reach out to you anyways.” He winks back. And I just blush deeper.

“Come I will walk you out.” We start walking towards the door.

“So see you tomorrow.” He says And then he hugs me. Like his life depends on it.

I hug back, taking in his amazing scent. Why do boys always smell so good? Or is it just me who thinks that way?

We break apart. “Bye Jackson.” I wave at him.

“Bye haley.” He smiles and sits in the car. And I watch it leave from my porch.

“He likes you.” Reece says from behind me. I roll my eyes. Why is it such a big deal to him?

“Yes, I know.” I walk back into the house.

“Do you too?” He asks.

I think for a second. Do I like Jackson?

“Maybe. I really dont know...” I sigh. I really need to do some serious thinking about all this.

“Well, whatever. I think, I should leave too now. Your mom will be home any minute and my fam will be here too in an hour or two. I have to clean up the house a little.” He says.

“Clean up? You hardly stayed there.” I deadpan.

“But still. See you.” He starts to take his leave. But then suddenly he stops.

“I forgot to say something.”

“What?” I ask.

“You shluld more frequently roam without pants.” He winks and leaves.

And then I realize. After the game got over, I competely forgot to wear my shorts! How embarassing. Oh god.

I quickly wear them and go to my room.

Thinking about everything that happened today, the fact becomes clear to me finally that I kissed the two guys who I am utterly confused about, today. In less than a difference of a span of twenty minutes.

Kissing Jackson was good. I felt the same way I did when we first kissed. But kisssing Reece. It was just all so fast. Like Jackson was going to stop him but Reece kissed me anyway.

Reece Clark kissed me. Does Reece Clark like me?

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