Love Happens

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Chapter 38


Reece and I enter inside the car and Reece looks into my eyes like he wants to say something, and I get a feeling that this talk could be either good or bad, and when he is about to speak, my phone rings.

Damn phone, awesome timing.

“Hello.” I answer the call and from the corner of my eyes, I can see that Reece is frustrated. Oops.

“Haley! I need your help. Where are you?” Nick sounds flustered on the phone.

“I am not at home. Why? Where are you?”

“Urgh, I will tell you what happened later. For now, I am stuck near the Gonzales restaurant.” He says.

“What the hell were you doing there? Did you take the car?!” I ask.

“No. Maybe. Yes. I had. I did take it. But it has been towed. I will explain that later. And you know there are no public vehicles allowed in this area right... so I am stuck.” He explains.

“Oh Nick. I’ll come and get you.” I shake my head. This boy has no limits of foolishness. I’ll take his case later.

“Okay thanks a lot. See you. Be here fast. Okay?”

“Yes, okay. Bye.” I hang up.

“What happened?” Reece asks me as soon as I keep the phone down.

“Nick, is stuck in an area where no cabs or buses are allowed, like no public vehicles. He said he took the car, but as he is underaged probably that is the reason they took the car away or I dont know yet. And that restaurant is far far away from our neighbourhood, luckily it will take us just around half an hour or so to reach there from here...” I explain the whole thing to him.

“Okay, where is it exactly? ” he asks.

“The Gonzales restaurant. Do you know it?” I ask him and shakes his head no.

“Okay let me drive then.” I say and with a little bit of hesitation he gives up his seat and we switch places.

“I wont damage it.” I assure him.

“Well, hope is all I can do.” He jokes.

“Thanks for helping out Reece. I dont know how I would have gone there if it wasnt for you.” I smile at him.

“What are freinds for?” He winks at me, qouting me from the first time I helped him out. I smile again taking a U-turn and speed away.

I then remember that Reece was gonna say something to me. Should I ask him?

“Hey, weren’t you gonna say something to me before the call?” I ask him and stop the car when we reach a red light.

“Yeah, I was, but not now. Later.” He says.

“Oh okay. I hope it is something good.” I laugh a little. I am worried about what he was saying. It could be anything. But why am I stressing out so much about it? We’ll see what he has to say whenever he says it.

Finally we reach the Gonzales. Now where is Nick?

“Okay we are here.... can you see him anywhere?” I slowly drive looking around for him.

“Nope... why dont you call him?” He suggests.

“That is a good idea.”

I speed dial 5 and Nick answers on the first ring itself.

“Hey, I was just going to call you. Dont come here now. I got a ride.” He says.

What? I furrow my eyebrows together.

“Nick. I am here.” I stress on am. This cant be happening. Come on.

“Oh, Haley. I didnt think you would reach so fast. And I was getting worried but then one of my friend’s brother recognized me, and I caught a ride with him.” He says.

“Wait, wait a sec. I didnt hear that. Say that again.” I put the call on speaker so that Reece can hear it too.

Nick repeats himself all over again. I am getting angry now. I drove all the way here just to go back now?

“Nick you know it is not funny. I came all the way here!” This is unbelievable

“I know. I am sorry. Really.”

“You better be.” I roll my eyes.

“Really very sorry sis.”

“Whatever now, I will take your case later.” I hang up. And reeece starts laughing.

“What?” I ask.

“You look hella cute when you are annoyed.” He says still chuckling.

“Oh do I now?” I roll my eyes.

“Haley. Forget it. Lets enjoy here. Yeah?” He tries to chear me up.

“How idiotic of him.” I shake my head.

“Come on. Chear up. Lets go in there?” Reece smiles.

“In Gonzales?” I raise my eyebrows.

“Yeah... it looks pretty nice.” He says.

“Yeah... and it is pretty expensive too. I am not carrying that much cash with me.” I tell him.

“Are you serious? I will pay. And anyways we wont eat that much will we? We just had pizza remember?”

“Yeah, youre right. But Reece you dont have to pay....” i say.

“Shut up. Come lets go.” He opens my door taking my hand in his before I can say anything and pulls me into the restaurant.

“Hello, how may I help you?” A waitress comes up to us.

“A table for two please.” Reece says calmly.

This ambience is so romantic type.. what the hell are we doing here?

“Reece... lets-”

“Shh.” He stops me.

“Follow me please.” She starts to walk and gives us a seat near the corner. Great.

“The waiter will take your order in five minutes. Here are the menus.” She hands them to us and leaves.

“I always heard that this restaurant was very high class and formal and shit, but now I get to experience it. Thanks to you.” I shake my head. We shouldnt be here. We aint a couple.

“Come on. It is so nice here. We will just have some dessert and leave. As we didnt eat anything sweet after the pizza.” He says and looks in the menu. How is he so calm about this? Didnt he hear when I said it is a pretty expensive joint?

“I am having hot chocolate brownie and you?” He asks me. This literally feels like a first formal date between two people.

“Uh, I will have the Red velvet cake.” I say and close the menu.

“Great.” He calls for the waiter and gives the order.

“You need to chill. This is not that bad.” He holds my right hand.

“I know, its just--” I take a deep breath in. He is right. I am just spoiling my mood without any reason.

“Okay. ” i finally give in.

‘Tell me what you were going to say’ is what I want to ask but I rather said, “it feels like a date, so formal and shiz.”

Stupid me. Stupid stupid me. Why on earth did I have to say that out loud?

“About that..... I know it is a little early like it has just been a month knowing you, but Haley, I really really like you. I cant stop thinking about you when I am not with you and when I am with you, I just have this goofy smile on my face always. You have brought the better side of me. I never really used to be this happy anytime but now. And today all of the acting that we were doing, at least on my side, it was all real. Not even for a minute, I had in mind that we were acting to be dating. I want it to be real.

“I know you must be thinking, thie is going fast, but I just cannot stop myself when I am with you and the thought that you are single and yet not mine, hurts a lot. So will you please do me a favour and be my girlfriend? I would love it if you said yes.” Reece says looking straight into my eyes. He hasnt broken the contact yet. And I am shocked.

Reece Clark has just confessed and asked me out.

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