Love Happens

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Chapter 33

Just go with the flow.

All that I have been doing after my friends left is lying in bed, thinking about Reece. And Jackson. I am so confused.

I know Jackson likes me. He hasnt said it to me in person but he did tell it to Ryan. And he shows the signs too. All the flirting and winking, it all adds up to that. And then there is Reece. He was an absolute jerk to me but then he changed. He has become sweet. I kind of like this version of him.

I have a feeling that he is crushing on me too. But I cannot tell for sure. Maybe he just wanted Jackson to be jealous and so he was flirting with me today. But the whole ′I wanna kiss you. I am gonna finish what I started′ thing, is really weird. If he doesnt like me he wouldnt do such a thing. He seems genuine. At least I think so. I really dont know.

And as far as I am concerned, I am CONFUSED. CONFUSED AF!

Who do I like? You ask. I dont know. Maybe both. I have no idea who I like more. I just cannot decide! I think I need some sleep.

Yeah, I will sleep now and later when mom finally will come home today, I will speak to her about this whole “guy thing.”

I deeply sigh thinking, what is life now? And close my eyes going into dreamland.

“Haley? Wakey wakey.”

“Come on, lunch is waiting. And nick is too.” Lunch? I wake up immediately.

“Mom!” I hug her.

“Oh darling, I missed you.” She hugs me tight.

“I did too. How are you?” I grin. It feels like an eternity has passed since I saw her.

“Exhausted. But I had a gala time.” She smiles.

“Come on, I got food. Nick is really impatient you know that.” She rolls her eyes.

“Alright, I’ll just wash my face and come down.” I say.

All the three of us eat our chinese and talk about the past weekend. Nick keeps telling mom how good the match went and how hard he partied. I just give her a brief about the carnival. I want to tell her everything in detail later.

She too tells her how her weekend went. And we just catch up om each other lives.
After we finish, Nick says he is going to take a shower and then sleep.

“So, how is school going for you?” She asks.

I take this opportunity to tell mom everything that I have been so confused about lately.

“Pretty good. Mom, actually I have something to tell you.” I bite my lip. She just nods her head telling me to continue.

So I tell her everything from day one of meeting Jackson till today that happened with him and Reece.

She sits there patiently listening to me.

“I dont know mom, I am really confused about them. Like, I liked Jackson, before Reece even came in my life, but then this whole Rebecca thing happened. And she is no other than that slut Davis. You know how it is between me and her now.” I sigh.

“And now Reece has been acting so sweet to me. And I like the feeling I get, but mom I dont know who to trust. My heart says Jackson didnt flirt intentionally but it also says Reece kissed me genuinely, not to only make Jackson jealous. How do I figure all this out?” I feel like I will get a headache with so much thinking.

“Haley, sweetie it is totally okay to feel confused about things like this. Before them you have only ever had genuine feelings for two boys. Tom, and Zach. But after Zach, you never went out on a date, or kissed any guy or even acknowldged his liking towards you.

“But now that you have finally moved on, honey, you are allowed to feel confused. Iy is not a sin. Just give it a little more time. Honestly, I felt so happy when I came to know you went on a date with Jackson. After so long, baby. And it is okay. You just take deep breaths inside and go with the flow.

“You are not commited to any one of them officially, so in my opinion, a little flirting from them shouldnt hurt anyone. Let your heart decide. You will know who is the right choice eventually. Your heart will. So, give it time. Go with the flow.” She finishes.

“Yeah, I think you are right. I should let whatever is happening to let it happen. Go with the flow. That will be my motive now.” I smile inwardly. Mom is the best.

“And by the way, I dont mind you dating any one of the two. Both the guys are hot, I wont lie.” She winks.

“Mom!” I blush.

“You look cute when you blush.” She winks again. That reminds me of Reece.

“Thank you mom. You are the best. I love you.” I hug her and she says, “I will always be there for you when you need me.“, while hugging me.

“I am gonna head to bed now. I need sleep.” She says and goes to her room.

I think I should take a walk and do my homework a little then probably play my guitar.

I wear my sandals, take my phone, earphones plugges in and walk out of the house.

I put my phone on shuffle and slowly stroll down the sidewalk.

Taylor Swift’s : A place in the world comes on and it perfectly describes my situation.

