Love Happens

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Chapter 41

Bonfire. (Part 2)

Reece comes back with the drinks and hands me mine. It is insane how he knows so much about me.

It is like he has researched about me. Because he knows so many things about me. And we all know we cant day the same thing fron my side. I know so little. But he, he has like done a full project on me or something.

Like from my favourite pizza joint to the drink I love best. And as far as I remember, I have never discussed these things with him.

“Thanks.” I smile.

“My pleasure. So what usually happens here?” He asks me.

“Well, obviously you dont know. So its like the real party starts after the sunsets. Like you see there, we have twister. Then on this side, we have the trampoline set up, and there are like highest jumper contests. The Cards area is opposite the traditional spin the bottle. In here, it is like you go in groups and play whatever you like, luckily there havent been any fights for turns or anything, its all sorted. Theres a lot to do so that no one ever is idle.

“We have charades too which is hella fun. Truth or dare, Murder and dancing of course. The DJ and his music, god its the best. We have so much food like from popcorns and marshmellos to burgers and pizza, you name it. There is barbeque too which is amazingly delicious. And the drinks you already know about now.

“So yeah, thats what pretty much happens when we have school bonfires.” I finally breathe out.

“Wow. That sounds so amazing. We are going to do every one of those right?” He asks excited.

“Aw, you look so cute when youre so enthusiastic.” I smile at him.

“Do I now?” He pulls me closer by my waist.

“Haleyyyyyy!!!” I turn around as fast as lightening when I hear that voice.

“Kaleeee!” I hug him.

“It feels like its been ages!” He says.

“I know right!” I grin at him.

“Oh, hey Reece. I didnt recon you for a second” He does the guy hug thingy.

“Reece, this is Jessica, Kales girlfriend. And Jess, you know who Reece is.” I introduce with a smile.

“Come lets join the others, its almost time for the thing to start.”

“Yea, lets.” We walk following the two to wherever the others are.

“Haley,” Reece pulls my hand and stops me for a second.

“Yeah?” I turn confused

“You guys coming or what?” Kale asks.

I look at Reece. It seems like he wants to say somethibg. “You guys go, we will catch up.”

“Something wrong?” I ask him.

“No, no. Its just..” he looks down.

Does he want to go back home?

“What is it Reece?” I frown.

“You said the party starts after sunset, and it will now happen anytime soon. This place is the perfect place to click a selfie....” he says, his cheeks turning slightly pink.

“Oh. You want us to have a picture in the sunset? Aww thats so sweet of you. Im sorry i didnt think about it.” I smile at my boyfriend. He is the best.

Taking a few pictures, we move again.

Joining all our friends again, I notice the clenched jaws of Jackson, when he sees that from having mine and Reeces fingers intertwined, Reece pulls me closer to him by my waist when he spots Jackson.



We have been having so much fun in the past two hours or so, like we played Twister and it was amazing, although Reece was ready to battle with Jackson, as Jackson touched me inappropriately according to Reece, but luckily, Kale sorted it out.

Then we played charades, hard a card session and also tried the Trampoline. Guess who won? Kale! He always does. From our group at least. And then all the winners go have a final round. Its so exciting all of this.

Looking around the crowd, people are laughing, enjoying, dancing, clicking pictures and a few are making out too, in corners aha. I smile. This time of the year, is always the best for me.

We are now going to play Truth or Dare. Yeah, I know its too mainstream but Spin the bottle and this, is tradition for way too long to stop it now.

We all sit in a circle. There is Reece, Kale, Sam, Ryan, Jackson, Jessica, Mikayla, James and me.

I am kind of nervous to play this game as the last time I pplayed it, I endes uo kissing two guys, that I liked back then!

We start the game and play a few rounds, my phone rings and its Nick.

Well I havent seen him around today, but lets just answer his call.

“Hey guys? I will be back in a fee minutes.” I say to all.

‘Nick.’ I mouth to Reece and he nods.

“Sup brother? Where are you?” I ask him.

It is so loud here, its impossible to hear your own voice.

“Haley? Haley! Listen.”

“Yea, nick tell me”

“Im in the car, Im going over to a friends place. Not now but later. Just to tell you, come and get the keys please.”

“In the Car? Oh. Sure. Moms not home anyhow. Anyways, I have the keys Nick.” I say as loud as I can. Literally shouting here.

“No, about that... I took it from your bag when you were on the Tramp... k needed to get something... but then I couldnt find you so yeah” he says.

“Nick! Oh god, where is the car parked?” I ask.

He tell me the place and I stomp my way there. What an idiot.

I am missing all the fun there.

“You better not do such things mister.” I say and demand for the keys when I finally reach the car.

“Sorry. This is my friend Emily. Emily, my sis.” He smiles at her.

“Hi.” We both greet.

So now I see where this is going. Nick is staying over at her house... I Smirk.

Use protection ;P XD’ i text him and say bye to both and walk back to the bonfire.

‘Shut up -.-’ I get his text and I laugh.

The place where we were playing is so far away. Urgh. So much walking to do.

When I reach closer to our area, a look of confusion comes upon my face. Is this the same place? Because I remember it was not so full with people.

Soon I realize, what is in front of me.

There is something going on. A fight!

I hear people chanting, “Fight fight fight!” I hope what I am thinking is not true.

I walk faster and push in between the crowd. THere are so many people here.

Oh god, please let it not be Reece.

I push in more and finally see the faces of the two guys fighting.

And all I can think of is, ′Its too late’

Reece was bashing JAckson up. And Jackson was giving it back too. A punch and then another. ONE hit and then another. Back and forth. Again and again.

I was shocked. Speechless. By the looks on their faces i could see the hatred flowing in their veins for each other.

I screamt. For them to stop. For reece to stop. BUt the loud roars of the crowd overpowered my voice.

“Move!” I pushed more in so that they could hear me. At least one if them would stop.

“Reece! Reece! Stop!!” I yelled. BUT In vain.

Where were the others? How did this even start?

There was blood dripping from Jacksons nose and he already had a black eye forming and as for Reece, his lipp was cut and he too would have a black eye. For sure. Jackson sleeves were torn and reece had his collars ripped.

Oh, I cannot see this anymore. They really need to stop.

“REECE!! STOP IT. RIGHT NOW!” I yelled on top of my voice.

And hE looked my way. Both did. Both their hands formed in fists, ready to punch each other, in the air.

"What the hell is wrong with you guys?!” I shouted.

“Come on, Reece.” I oulled him by his arm.

“This is not over.” Reece said glaring at Jackson.

“Come on people, fight’s over!” I yelled and they started to go away.

“Oh Reece, Look at you.” I shook my head. Stopping mid way to look at his pretty face, now looking quite broken and bloody.

“Im sorry Haley. I let you down. But I couldnt help it. My anger got the better of me.” HE winced.

“Come on, lets go home. I need to clean you up. Or these bruises will leave scars.” I said worried.

“I am hungry.” He said softly.

“OH, okay. lets do this. The food is on the way to the car, I will collect whatever you want and we can eat at home yeah?”

“Sure.” We started walking in silence. THEre are many questions going on in my mind, but now is not the right time to ask.

Exactly what happened between them I dont know but I will soon find out. Whatever lead to them fighting must be something really big as Reece had promised me.

I take all the things we needed to eat, sit in the car after gently helping Reece out and drive home with him looking half dead in the passenger seat.

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