Love Happens

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Chapter 40

Bonfire. (Part 1)

It has now been four days since Reece asked me out and I still am a little over the boat.

Since Monday all we do is text sweet nothings to each other when we are not together and when we are together mostly, to be honest, we cuddle and make out. And I love it. Having a guy who is so hot, to be my boyfriend is just insanely awesome.

When I told Sam and Kale about it both of them were on cloud nine. Just like me. That is why I call them best friends. Sam even said she was jealous jokingly but Kale on the other hand, was more serious and asked me to be careful just because. He is always the overprotective one.

The one thing that I am loving about this new relationship is that our rooms are literally opposite each other and Reece sneaks in smartly into mine, saying he misses me. How sweet can he be?

Mum too was happy when she found out that we were going out, she also knew that Reece would be sneaking in even when I disagreed she said, “I know boys Haley, and honestly, I dont mind it. So go enjoy while it lasts.” And then she hugged me. Isnt she just the best?

Today is Friday. And I am really excited about it. A little nervous too.

Every year our school conducts two bonfires. This is the first one this year, and Reece is coming too. My friends will be meeting him for the first time as my boyfriend.

I am excited about that but what I am nervous about is, that Jackson will be there too. He did not take the news that Reece and me were dating nicely.

On Tuesday when we were in the cafe for lunch, he asked me if it was true. Looking into his eyes it kind of hurt me when I said yes it is.

I know I shouldnt be hurt at all considering the things he has done, anf the fact that I was now taken officially, but I still was. His eyes showed a lot of emotion and when he realized what my answer was, he said ‘oh’, cracked a small, weak smile and walked away.

He looked heartbroken and for some reason I felt guilty.

Over the days he became distant, but then I would catch him staring at me sometimes and all he would do is smile and then look away.

Whenever Reece was talked about, his jaw would clench. And he would tight his fists.

I know he is not happy about all this and really jealous of Reece, and so sometimes I felt to go talk to him and whenever I did go, he was with that slut.

And then it was my turn to ball my fists. Not jealousy, but anger.

I still remember what he said to me on Wednesday.


Jackson and I were in biology and were performing some stupid experiment and he was my partner.

It was nothing but awkward so I tried to lighten up the mood.

I asked him, “So, how is life?”

He looked up at me and he said, “Why dont you go ask your pansy boyfriend that?”

Ouch. That hurt me a lot.

Biting my lip, I just slowly nodded my head knowing well enough if I said anything to that, there would be a huge argument. Which is the last thing I want right now.

The bell rang and I stomped away hearing Jackson shouting fir me in the back. But I just walked, straight to the bathroom.


After that, we have hardly talked to each other at all. He tried calling me from Ryans phone but I would always let it go straight to voicemail.

I get it that he is jealous and upset, but there was no need of calling Reece a pansy nor that whole comment in the first place.

Yesterday, at lunch all we friends were talking about was the bonfire today, everyone was excited about it.

Sam asked me if Reece was coming too and when I said yes he was, Jackson just walked away saying he had to meet some teacher.

My friends are not blind, all of them can clearly see that he is a little over the edge since the day he learnt that I was Reece’s now. But they are also smart enough to not say anthing about this whole thing.

I have tried talking to him but his stupid attitude towards this whole situation, is not helping.

So I am scared that he may start a fight today. I just hope nothing as such happens.

My phone rings and a picture of Rece and me pops up.

“Hey whats up” i answer the call.

“Hey babe, are you ready?” He asks in his dreamy perfect voice.

“Just give me five minutes and I will be out.” I say.

“Okay then text me once you are done see you.”

“Okay byeee.” I smile and hang up.

It is going to be six in the evening in about fifteen minutes. I have already warned Reece about the whole situation. He too was clearly not happy with it. But I shut him up by kissing him and made him promise me to not start a fight.

Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I am happy and satisfied with my look.

I am wearing denim shorts a black crop top and over it a long grey shrug. With that I have matching sandals to go with it. My hair is open and I hardly have any makeup on. It is simple and nice.

Nick has already left to go pick up his date and mum is stuck in the hospital.

I take the keys lock the door and text Reece.

He comes within two minutes in his car.

“hey beautiful.” He kisses me and opens the car door.

“Hey sexy.” I wink and get in.

“You smell amaziing.” He says keeping his eyes on the road.

“Thank you. You do too though. You even look good.” I smile.

“You always look good.” He smirks.

“Oh shut up already” i blush.

“You are blushing.”

“I know.”

“I love it.”

“Reece on a serious note, please dont start any fight with Jackson. You have promised me remember?”

“Haley, I dont want to fight with him. But if he does anything wrong I dont kmow if I will be able to control my anger.”

“BAbe, I will be there with you, just look at me and forget about whatever he does, okay?” I say trying my best to convince him.



“Promise.” I smile. At least he understands.

“Okay we are here.” He says and parks the car. There are so many of them here.

IT is almost the time of sunset and then the real party starts.

We both walk together with are fingers intertwined.

EVerything is decorated well and the big bonfire is set up. The sun will be down in fifteen minutes time approximately. ALl couples are sitting together hand in hand. While some are with friends. THe music is on. The food is all ready. The drinks are too. Everything is just simply perfect.

I look around for someone I know and then I spot Sam.

“Sammy!” I run to her.

“Hales!” She runs too and we hug each other. It has been a long time since we have been to a party.

“How cool is all of this?” She grins.

“I know right!”

“Hey Sam.” Reece says from behind me.

“Oh, heyyy Reece.” SHe gives a head nod to him.

“Where are the others?” i ask.

“Ryan and Jackson have gone to get something to drink. Kale and Jess are coming.” she answers.

“Okay cool, lets sit?” Reece asks.

“Nah, I have to wait here. My boyfriend doesnt want me to get lost.” She rolls her eyes.

“Alright we can wait too.” I say.

Ryan comes back with two drinks and hands one to Sam. Behind him, Jackson follows.

“Haley bear!” Ryan hugs me.

“Ry!” I smile.

“Hi man.” He fist bumps Reece.

“Hi Jackson.” I smile a closed mouth smile.

“Hey Haley.”

“Hi, I am Reece.” Reece removes his hand out to shakes JAcksons.

“JAckson, we have met before.” he shakes Reeces hand.

The tension is growing in between these two.

Uh oh.

“Babe, lets get something to drink yeah?” I ask Reece and pull him away from there.

“He doesnt like me.” He says.

“Obviously he doesnt. He is jealous of you. Forget about him. LEts just enjoy?” i say putting my arms around him.

“Yeah.” He looks down at me and slowly kisses me.

Well that was unexpected. I love it when guys dont care about PDA.

“I will get you something to drink.” He says looking behind me and I nod.

Looking over to where Reece was looking before, I see Jackson glaring hard. Like he is about to kill Reece.

Oh god, this is not what I had planned.

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