Love Happens

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Chapter 44

Jackson’s POV.

So Jackson sent me a few messages asking if he and I could meet up and talk about everything.

He said he will be waiting till eleven in the park near my house, so that we can talk.

Although I still am angry of the fact that he provoked Reece, I have to listen to what he has to say. We do need to talk.

Having only fifteen minutes in hand, I rush everything and reach the park at around 10:57am.

Saved by three minutes.

I spot Jackson and make my way towards him on the bench.

His face looks bad. Like he just survived a zombie apocalpyse. He has a very dark black eye. There are bruises on his cheeks and on his nose and he kinda has his hair all messed up.

Its sad to see him this way. And the fact that my own boyfriend did this makes the situation more awkward.

“Hey..” i say awkwardly and sit down on the bench.

“Hales.. hi.” He smiles. Or at leasts tries to.


Friday Night

All night long, I was restless. I just could not sleep no matter how hard I tried.

Ryan went to Sam’s after dropping me, and I quitely just headed to my room.

Both of our mothers are not at home, so I am all alone.

I go to the bathroom and wince when I see my face.

It looks disastrous. I have so many bruises. My sleeves are ripped, my nose is bleeding, more like the blood is just stopped there and its now turning black.... and of course a black eye is already forming.

Even when Ry asked if he should stay, I dont know why I said no.

Now I am stuck all alone to clean myself on my own.

Being a doctors son, I do know how to do it... but the thought that Haley is doing the same thing for that bastard irritates me to another level.

Why couldnt it be me?

Why couldnt she see how wrong he is for her?

Just why?

What does he have that I dont?!

The bottle in my hand crushes.

Anger takes the best of me, just like it did that day in the pizza joint when I knew she was dating that jerk. Just like when she confirmed it on my face. Just like when I learnt he will be coming to the bonfire.

And just like when I saw them together as a couple, hugging and kissing tonight.

It bugged me. Reece bugged me.

The thought of him having her was making me insane.

I dont know why I didnt kill him tonight.


Ry and me go to get drinks for ourself.

When we return back, we see Haley and her boyfriend.

As soon as that jerk spots me, he pulls her closer to him. Asshole.

I see the smirk on his face when he reaches out to shake my hand.

I so want to strangle him so bad right now.

Its now been almost two hours since the sun set and we have been playing all games, but as for me, Reece and I have been only having glaring competitions.

He thinks I will back out on Haley? Ha! Its ON!

I am getting the vibes that he wanta to fight me. Well, I aint gonna back down. As I said, IT IS ON.

If he touches me, he is dead meat.

We sit in the circle to play Truth or Dare.

Midway in the game Haley gets up and leaves mouthing ‘Nick’ to her so called boyfriend.

Its my turn and Sam asks me to say one truth about everyone sitting here.

When I reach Reece, a nasty thought comes in my mind.

He has been provoking me for the last two hours feeling Haley up and smirking at me, so now it is my turn.

" I am sure I kissed your girlfriend better.” I smirk.

“You bastard!” He is ready to throw a punch, but Kale stops him.

Anger takes over me and I bolt up too.

“Reece calm down. He is provoking you.”

He sits back down. And I do the same.

James and Ryan leAve to go the bathroom and Kale goes too to get a drink for himself.

After one or two more rounds, the bottle lands on Mikayla and me.

“Dare.“I say.

“Great! I dare you to.... kiss a girl.” She says.

When i dont move, she says it again.

“I am waiting for her to come back.” I say smirking, looking at Reece.

I see him jolt up and ball his fists and throw a punch at me. It doesnt hurt though, but I know it will leave a nasty bruise later on.

I hit him back, anger flowing in my veins.

He punches me again and again. And I give it back. A punch and then another. ONE hit and then another. Back and forth. Again and again.

I was shocked to know that he could give a punch.

But the anger I was feeling at the moment was surreal.

I could feel an audience chearing in the background.

I could kill Reece. Just now. I WOULD KILL HIM.

I could feel blood dripping from my nose and he already had a black eye forming. Reece had his lip cut and hjs collars were ripped. And as for me, I too would have a black eye. For sure. And my sleeves were torn.

Both of us were ready to throw another punch when I heard.

“REECE!! STOP IT. RIGHT NOW!” Someone yelled.

I looked their way.

"What the hell is wrong with you guys?!” Haley shouted.

She looked devastated. Shocked. Her eyes were wide as she looked back and forth between us.

“Come on, Reece.” She pulled him by his arm.

“This is not over.” He turned back and said glaring.

Balling my fists, I stomped my way out.

I do not know what happened to me, but I was just so angry! Irritated and annoyed with Reece. He just seemed to give the bad vibes.

And I know everytime he was just provoking me to make me jealous so that I could fight him.

Well, it worked. So there!


