Love Happens

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Chapter 34

Monday mornings.

I wake up a little earlier than usual but I have a big smile on my face. I really dont know why though. Maybe it is because fr today on I will get to see Reece everyday in the morning.

I put my head in my pillow. I like him. I do. He will make me go mad if he keeps acting this way towards me.

My alarm rings breaking me out of my trance.

“Ha! I woke up earliwr than you waking me. Hows that ALARM?!” I say to the thing and start to get ready.

Mom is still sleeping when I go down and Nick has already left. I check my phone to see the time and realize I have two new messages.

*Good morning x*
*7.30 :) We will walk?*

I quickly text him ′mornin :) and yes we will’

It is now 7.25 in the morning... I have done everything. Bath check, Backpack check, Breakfast check, Phone check, Clothes check too.

I decide to just lock the door and wait for Reece.

“Hey!” I see him arrive after five minutes.

He looks so good.

“Hi.” I smile and then I am engulfed in a hug.

Wow. He smells so good. I could get hella used to this. Why do boys always smell soo good? It is not fair with us girls.

“Lets go?”


We both walk in silence for a while. And then he speaks up.

“Haley, I really like your company.” He says smiling.

“Really? I do too. Yours i mean.” I smile back.

We make small talk and soon enough the turning to his school arrives we say our goodbyes and I enter the school premises.

Well, it is Monday today, so first class is Biology. Urgh! I have to see that fat ass’ face early in the morning. I just dont like that teacher. A good thing is I have Jacksons company.

I sit back where I usually sit and a minute or two later Jackson arrives.

“Hey haley. How have you been?” He asks cheerfully.

“Jackson, hi. Ive been good. How about you? Still grounded?” I ask.

“Thats good. Yeah... unfrotunately, still am.” he says acting sad.

“Dont worry, your mom will soon give in and unground you. Just be a little patient”

“Thats what Ry keeps telling me too” he says.

The teacher comes in takes the attendence and starts his shit about plants and what not. I completely shut my ears ignoring every word he says.

“I wanted to take you out again this weekend... so I was hoping mom would let me go...” jackson says out of no where.

“Oh? Lets hope.” I smile. Jackson does too but then he starts paying attention and takes a few notes down and I just keep staring at his perfect jawline.

I have to admit I still like him. My heart just doesnt want to believe that the events that took place at the night of the game were intenional.

I Meet with Sam and Kale and both hug me and after my Physics with sam I get to have Kale with me straight for three classes.

When its lunch time, I see Ryan Jessica and Jackson are missing.

“Jess has some practice do she wont be here” kale tells me.

“Ryan doesnt have anything, he will be here soon. Probably he must be having a hard time lifting his lazy ass and coming to the cafe.” Sam laughs. What a great girlfriend she is.

Ryan comes in some time amd we all eat but I still wait for Jackson to come. Where is he?

I finally see him but he isnt looking at me. He is looking in the direction opposite me where Rebecca and her kittens are sitting.

He graps his lunch and goes sits at their table. Rebecca stands graps her tray in one hand and Jacksons hand in her other and they both go sit at a completely different table. What the hell?

“Guys, why is Jackson sitting with them?” I ask.

“He said that for the project as they are not getting time to meet up and do stuff as he is grounded, they are trying to do most of it in school itself.” Ryan explains.

Oh god no. Why does everything around me life consist of her?

She looks up and smirks taking Jacksons hand in hers again. Oh so I see how it is. She wants to make me jealous. Well great mission accomplished. Now leave him alone.

She leans in to say something and then Jackson laughs. I think he likes her company. And I dont like that he likes it

Whatever. I dont own him. But yeah, I am angry a little as he did not even acknowledge us.

The bell rings and I rush to my locker.

“Haley! I am sorry I didnt tell you about Becca..” Jackson says from behind me

“Its okay. Ryan told me. As long as you and her are not having a fling I think I am okay with you being her friend. Its not up to me, is it? It is your life. But you know we both dislike each other so please keep it low whatever you do alright?” I tell him genuinely what I feel.

“I promise nothing is going on. I dont like her that much myself. Anyways, I have to go now. See ya.” He fades away into the crowd.

The rest of my classes go in a rush until History, where I get free, so I decide to go to the library to get the guide I need for my homework.

Surprisingly the library is empty. Not a single person is here. Even the librarian is not in here.

I walk to the guides section which is really far from the main entrance and is in and almpst a corner, and start to look for my book.

I have almost found it when I hear a few books fall. Did I do that? Or is somebody else here too?

I slowly make my way around the corner and drop the book from my hand when I see the cause of the books on the floor.

Rebecca and Jackson are against the wall, Rebeccas back facing me. They are so engrossed with their kissing that they didnt realize I was here or that they dropped a few books.

I watch in horror, remembering the words of Jackson, ′i promise nothing is going on, i dont like her much myself.′

He lied. I feel heartbroken.

I quickly turn around to get away from this place and while im going out, I make a lot of noise, unintentionally.

I just run out then. I dont even know why I feel so hurt. Is it because of Jackson and him lying to me or is it because he was making out with my enemy?

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