Love Happens

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Chapter 35

Strange games.

Rebecca and Jackson are against the wall, Rebeccas back facing me. They are so engrossed with their kissing that they didnt realize I was here or that they dropped a few books.

I watch in horror, remembering the words of Jackson, ′i promise nothing is going on, i dont like her much myself.′

He lied. I feel heartbroken.

I quickly turn around to get away from this place and while im going out, I make a lot of noise, unintentionally.

I just run out then. I dont even know why I feel so hurt. Is it because of Jackson and him lying to me or is it because he was making out with my enemy?

I reach the football field and go straight to mine and Kales bleacher spot.

Why do people lie? I have no problem if he would have told me. It would have hurt much lesser.

“Haley!” I hear someone call my name. I turn around and find a breathless jackson.

“What do you want?” I roll my eyes at him. This is like deja vu.

“I just want you to hear me out please, okay?” He says and starts to make his eay towards me.

“Why should I Jackson?” I ask when he sits next to me.

“Because, because I like you Haley. I really do a lot. And I dont want any differences in between you and me because of that girl. I cannot afford to lose you. Please trust me, just hear me out?” He says.

1) I am shocked, in such a swift manner he just told me he likes me and 2) I dont know if I should trust him. Everytime I catch him do somthing or accuse him of anything, he always has the answer.

The first time was the whole him and Rebecca entering the cafe together, then the party thing where he got a that unknown phone call, the next was the party after the match and him being grounded and then today him and her sitting together for lunch. And now, this. And the worst part is Rebecca is involved in all four times. She is playing this strange game with me

“Haley?” He breaks me out of my trance.

“Jackson I dont know. Everytime something happens you always have the excuse, not excuse but the answer to my accusation. All the other times I trusted you, but now, its too much. This, is too much.

“If anyone else would have told me they saw you and her making out and then if you wouldve come to talk, then maybe I would have listened to what you had to say. But in this case, I saw it myself. You were completely involved as mush as she was.” I say what I truly think about all this.

“That is not true Haley. We were down the hall around the library, I was taking notes and asking her questions regarding the project. Suddenly, she just took my hand and pulled me into the library, I think she saw you enter and so she did that.

“The library was silent and I thought it will be better to work there, but I still asked her why we were there and she said she was looking for a book.” He says. I never agreed to listen to him but I also havent stopped listening, so he continues.

“And then, I saw your back. I couldnt make out if it was you or someone else, but surely she knew it was you. She dropped a few books on purpose and then just pushed me against the wall and started kissing me. And thats what you saw. It wass all so fast. All this time, she had it planned Haley. She is playing strange games with you and me. It took me some time to react but as soon as you left, I ran behind you. It is just a little more time with her. I am really sorry if you are hurt by this. I didnt mean to hurt you. I never want to. Please forgive me?”

That is kind of believable.... because I know what Rebecca is capable of doing.

I take a deep breath in.

“I think I believe you...” I say unsure of what else to say to him.

“Thank you so much. You dont know how happy I feel right now. I could kiss you.” He says smiling with joy.

“Lets not go so fast yeah?” I say. It is not that I dont want to kiss him, I just want us to settle down better.

“The bell just rang, I have Maths now, so I will have to go. What class do you have?” He asks me.

“I think I will pass. I just want to sit here alone for a while. Its fine you go.” I say.

He hugs me once sayin I am sorry again and then leaves.

Somehow, I know in all those cases I mentioned above it was never Jacksons fault. It is always Rebecca. She just wants to make me jealous. She knows that I like him. Such a bitch she is. I shake my head in dissappointment.

My phone starts to vibrate. I take it out of my pocket and see that Reece has messaged me. Quite a few times.

*School is so boring without you :/*

*I know its not a boy thing to say, but I miss you :(*

*Are you free? x*

*Lets bunk the rest and go out somewhere?*


*Please answer. Check your phone.*

That is the last one from him. I laugh and smile at the same time when I read his texts. He just makes my day much better.

*i cannot bunk school, there is hardly an hour and a half left, but we can go somewhere out in the evening if you like.*

I Text him.

*I kind of do too :)* I text again and his reply comes faster than lightening.

