Love Happens

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Chapter 42

Reece’s POV.

Reece and I reach home around 9:30- 10:00. After I park the car in his garage, I help him out and we walk the way to my house.

In the car, there was zero to little conversation. I know he is in no position to talk, but I still want to know what lead to the fight.

“Thanks.” He says softly

“Reece, I can see you hurting you know.” I say with my eybrows forrowed.

“I know, and I am sorry. I really did not mean for all that to happen Haley.” He winces and says, while he sits down on the couch.

“It is okay, I know.... well, stay here, I will get the first aid kit.” I rush to the kitchen to get it.

“Alright, come here.” I say and start to clean his bruises.

He has got such beautiful features’ I think to myself while I clean him up.

He winces a little and I blurt out a sorry.

“Its okay, I am not really used to someone doing this for me.” He says.

“Oh babe...” now I feel sad for him.

Putting the last bandage, finally I am done.

“Thank you so much Haley.” He smiles.

It feels like an eternity had passed since I last saw him smile.

“I’ll be right back.” I smile and go back to the kitchen to keep the kit.

“It’s 10th of June today... right? ” I ask him.

“Yep, I turn seventeen on 25th.” HE smiles.

“Oh. Right right. I completely forgot.” Realization hits me. ANd he just laughs.

“Hey, let me call mom and tell her I will be staying the night here okay?” He asks and i nod.

25th of June. Oh god. Why? Why this exact same day? Why did my boyfriend have to be born on this freaking day?! I can never get myself to cheer up on that day. How will I enjoy Reece’s birthday? This is all just a big mess. I shake my head.

“She said okay.” He disconnects the phone call.

“Great, lets eat? I’m starving. And so are you for that matter.” I say and go heat up all the food.

We sit snuggled up in each others arms, watching a movie while eating too.

I still havent asked him why did he and Jackson fight. But that question is for later. I think we should just eat and watch the movie first and then talk it out.

“Now the movie’s over, the food is too, I think we should make out now.” He chuckles at his bad attempt.

I softly first kiss him on his lips to see if it hurts him or not when he deepens the kiss, I get my answer.

Pulling apart, he says, “It feels like so long since Iast kissed you.” and I blush. As usual.

This boy will make me go nuts. We make out for a while and then again it strikes me to ask him what really happened.

I move apart from him and ask, “Tell me the reason you two fought.”

REECE’S P.O.V. (Wohoo finally!)

Haley moves apart ftom me and asks, “Tell me the reason you two fought.”

I was wondering why she had not already asked me that befote, but now that she actually had, I couldnt help but go back to the time where she left in between the game.


It has been two hours now since we reached the bonfire and even though I thought it would be okay not that great, it has been amazing.

We have been having so much fun in the past two hours or so, like we played Twister and it was amazing, although I was ready to battle with Jackson when he toouched Haley inappropriately but luckily, Kale sorted it out.

Then we played charades, had a card session and also tried the Trampoline. Kale won and I learnt that he always does. From our group at least. And then all the winners go have a final round. It was pretty cool all of this.

Looking around the crowd, people are laughing, enjoying, dancing, clicking pictures and a few are making out too, in corners aha. I smile.

Then I look at Haley, and my snile turbs into a grin. It is insane she actually said yes to be mine. And now that she is mine, I wont let her go.

We are now going to play Truth or Dare. I scoffed when i heard that but then Haley told me it had been a tradition for way too long to stop it now. So I decided to give it a try.

We all sat in a circle. There was Haley, Kale, Sam, Ryan, Jackson, Jessica, Mikayla, James and me.

We start the game and play a few rounds, when Haleys phone rings and its Nick. (I see from the corner of my eyes.)

Well I havent seen him around today at all...

“Hey guys? I will be back in a few minutes.” Haley says to us.

When my eyebrows furrow a little,

‘Nick.’ She mouths to me and I nod.

Haley is gone now, and the bottle is spinning.

It stops on Sam and Jackson and he says truth. Such a pussy.

All the games, me and him have just been having glaring competitions.

“Okay, say one truth each to all sitting here.” She says. What does that even mean?

“Okay.. Kale, I ate your fries last lunch. Sam, Ry talks a lot about you. Ry, you know everything man. Mikayka, Parker likes you, he told me. Jess, you are a great person. I dont really have anything for james but as for reece, I am sure I kissed your girlfriend better.” He smirks and finishes.

Anger takes over me and I bolt up.

“You bastard!” I am ready to throw a punch at him, but Kale stops me.

“Reece calm down. He is provoking you.”

I sigh and sit back down.

Where is Haley?

James and Ryan left to go the bathroom and Kale has gone to get a drink for himself.

After one or two more rounds, the bottle lands on Mikayla and Jackson.

If he does anything stupid, I might just kill him.

“Dare.” He says.

“Great! I dare you to.... kiss a girl.” She says.

When he doesnt move, she says it again.

“I am waiting for her to come back.” He says smirking, looking at me.

Well that is it! How dare he even say that?!

I ball my fists and throw a punch at him.

Nobody gets in between me and my girl.

Surprisingly he hits me back, it doesnt hurt though, but I know it will leave a nasty bruise later on.

I punch again and again and again and again. Bashing JAckson up. And Jackson was giving it back too. A punch and then another. ONE hit and then another. Back and forth. Again and again.

I was shocked to know that he could give a punch.

But the anger i was feeling was surreal.

I could feel an audience chearing in the background.

I could kill him. Just now. I WOULD KILL HIM.

There was blood dripping from Jacksons nose and he already had a black eye forming and as for me, my lip was cut and I too would have a black eye. For sure. Jackson’s sleeves were torn and I had my collars ripped.

I was ready to throw another punch when I heard.

“REECE!! STOP IT. RIGHT NOW!” Someone yelled.

I looked their way.

"What the hell is wrong with you guys?!” Haley shouted.

She looked devastated. Shocked. I know I broke he promise, but I couldnt help it! HE proboked me twice.

“Come on, Reece.” She pulled me by my arm.

“This is not over.” i said glaring at Jackson.

“Come on people, fight’s over!” SHe yelled and they started to go away.

She seemed a little angry too.

“Oh Reece, Look at you.” She shook her head. Stopping mid way to look at me.

I sighed. “Im sorry Haley. I let you down. But I couldnt help it. My anger got the better of me.” I winced.

“Come on, lets go home. I need to clean you up. Or these bruises will leave scars.” SHE said worried.

“I am hungry.” i said softly when I heard my stomach grumble.

“OH, okay. lets do this. The food is on the way to the car, I will collect whatever you want and we can eat at home yeah?” She says.

“Sure.” I give a weak smile and we started walking in silence.


I sigh and tell Haley all of this.

“Oh reece, you kiss better.” SHe smiles kissing me

“I know. I just got provoked by him then.” I smirk.

“Lets sleep now, its late and you must be tired too.” She softly says.

“Okay, lets.” We both stand up and head to her room.

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