Love Happens

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Chapter 3

I hate that bitch!

Why did I have this feeling? Hell it hadn’t even been a whole day of knowing him and I was... jealous?

I hate her. I seriously HATE her. Not because at this moment she is having her oh-so-good time with Jackson but what she did to me? She deserves to be hated!

You seriously must be confused now, right?

Well let me explain.

Rebecca Davis. The schools BITCH! The slut that most girls, I repeat most GIRLS hate and boys.. well boys being boys like her or I must say WANT her.

She was never like this. She actually was a friend of mine until SHIT happened. Serious shit.

Till 9th grade we WERE friends but now we ARE enemies!

But the main question right now is ’WHAT IN HELL IS SHE DOING WITH JACKSON?

’She is being the slut she is′ says the voice in my brain.

‘True. But Ryan knows how she is! He hates her as much as I do! He will never allow Jackson, or any friend of his in that matter to be friends with her!’ I think to myself.

Admit it already! Jackson is hot! She is a slut, single right now and and is flirting-as usual-with him.′

‘Oh god I hate her so mu--’

“Hey guys” my thoughts are interrupted by Jackson’s voice.

“Hi” we all say in unison

“So watsupp?” He asks us taking a seat next to me and brushing his arms on mine during the process.

‘Seriously now? Right after bidding goodbye to my enemy you are flirting with me?’ I think and move a bit from his side. I see him frowning a bit from the corner of my eye and I smile.

“Cut the crap man, why were you with Rebecca?” Kale asks straight getting to the point.

Well you see my whole friend group hates Rebecca. All have their reasons but mine and Ryans stand out the most.

“Uh.. what do you mean?” Jackson asks looking slightly in my direction fro an explanation.

“He is just asking you why did you enter the cafeteria with her” I say with a shrug.

“Oh uh you see, she is my partner for some English project” he says now with a confused expression.

“I was in English with you! You could have been my partner.” Kale says

“Well you already chose that Jessica girl!” He says in defense.

“Uhm well....“Kale trails off with slight pink taking over his cheeks.

Jessica Samuels. The girl who Kale has been crushing on lately. She is sweet and really fun to be all started when they were paired as partners once for biology a month ago.

Partners! Even Jackson and Rebecca are partners. What if Jackson too..? Uh oh..

“Why, is there a problem with her?” Jackson asks us breaking my thoughts again.

“No” we all say too quickly. And he raises his right eyebrow at me.

“Its just we don’t have a good past with her that’s all” I say to him.

Why do I have to answer all his questions?

“What past?” He asks further.

Thanks to Sam before I can answer him she saves me by saying, “I want another sandwich. Anybody for anything else?” She asks but her eyes focus on me telling me don’t-answer-what-he-asked-just-say-yes-and-come-with-me.

I have known her for a long time now and at least I can read her facial expressions and talk with only eye contact. So I nod slightly and get up and say, “Me too I’ll be back”

“Thanks” I say to her when we are far from the table.

“Anytime babe” she winks.

After lunch Psychology goes super fast and now I am getting super bored in Maths. Oh and guess what? Jackson out of all people is sitting next to me.

I have not spoken to him since lunch because I know he will bring the question which I keep on pushing away. But well...

“Hales!” I hear him call for me.

“I know you can hear me....” he whispers again.

When I don’t look at him, there is a chit passed to me, folded in two and my name written in front of it. Knowing who the sender is I think of not opening it but as they say ′curiosity kills the cat’

mind telling me what is the bad past?- J x.′

I knew I should not have read it. Now what am I going to tell him? The thing is that I take time to trust people and Jackson is a new friend. Hell! I met him today. I can’t just tell him one of my big secrets.. I take a pen and write

‘umm maybe sometime later-H.’

I am satisfied with my answer, when I get another chit

‘pretty pleaseee *pout*-J’

Urghhh can’t he give up already?

‘Jackson, I really don’t wanna talk about it now -H’

Within 30 seconds I have another chit on my table.

‘okay...just for now. I’ll ask later :) -J’

I mouth him a ′thank you’ and he smiles in return.

That’s most of it and the bell rings.

I make my way to my locker with Jackson in silence. It is comfortable but I still feel a little I decide to break the silence and ask him about his next class.

“I have Music right now. What about you?”

“I have History ...... ” he says looking at his schedule.

“Don’t worry, Mrs.Poston is not that boring. In fact her class is not lifeless as Mr.D’cruz’s. It is your first day, You will have fun” I smile at him.

“I hope so.. but anyways after school I am going for football try-outs”

“Oh really? Cool then I’ll get to cheer for both Kale and you” I told him.

“What makes you so sure that I’ll be selected?” he smirks.

“Well...I...” I stutter.

“You what?” he asks me.

WTF? What should I tell him now? I think for a second and then.....

“I got a feeling.... that today you’re gonna be selected.That today you’re gonna be selected, that today you’re gonna be se-le-ec-ted. A feeling woo hoo” I sing to him.


He gives me a really weird look. I just look at him innocently and then we both burst out laughing.


“You are--haha--Seriously- hahaha---something” he finishes chuckling.

“I know, I am totally weird”

“Tonight’s the night! Lets live it up! I got the game lets play and win! Go out and smash it and get selected” he sings.


“I--I..OMG!---” I can not talk with laughing so much.

“I know that we’ll have a ball. If we get down and go out and just lose it all. I feel stressed out, I wanna let it go. Let’s go way out spaced out and losing all control” he continues.

“staapph--hahah---- omg- please stop it” I plead.

More laughter!

“Okay kay!” he assures me by putting his hands up in surrender.

“We are equally crazy!” I say to him.


“I really have to go now though, don’t want to miss my favourite class” I tell him.

“Yeah.. I will see you later. Bye” he says to me smiling.

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