Love Happens

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Chapter 39

I will kiss you so bad that it will be on the front page.

“The thought that you are single and yet not mine, hurts a lot. So will you please do me a favour and be my girlfriend? I would love it if you said yes.” Reece says looking straight into my eyes. He hasnt broken the contact yet. And I, am shocked.

Reece Clark has just confessed and asked me out.

Inside there are fireworks all over but on the outside I am utterly surprised by his sudden move.Yes I do think it is pretty early, but as mom said, ‘just go with the flow’.

I am prety sure I should do that... I take a breath in and about to say it when the waiter comes with our order.

“Here you, the Red velvet is all yours. If you may like anything else, just give me a call.” He says politely and I thank him.

All this time I havent looked at Reece even once. I just cant get myself to look him in the eye. And he, he has been staring at me since forever.

The waiter turns around and goes away. Moment of truth...

I finally get the balls to raise my head and look at Reece. He is so charming. The perfect eyes, the perfect hair, the perfect body, I could go on and on.

To be calling this boy sitting opposite of me, my boyfriend, will be the thing I want the most right now. I could not think of anything else being called of than Reece Clarks girl. Oh the fangirling.

“Haley...?” He asks softly biting his lower lip. Oh, I just want to kiss those lips so bad.

Then what the hell are you waiting for? Just say yes already girl!′ That inner voice again starts.

But this time, we both are on the same side. I agree with what it has to say for once.

“Yes. Yes! Yes I would love to be your girlfriend.” I say with a wide grin on my face.

Reece is just like surprised first and then overwhelmed and then soon he realizes that I have just said yes to him. That we are a couple now. His face lights up.

“Oh, god. For a moment I thought you wete saying no and then it hit me.” he says rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

“So we are a couple now.... for real.” I smile and blush *obviously*.

“Oh, girl stop blushing, or I will kiss you so bad that it will be on the front page of tomorrows paper.” He says joking.

“Oh will you now?” I challenge raising my eyebrows.

“Are you challenging me, babe?” He winks.

“Maybe, baby.” I wink back.

“Oh come on lets get out of here. I cant wait no more.” He says excited.

“No, let me finish my cake. It is my favourite, I cant leave it like that.” I say knowing well enough to play hard to get is so much fun.

“Oh youre teasing me arent you.”

“I am?” I take a spoon amd slowly eat it teasing Reece all the more.

He calls the waiter and asks for the bill.

“Could you be any more teasing?” He asks and I laugh.

The waiter comes back with the bill and Reece gives him some cash although I wanted to split, but I know he will never agree to it.

“Lets, go. It is pretty late.” He says and I look at the time on my phone. 8:03 pm.

Damn. That is pretty late considering its a school night and we left around four thirty...

“Yea, we should go.” I get up and Reece intertwines his fingers with mine and together we walk out.

This feels so nice. Him and me, a couple now, for real. I dont think I can get over that fact. I am so going to go and fangirl at home. So bad.

He opens the car door for me and I enter smiling.

“Well, an hour drive home from here right?” He asks.

“Oh damn, I completely forgot. You dont know the way home from here do you?” i ask.

“Now that I think about it, no I do not.” He says.

“Let me drive.” I say and am about to unlock the door when he locks it back.

“How am I suppose to switch seat if you lock the door Reece?” i ask.

“Well genius, think.” He smirks. Oh.

“Oh no no no.”

“Yes come on.” He smirks deeper.

“Reece....” I pout. This guy has no limits.

“Haley...” He mimicks me.

“Fine.” I roll my eyes. Like this we will never reach home.

I undo my seat belt and go over to the other side of the car, in such a way that I am sitting on his lap, facing him.

He pulls me closer to him by my waist using his right hand.

My face turns crimson. This will be our first kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend. If it is even possible, I blush harder, so deep that I can feel how red I must be.

“I have waited for this for such a long time.” He whispers softly putting a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

Is it healthy to blush so much at once?

His left hand reaches its way to my left cheek. Slowly pulling me closer, our lips meet.

Fireworks burst inside my stomach so much that I feel I will explode.

His lips are cold and taste like chocolate. Because of the brownie he just had obviously.

This kiss is slow and passionate. Just like every girl would want a first couple kiss to be.

I feel him smile in our kiss and automatically I smile too.

We pull apart, our foreheads touching, both of us with a wide grin plastered on our faces.

I feel so happy right now.

“You’re all mine now.” He says

“Yes, only yours. And you are all mine.” I smile and he kisses me again.

“I could keep kissing you day and night.” He says.

“Reece, we should go now. It is pretty late...” I whisper softly.

“Okay babe.” He smiles.

Out of nowhere he lifts me up from my waist jumps to the passenger seat and then puts me down.

“You know we could have done that like normal human right?” I shake my head.

All the way to home Reece cant keep his hands off of me but I tell him to as I am driving.

We reach home at 9.30 pm.

I park the car in his garage and get out.

“You should go, your fam must be waiting.” He says.

“Yeah I should.” I say.

“I will text you after dinner okay?” He says and pulls me in for a hug.

“Okay.” I hug him taking in his awesome scent.

“See you boyfriend.” I kiss him on his cheek and wink before walking towards my house.

“See ya girlfriend!” I hear him shout back.

On entering the house I get to know that mom has gone to the hospital and Nick is lying on the couch watching football.

He tells me the dinner is in the microwave and apologises again for standing up on me but I am in my own world.

I skip my way to my room and shut the door.

Eeeeppp! Reece is my boyfriend!

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