Love Happens

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Chapter 43

What good did I do in this world to have him?


I wake up in the morning to something holding me back from moving.

Looking around, I find out that its my boyfriend’s strong arm keeping me in place.

I try to lift it up, but Reece only holds me tighter.

I try again, but all in vain. So I give up.

Somehow I reach my phone kept on the side table, and look at the time,

9.25 am.

Well, a little early to wake up on a Saturday.

I also see that I have notifications indicating that someone has messaged me and a fee missed calls too..

‘I will check them later.’ I think to myself and yawn.

I try again to lift Reece’s strong arm. But he only holds on stronger than before around my waist.

“Reece.” I whisper softly.

No answer.

“Reece, wake up.” I try again but again I get no answer. This boy is in deep sleep.

So I decide to take a moment and stare at his perfectly scuplted face.

His luscious pink lips, so tempting to kiss all the time and his soft, soft brown hair, making me want to touch and pat it lovingly. The way his long eyelashes rest on his cheeks when he sleeps and they way he has a small smile on his face is the cutest of all.

Everytime, the thought that this boy, the one right in front of me, is mine, my boyfriend, is just absurd. Just so unbelievable.

What good did I do in this world to have him?

I may never know.

Snapping out of my drooling session, I try once more to lift Reeces arm.

“Reece, babe, let go.” I say softly.

“No. I wont. She is mine.” He mumbles.

Who is he talking to? And about what?


“No, I will kill you if you come any closer to Haley.” His voice is a little louder than before.

Okay, I get the picture. He is dreaming of me and Jackson.

That is the reason he is holding on to me like he will never let go. Such a possessive and protective boy.

But its cute. Obviously it is. ANy girl would want her boyfriend to be possessive about her. At least a little. Not over possessive though.

And any girl would blush at the thought of her guy being jealous.

And so, I was too.

“Babe, you’re blushing again.” He whispers in his sexy raspy morning voice.

I could get used to listening to it.

“I’m gonna kiss you.” He says in that super sexy voice again.

I do not really mind.

He softly plants his lips on mine. A passionate kiss rather than a deep, aggressive one.

We pull apart out of breath. Reece still holding me.

“Reece, your arm.” I say softly. Our faces are like three inches away only.

He gives a confused look first and then realizes what I am talking about.

“I need to get up now” i say.

“No, stay, dont go please.” He acts like a small kid.

“Reece... please?” I say sweetly, pouting just a little, as if talking to a kid.

“Fine!” He lets go of me.

“Nick and mom are at home, I think.” I say.

“Cool, I dont have a problem with that.” He says.

I go to the bathroom, fresh up and come out again to see Reece only in his boxers sitting on bed with his phone in his hand.

“Hey babe, I think I gotta go and meet up with my buddies today... they are asking about me and stuff..” he says scratching the back of his head.

“Sure, obviously you can go. But are you sure you are okay? Like its nit hurting or paining anywhere is it?” I ask.

“No.. no I dont think so. I am completely fine and ready to go.” He smiles.

“Alright then, you can go after breakfast right?” I ask.

“Yeah sure.”

Mom is still asleep and Nick is too so we both eat our breakfast in comfortable silence.

“I really didnt want to go, but they are insisting... so I have to.” Reece says pouting like a kid.

“Reece, Its okay. Go enjoy. I will catch up with Sam or kale.” I smile and hug him.

We share a brief kiss and then he leaves.

“See later babe!” He waves and leaves.

I pick up my phone to call Sam when I see three new messages.

‘Haley, can we meet up please?’

‘I really need to talk to you... about everything.~Jackson.’

‘I will be waiting till eleven in the park near your house. I hope you come :)’

The two missed calls are also from him.

I look at the time. It says 10:45 am.

Shoot. I have only fifteen minutes.

He is right we do need to talk. Although I still am angry of the fact that he provoked Reece, I have to listen to what he has to say.

I quickly brush my hair, put on a little deo, wear my sandals, write a note saying I am going to the park, take my phone and rush out.

I reach the park at around 10:57am.

Saved by three minutes.

I spot Jackson and make my way towards him on the bench.

His face looks bad. Like he just survived a zombie apocalpyse. He has a very dark black eye. There are bruises on his cheeks and on his nose and he kinda has his hair all messed up.

Its sad to see him this way. And the fact that my own boyfriend did this makes the situation more awkward.

“Hey..” i say and sit down on the bench.

“Hales.. hi.” He smiles. Or at leasts tries to.

“So what did you wanna talk about?”

“Everything Haley. I think I need to explain every single thing from the start.” He says.

“No. Explain to me what happened yesterday. Thats all I want to know for now.” I say.

“But... okay, fine.” He sighs.

Taking a deep breath in, he starts to recite the story of what actually had happened last night between him and Reece.

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