Love Happens

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Chapter 45

Jackson’s POV. (Part 2)


“.... When I heard you shout, that is when I stopped. I do not know what took over me Haley. I was angry, jealous and annoyed. But the rage just took over me and we had a fight. I am very sorry if you’re upset because of it. I just, you know.. I could not control myself. Looking at you two together was like, someone stagging a dagger in me again and again. I am really very sorry Haley.” I sigh.

“He provoked me, and I could not help it. I just, I hate to see you both together.”

“Jackson... ” she bites her lip.


“From what I have heard, you are the one who provoked Reece.” She says

“Oh, I did not... Okay, I may have.. but that was only after he had provoked me first. He knew well enough how jealous I was already.” I say in my defense.

“You do not have to lie Jackson... I mean, I know he is a little protective, but you did want a fight.” She says sighing .

“Haley, I am not lying. He is doing that on purpose. You do not believe me?” I ask her in disbelief.

She remains silent.

“Oh.” I just feel like someone just killed me a thousand times.

“I’m sorry Jackson... i do not know who to believe. Both of you have told me different stories. And I have no clue which one is the truth and which is the lie.” She says and sighs deeply.

“You think I am the one who is lying? Why would I have even called you here if was Haley?” I feel agitated.

“Why not? You calling me here doesn’t mean that you are saying the truth. How is that even relevant?” She asks me.

“Of course I am telling you the truth!”

“So you are saying that Reece lied to me? Is that what you are implying Jackson?” She asks raising her eyebrows.

“That is not what I said” I say furrowing my eyebrows.

“You clearly tried to mean that anyway” She rolls her eyes slightly.

“Fine! Yes. He is the liar here. Not me.” I say a bit louder than intended to.

“Reece is not the liar here Jackson. Please. ”

“So I am?” i ask.

She takes a deep breath in. “Yes. You are. A very very big liar.” She spits out.

“When the fuck have I ever lied to you?!” I ask.

“Oh do not even get me started there Jackson.” She shakes her head.

“No no. Tell me. When have I ever lied to you Haley? Since the day we ever met, all I have done is say the truth to you. About everything.” I say. How can she not see who is the wrong one here?′

“Really? You really wanna know? fine. Every single thing related to Rebecca you have ever said has been a big fat lie Jackson!” She raises her voice.

“You have known since day one that I hate the girl and you still decided to befriend her. Fine I was okay with that as long as you kept her matter away from me and our friend circle. But then you had the whole party affair and the day on the match I have no clue what you were up to with her. I still stayed quite because, lets face it, I do not own you. But I liked you back then Jackson, and you just kept on ruining things between us. Me and the girl have a very idiotic past and I just cant stand her, but I cannot stop you too from being friends with anyone, but if you had a little sense, at least whatever you had to do with respect to her could have been done NOT in front of me!

“You both sitting together during lunch, in the hallways, its all very annoying. Seeing you both flirting with each other in the Pizza joint and what not! You think I am crazy to still be stuck over you? And that day in the library, I just lost it. I have no clue if it was all her plan from the start or you were doing it unintentionally or what, but Jackson, you said you had feelings for me blah blah, and if that was true, then you could have stopped doing whatever you were doing with Rebecca. But you did not. So I moved on. Reece came into my life and everything was perfect again. I believe you lied to me all the times when you said , you hated Rebecca or you could not stand her blah blah! That is where you lied!” She yells it all out before letting me say anything.

I am shocked.

“Haley.. why didn’t you tell me all this before? I mean.. I had no clue you felt that way about all this. I.. I don’t know what to say to all this. honestly I have nothing to do with Rebecca. It was all her plans. I found out the day she and I had--”

“Please Jackson. I dot want any justification. ” She cuts me midway.

“But at least listen--”

“No. What is done has been done. You cannot change the pass now.” She says.

“What are you talking about? Come on. You are going to go back to him?!” I ask.

“Yes! I am going to go back to MY BOYFRIEND!” she yells.

“Damn it Haley! Don’t you get it? He is not meant for you! He is playing with you!”

“Why do you care so much Jackson?! What are you, jealous? If so, why?”

“Of course I am jealous! Are you blind? Can’t you see??” I yell on top of my voice.

“NO I am not blind. I can see very well. I have seen everything and I do not need any kind of justification or reasoning from you. Because I am done. I am done from all this bullshit. You cant just call me up and tell me to meet you and then accuse my boyfriend of lying and playing with me. YOU JUST CANNOT!” She yells too on top of her lungs.

“Haley I.-”

“Goodbye Jackson.” She just stands up and leaves me sitting at her retreating back.

I close my eyes, with my fists balled. ‘I just lost the first girl who I had true feelings for.’

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