I know its not healthy to be this jealous, but I was. I was jealous. And I couldnt help it.

After cleaning my wounds, I ate a little and headed straight to bed.

I got my phone back today, which I havent checked.

So I decide to do that.

I see tons of messages from all my friends.

Kale: 5 new messages. And 1 missed call.

Sam: 2 new messages.

Ry: 20 new messages. And 2 missed calls.

Haley: 3 new messages.

Rebecca: 59 new messages. 15 missed class and 7 voicemails.

Mom: 7 new messages. 2 missed calls.

I check them all, but leave Rebeccas.

I dont want to even see that bitch’s face.

What a slut she is.

Without seeing even one of the 59 messages that she sent me, I delete her chat.

I dont even listen to her voicemails.
Must be some bullshit of hers.

Keeping the phone away, I try to sleep.

But i am restless. All I can think about is Haley. How she must have gently carressed Reeces wounds and kissed them after cleaning and how she must be wrapped in his arms and not mine.

It is all my fault. If only I would have told her how much I like her. When I did decide to tell her, it was too late.

But I thought, she liked me back.

Suddenly realization hits me.

It is that bitch Rebeccas fault

Whatever is that bad past that Haley has with her, is the reason Haley hates to see me and her together.

After the whole kissing incident in the library, Rebecca called me to apologize and said she wanted to make it up to me at some pizza joint.

If Haley wouldnt have forgiven me, I wouldnt have agreed to go with her.

The joint was pretty big and almost full. There everything was going great until Haley and her new goddamn neighbour arrived.

At the worst part is, they sat on the table righ next to us.

She looked so pretty, so innocent and oblivious about her beauty. And then there was rebecca. She was no match to Haley.

I had to fight the urge to kiss her. And also I had to fight myself to loom away from staring at her face.

For some unknown reason, I had a smile on my face, but as soon as I learnt that Haley and reece were a thing, I lost it.

All I could concentrate was on the fact that the girl I really liked from my heart, is now taken.

Soon I became angry and gloomy at the same time.

We soon left and in the car, Rebecca and me had a big fight.


“Drop me home Rebecca.” I sternly said.

I was angry. But more, I was upset.

I had just seen Haley with another guy. The same stupid guy from the other day, but now they were a couple.

I just wanted to go home so bad.

“Why baby? We still have some work left..” Rebecca cerressed my arm.

I pushed her hand away.

“Just drive please. We can finish the work later.” I closed my eyes and took deep breaths.

“Jack... babe, look at me. Lets go to my house okay?” she says in her fake sweet voice.

“No! Cant you understand simple english?! JUST. TAKE. ME. HOME.” My voice raises.

“Why?! Because of her isnt it? Because of that bitch right?!” Her voice raises too.

“How dare you call her a bitch?! You’re the bitch here!” I yell.

“Shut up! She is a fucking bitch.” She yells too.

“Shut the fuck up Rebecca! Dont call Haley the bitch. Youre the bad guy here alright?! You wanted our friendship to break. I should have known, you always wanted that.”

“I am the bad guy? I AM THE BAD GUY?! Are you fucking kidding me?! I am the kne who is sweet here. She is the one who betrayed you!” She defends herself

“Oh please Rebecca. JUST STOP!”

“What the hell do you even see i that stupid slut?! What the fuck does she have that I dont huh?! Why do you like her and not me? Why Jackson? Why?! Tell me!” She yells.

“I see many things in her that you will never have. You are the slut hee and yes I DO LIKE HER! And NOT you!” I yell.

“I will ruin that bitch.” She grits her teeth.


“I am not a bitch!” She yells angry.

“Fuckin god! Fine! Go to hell. I dont care what you think about yourself! My opinion about you doesnt change! Good-fucking-bye!” i get out of the car slamming the door shut and head home.


On the next morning, I had sent Haley a few texts asking for her to come and talk to me.

I really wanted to clear out everything. Especially the fight.

I was sitting in the park since ten in th morning. In an hour I would be leaving.

She had not come yet and it was 10:55

I was again and again looking at the time.

Three more minutes.

I had brushed my hair with my hand infinite time in this one hour, out of frustration.

I dont think she is coming.

For the thousandth time I looked up at the entrance, and I saw her figure coming up to me. Yes! She came! Finally!

“Hey..” she said and sat down on the bench.

“Hales.. hi.” i tried to smile without wincing.

SHE looked so good even in casuals and I looked like a wreck right now.

“So what did you wanna talk about?”

“Everything Haley. I think I need to explain every single thing from the start.” I say desperately.

“No. Explain to me what happened yesterday. Thats all I want to know for now.” she says calm.

“But... okay, fine.” I sigh.

Taking a deep breath in, I starts to recite the story of what actually had happened last night between me and reece.

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