Love Happens

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Chapter 36

Mondays aren’t really good.


As soon as the last bell rings, I quickly pack my bags and head out of school. Todays day has been a mixture if good and bad.

I get to see Reece now, so that is good.

When I step out of school, I give him a call.

“Hey, yeah we are just leaving. Stand there, we will come get you. Do not walk all the way here alright?” He says

“Its just a five minute walk.” I roll my eyes

“No, you arent walking. See ya.”

“Yes sir.” I hang up. Douche

Within five minutes I see him and his friend arrive in a navy blue car. Reece is sitting in the passenger seat while his friend is driving. Well here it goes, I hope this doesnt end up being awkward.

He waves at me and gets out to open the door for me. Sweet

“That was totally unnecessary of you.” I shake my head and get in.

“No problem.” He says and sits back.

“Thanks for picking me up. Hi, I am Haley.” I smile at his friend.

“Thats okay. And I know. I am Mike.” He says and starts to drive.

“Oh, your best friend? ” This time I ask Reece

“Yeah, the one and only.” He chuckles.

“But he was Michael right?” I ask mostly to myself but its loud wnough ti be heard by that dumbo.

“He doesn’s like to be called Michael.” He explains with a laugh.

“Oh, alright.” I say.

We talk about stuff here and there mostly Michael asks me questions and most of it is answered by Reece, like he knows me too much. Although he gets all the answers right. But I dont mind. Its good I dont have to do all the talking.

I learn a little about their friendship. And thal and that he likes Mike better blah blah.

“Well, here we are.” Mike stops the car in front of my house.

“Thank you so much.” I smile at him and get out and Reece does too. I guess he will walk till his house from here.

“See ya around man.” They do the while manshake thing and Mike drives away.

“He is kind.” I smile.

“Yeah, well he is my friend you see.” He winks.

“Yeah yeah, Whatever.” I giggle.

“So its 2.30 see you at five?” He asks.

“Wher are we going?” I ask biting my lip.

“Movie?” He asks.

“On a school night?” I raise my eyebrow.

“Then ice-cream?” He asks.

“Oh wait, i Know.” He says before I can answer.


“We will go to have pizza!” He says in excitement and my eyes fill with joy.

“Damn, youre good. Pizza it is!” I say with equal excitement.

“See ya babe.” He winks at me and turns around to go to his house and I walk to mine.

Surprisingly, mom is at home and she has cooked nice soup for us. Its a good thing that I am having light lunch now cause I got to eat pizza later! Woo I cant wait.

“Mom, I am going to eat pizza with Reece at five.” I tell her.

“Okay sweetie enjoy.” She smiles.

“Oh and I had to tell you what happened in school today. ” i tell her.

“Yea what did?” She sits on the couch.

So I tell her the whole thing from the time in the biology class to the cafe and then the kiss. I even tell her how I really felt about all this and that I feel Jackson is being played by Revecca as usual.

“Well, I really dont know what to say... that girl is not nice we both know that. But her going to this extreme is a little insane. I think what you feel about Jackson is correct. He is being played by her. Just enjoy with Reece right now and see where it goes, yeah?” She tells me.

“Yeah I think you are right.” I smile.

“Come on now go shower and get ready.” She says and I leave.

After I shower, this time making sure the windows and the curtains are shut, I dry my hair with my blow drier and our slight eyeliner on.

I wear dark blue jeans with a tank top and a leather jacket over it. I decide to keep my hair down and wear my shoes.

At four thirty I get a message from Reece saying that he is ready and I tell him that I am too.

So we decide to leave early.

He comes picks me up and off we go.

“You smell nice. And look nice too” he says keeping his eyes on the road.

“Thanks. So do you.” I smile.

“We are going to your favourite joint.” He says and I become happier than ever.

This is going to be so much fun. Slight music plays in the background and we both just stay silent. Its a confortable silence.

We reach there around 5.20 p.m.

“Here we are.” He stops the car, gets out and opens my door.

“Thank you.” I say and we both enter hand in hand. Well he took my hand in his and I let him.

As soon as we enter, I see the two people that I clearly didnt want to see anymore today.

This day just got bettter.

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