Love Happens

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Chapter 37

Drama. (Dumb Rejects Asking for More Attention)

“We are going to your favourite joint.” Reece says and I become happier than ever.

This is going to be so much fun. Slight music plays in the background and we both just stay silent. Its a comfortable silence.

We reach there around 5.20 p.m.

“Here we are.” He stops the car, gets out and opens my door.

“Thank you.” I say and we both enter hand in hand. Well he took my hand in his and I let him.

As soon as we enter, I see the two people that I clearly didnt want to see anymore today.

This day just got bettter.

Rebecca and Jackson. Sitting in my favourite seating area, flirting full on with each other. Jackson and that bitch.

For a momen I just feel like turning around and leaving but before I can even blink, Reece pulls me to sit at the right next table to theirs. What the fuck.

I look around to see most of the place is full, and the tables vacant are reserved, well yay! I get to sit next to my long lost best friend! You can see the happiness on my face! Not.

“Hey! You’re Haleys friend arent ya?” Reece sits down and asks Jackson.

“Uh, yeah. Hi.” Jackson looks up like he didnt even notice me here.

I just decide to give him a close mouth smile. Shove that into your face jerk.

I pick up my phone and start typing a text to Reece.

“Hi, Im Rebecca.” She says in the most seductive tone she could pull, but Reece doesnt even look at her.

“Reece.” He says coldly. I look up confused and realize that all this time he has been looking at me. Oh. I can play this game.

“Hey Haley.” She smirks at me. Gosh I am controlling so hard not to punch her in the face.

“Hi bitch.” I almost say. But instead I just nod at her. And she stares at me like she is gonna kill me. Okay, I see where this is going. I give her the stink eye, roll my eyes because its of no use and concentrate on Reece.

I am here to enjoy and have PIZZA. I keep saying this mantra again and again to myself.

“Lets go through the menu?” Reece asks me.

“Yes please.” I smile sweetly at him.

‘Dont like her do ya?’ I get a text from Reece. I look up at him and surely he is wanting a reply.

So I text back, ′Hate her’.

“Is it mutual?” This time he asks me.

“Yes. It is mutual.” I say.

‘Wanna make her jelly? ;)’

Oh okayyy. I see what he is saying. Should I? Well it wont harm no one.

I just smile nodding my head at him.

“Hey Hales!” Marcia comes to me.

“Marcy! How’ve you been?” I smile at her.

“Long time yeah. Im good. Who is this good looking here?” She nods her head toeards Reece.

“Okay, Marcy meet Reece he is my -”

“Boyfriend.” He cuts me off. Wait. What?!

I am about to object but Reece speaks up again.

“And who are you?” He smiles at her. Okay so this is how he wants to ‘make her jelly’. Okay then, go with the flow.

“I have served Haley all the time here. So yeah. You got a nice choice there girl. About time you started dating again.” She says to Reece and then to me whole giving a stink eye to Rebecca. Yep she hates that bitch too.

“The usual?” She asks me.

“Do you even have to ask?” I roll my eyes playfully.

“Just making sure, now that you have a boyfriend and all.” She winks at me.

“What do you want to have Reece?” I ask.

“Whatever you are eating babe.” He winks at me and Marcy walks away writing the order down.

The fact that he called me babe, even though its an act, is so overwhelming, I dont think I will ever be able to get over that. He has done it many times before but right now, it means so much more.

From the corner of my eye I see Jackson looking at me shocked then ever before. Ha! He is jealous too. Great. Let him be.

“When did you guys start dating?” Rebecca asks. Out of shock mostly. Its amusing to see her this way.

“Around last week.” Reece replies to her question and then winks at me. I blush. As usual.

Can I fangirl over that please?

“I didnt know that you were dating him... ” Jackson speaks for the first time since I have arrived here.

“Well, we wanted to keep it low for a while.” I say this time. Is he hurt? Why would he be? He was busy flirting with Becca not long ago. Dont play a fake game here buddy.

“Oh.. oh.” He says and looks down.

“Jack, forget about that. You were telling me something remember?” Rebecca puts on here facade again. What a bitch.

“Babe this is just the start of date night. I have so much planned for you.” Reece says so sweetly yet in a hot way to me.

I keep forgetting that we are acting over here.

“Oh I cant wait babe.” I wink at him.

‘Am I doin good?’ I text Reece.

Oh you are. Just look at their faces xD’

‘Right. Thanks so much for this :)’

‘No, thank you for agreeing to this, I feel nice even acting to be your guy x’

Here comes the blush again.

‘Can I just kiss you? Like stop blushin or I wont be able to control much longer :*’

If you are gonna say stuff like that I am gunna blush even more ..′

‘Then dont stop me when I kiss you ;))’

‘God you x’ i bite my lip. Its almost so real.

“Babe stop sexting me. We can do that later.” Reece says aloud all of a sudden.

Sexting? Oh what the fuck. This guy. Thats embarassing.

“I just cant stop myself around you.” I smile. Ass.

I literally just frogot that we were out and not home.

“Oh baby.” He winks at me. Okay is this getting too much or what?

But I do know it is working. Reb is already jealous while Jackson is glaring way too hard. Too showy dont ya think?

“Here you go.” Marcy comes with my usual. Oh god I cant wait.

“Yummmmm. That looks better than ever.”
I am so ready to dive in.

“Enjoy.” She goes away.

“This looks amazing.” Reece takrs a slice and starts to eat and so do I.

“Oh, damn. How delicious is this?” Reece says with a mouthfull.

“I know right. My choice. The best.” I smirk or at least try to while eating.

“Have you eaten all others before?” He asks.

We look like two dumb hoggers who havent seen food in a decade or two, hogging like never before. But well who cares.

“Yes, I have tried all and I love thid one the most like most most.” How happy I become when it comes to pizza is insane.

Reece holds my hand and and plays with the end of the bracelet I have on.

“Lets get out of here.” Jackson pulls Rebecca, throws some bills on the table and stomps his way out. Woah so much anger aint good honey.

“Mission accomplished.” I say but it comes out as ‘Mission accompish.’ I tried.

“Yeah, youre welcome.” Reece smiles or I think he does.

Soon enough, our pizza is over. Aw sad, even though I want more, every second of hour of every freaking day, my stomach is damn full.

“How nice was that.” I smile.

“Yeah I had a great time.” We both smile.

I am about to remove some cash when Reece stops me and says, “we wont split, I will pay.”

“Okay sir, just so you know, I get discount here. Regular customer you see. So yeah.” I tell him and all he replies is great.

We pay the bill and hand in hand together, after I say goodbye to Marcy, head back to the car.

It is now six thirty. Damn tired of eating ha!

We enter inside and Reece looks into my eyes like he wants to say something, and I get a frleeling that this talk could be either good or bad, and when he is about to speak, my phone rings.

Damn phone, awesome timing.

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