I don’t know what I want, so don’t ask me
Cause I’m still trying to figure it out
Don’t know what’s down this road,
I’m just walking
Trying to see through the rain coming down
Even though I’m not the only one
Who feels the way I do’

I dont want to think about that now so I change the song quickly.

“Haley!” I turn when I hear someone call me.

I look and find a car slowing down next to me. In the back seat, I see Brian waving to me. Right, Reece’s family was coming back today. I smile and wave at him too.

“Hello guys.” I greet his parents too.

“How have you been?” I ask them.

“All nice. We really enjoyed but Reece was missing. And darling, thank you so much for taking care if my baby. He really does need some guardian to function.” She smiles and jokes.

“That is no problem, we are always ready to help.” I smile back.

“You people must be tired. I should not keep you waiting. I will see you around.” I wave and the agree, driving away.

I go back to listening my music and my phone rings. It is Reece. I answer immediately.

“Hey, I just met your brother and your parents on the road. They are almost here.” I say.

“Yeah, Brian called me. By the way, I was wondering something...” he says.

“Go on.”

“If you dont have any ride to school, we could go together... it just came up to me...” he says.

“I will have to check Reece, I have no problem going with you, but my rides are mostly fixed. I will inform you by tonight?” I ask.

“Yea. Yeah that is completely okay.” He says.

“So where are you now?” He asks.

“Just walking.” I say.

“Do you want me to come get you?” He asks.

“No... I will be fine.” I say confused.

“Alright. Damn, my fam is here. I gotta go. See you.” He hangs up.

This boy will make me go crazy!

I call Sam and ask her if we will still go to school together or Ryan will pick her up and she tells me that she totally forgot about me and has agreed to go with Ryan, so I told her I am completely okay with it and hung up.

Reece and I will be going to school together. Wow. Everything is happening so fast.

Just go with the flow Haley. Go with the flow. I tell myself.

After dinner, I lag in bed and I decide to message Reece telling him that I will be going to school with him.

His reply comes real quick.

(BOLD is Reece and ITALICS IS haley.)

Great. My monday mornings will be so much better from now on ;)′ He texts.

I smile. He is so cute. And hot, and sweet too.

Mine too :)′ I reply.

It is around eleven, are you sleeping?′ He asks.

‘No, are you?’ I text back.

Nope. I could happily stay awake the whole night for you x’ I blush. How sweet of him.

I am about the text him back when I get another text from him.

‘Damn, you look cute when you blush from far too *-*’

I look up to my window as soon as I read the text. I only blush deeper. That emoji is so cute. He actions for me to come sit by the window sill and I do as I am told.

Thank you.′ I text simply

‘You are changing me Haley. I feel like a better person when you are around.’ His text makes me look at him. He too is sitting on his sill. Shirtless to be precise.

I could get used to this view. He smiles at me.

I am?′ I ask

‘Yes :)’

‘Well, then that is a good thing right?’

Yes a very good thing. I could go on and on.′

‘On and on about what? O.o’

On and on texting you.′

I blush again.


‘Seriously, if you blush again, I will come kiss you.’ I bite my lip. Will he? I dont want to look at him because I know he is watching me.

Okay sir, no more blushing.′

I just cant stop myself when you blush x’

I can feel the blush creep up my face. So I quickly shut the window and the curtains and jump on my bed.

He is making me go so crazy. I just keep blushing when he is in front of me.

Runnin away from me now arent ya?′

‘No, I just was feeling cold....’ I white.lie.

‘Just say it. You dont want me to kiss you :/’ What? From where did that come?

No Reece. It is not that. I dont know. I think I felt shy... /_\′

‘So you want me to kiss you then?’ I know he is smirking right now.

‘That is so not fair. You cannot double play me :(’

‘Fine. Sorry :)’

Its okay. I think we should sleep now. It is monday tomorrow, and i just cant wake up on Mondays, so I need my sleep.′

‘Okay, sure. We will leave at 7.30 tomorrow?’

Oh yeah. Okay :)′

‘Cool. Goodnight babe xx’ i blush once more.

‘Goodnight Reece :)’

I go to sleep smiling to myself. Just thinking that, are all my nights going to be like this from now on?′

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