*yea youre right. Be ready at four, we will go :)*

*okay :)*

*how are you going back home?*

*i will wait for nick to finish his practice, and then with him in the car. Why?*

*our coach is not here today, so I am riding with my friend, the one I told you about. You can come with us :) he will drop us.*

*oh, no its okay, you carry on.*

Thats too much, I dont want to ride with his friend

Instead of texting, he calls me. I roll my eyes. This boy is crazy.

“What?” I answer the call.

“Please come? He really wants to meet you. And I want to see you. I cant wait longer.” He says. And I blush. He cannot wait any longer to see me?

“I know you have that blush on again.” He says.

“What? No. I dont.” I lie

“Liar.” I know he is smirking.

“And I know you have that smirk of yours on.” I say.

“Unlike you, yes I wont lie. I do.” He says.

“Yeah yeah whatever.” I roll my eyes.

“And now you rolled your eyes.” He says.

What? How does he know? Is he looking at me from somewhere? I turn my head around and see no one.

“I know what you just did too. You looked if I was around you, didnt you?” He asks.

“Yeah... but how do you know? You are at school I know that....” i bite my lip.

“You are really predictable. So i know. Lucky guesses.” He laughs.

“Okay whatever. I will just inform Nick that I wont come with him. See ya.” I smile.

“Yea okay. See ya soon. Bye.” He hangs up.

I text nick that I have a ride home and that I wont go with him and he texts me back saying okay see you.

Now I have music, and then home time. More like Reece time.


God this class is so boring. Just a few minutes more and then its lunch time.

This teacher has no sense of fashion. Just look at her clothes. Ew.

No one in this school has as great style as me. I mean just look at me. I am the best.

Oh the bell just rang. Great, now I get to sit with Jackson. He is so damn hot.

But that stupid Haley has him. What does he even like in her? She is no comparison with me. Such a bitch she is though. Like ever since Zach she hasnt had any crushes on anyone. And now, now that I like someone, she decides to like that same darn person. Slut like her.

I enter the cafe and find my group. Goofs. All of them.

They start to talk and I hardly pay attention and then Jackson arrives. He smells amazing.

“Hey, we doing the work or not?” He asks me and sits down. Oh no. Not here.

“Hi, yea we are lets go.” I grab my tray with one hand and his hand in my other and go sit at another table.

I know she is watching all this. And I well enough know that she is pretty confused and jealous. Lets play this game.

“So we were at the part about childhood memories.” He states.

“Yeah, come on you tell me yours first.” I take his hand in mine. Him oblivious to it, starts his story and I look up at Haley and smirk. Yeah I am winning at this bitch. I can see the jealous on her face. Ha!

“So you werent the kind to play with your poo everywhere?” I Lean and ask him which makes him laugh.

“No. Were you?” He asks.

“I maybe. Dont write that down please. Its pretty embarassing.” i say and he chuckles.

The whole of lunch goes in this way. Next up we have english and sir is not present today. So we decide to continue working on the project. The library is closed, probably the librarian is still eating. Fat bitch. So we decide to just sit in the hallway and do our work.

While I answer a few questions he asks me, I see a figure enter the library. It sure isnt the librarian. I think I know who that is. Yes I do. It is Haley.

Voila. Im going to take a move right away. This is the best chance to create some differences in between her and Jackson.

“Come on lets just sit in the library and do this yeah? I gotta take a few books from there too.” I say and pull him to the library. I hope everything goes as planned.

He kinda is a little dumb to agree to everything that I suggest. Well good for me.

We go to the end corner, I see her from here but Jackson is too busy looking at how big the library is.

“Let me just get it.” I whisper. And he nods.

I think he saw her back. Damn I gotta make my move. I purposely drop a few books and kiss him, pushing him against the wall.

I think in the background she drops whatever book she has and probably leaves.

“What the hell?!” Jackson pushes me off of him.

“What? Your lips looked tempting in this light, dont blame me.” I say sweetly.

“I will deal with you later.” He runs out of the library behind that bitch.

My hands are in tight fists. Anger takes over me.

Why? Why not choose me Jackson?!?

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