Love Happens

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Chapter 46

Fights, dates and kisses.


I keep walking away from Jackson. Forcing my tears not to fall. Forcing myself to not look back. Forcing my heart to stop thinking about going back and sitting next to him.

I feel a little satisfied after the whole word vomit session that I had a few minutes ago.

He had to know some day or the other how I really felt about everything.

I have no clue why we even fought.

The only reason that I can think of is that he accused Reece of lying and playing with me. Which is totally not correct.

Which I know, will never ever be true.

Reece is very genuine and in my opinion he is very much interested in this relationship as much as I am. I know for sure that he would not lie about such a thing to me.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath in, before entering the house.

I see Reece sitting on the couch facing his back towards me.

I make sure to wipe all the tears before facing him. “Hey.. ” I smile with my head down.

“Haley! Gosh where were you? I got sick worried!” He stands up and catches hold of both my shoulders, his eyes scanning my body up and down, again and again.

“No where, I just went for a walk...” I say.

“You are not saying the truth. Look at me and say it.” He lifts my chin up.

My eyes meet with his, and realization hits his face.

“Oh babe. You were crying! Why? Did something happen babe?!” He asks with his eyebrows furrowed.

“No. Nothing. I am okay.” I sigh and he hugs me tight.

“Shhh. Just let it go, whatever it is. Okay?” He hugs me more tight.

How can Jackson say that a boy who is such a sweetheart, so caring and so loving, is a liar and a player? On what grounds is that even one percent correct?

My phone vibrates in my back pocket indicating that I have a new message. But I am not bothered to check who it is, as I feel safe in Reece’s arms.

“Want me to check who it is for you?″ He asks and I just nod snuggling in all the more and close my eyes.

Removing my phone from the back pocket, I hear him type in the password and unlock it.

“Who is it?” I ask softly when I hear a gasp.

“Jackson.” He says and my eyes jolt open.

Shoot. Here goes nothing.

Slowly letting go of me, I see his eyes turn a darker shade as he reads through the messages from today.

I had deleted all the chat from before the day I saw Rebecca and him kiss. So only the chat from today was there.

He is going to be so mad at me for meeting him. I just keep staring at his face in fear while he reads the messages.

“Reece... I can explain.” I bite my lip.

“‘Haley, can we meet up please?’ ‘I really need to talk to you... about everything.~Jackson.’ ‘I will be waiting till eleven in the park near your house. I hope you come :)’ ” Reece repeats the messages from Jackson.


“And the last one says, ‘I’m sorry.’" He says in a harsh voice.

“What is going on between you two? Why did you lie to me Haley?” He asks me.

“Reece, there is nothing going on between us. Trust me. I just did not want to tell you because you guys just fought the other day. I didn’t want any problems again. So I decided to keep shut.” I explain myself softly.

“How can I believe you now Haley? And what is he saying sorry for?” He asks in disbelief.

“Reece, listen to me babe. The only reason I did go and meet him was because he was right, we did need to talk. Not just the fight but about many other things too. Although I was still angry because of him, I still had to listen to what he had to say. To prevent any further misunderstandings.” I say.

“So you decided to go meet him behind my back? I thought by being your boyfriend, I had some privilege to know where you go Haley. Or not everywhere, at least whenever you go and meet my enemy.” Reece asks.

“Reece, please try to understand. I know you’re mad at me and I am sorry but this is what I thought was the best for the both of us. ” I tell him.

“Fine okay. Next time please don’t do such a thing...” HE sighs.

" Sure abbe, never. I promise.” I kiss him slightly

“And he was saying sorry because he accused you of lying and not him, so I defended you and we had an argument.” I explain

“What?” He asks.

So, I tell him everything Jackson said. Leaving the part of my outburst. I tel him everything. From the story Jackson recited about their fight, to him accusing Reece of being a liar and a player. I just skip the part where I talk about my feelings because I don’t want anymore drama for now.

“That bastard.” Reece balls his fists.

“Please just lets forget this okay? How about you and me go out tonight?” I try lifting up his mood.

“Okay. Fine. Just this time though, next time I wont leave him. Where do you wanna go?” He asks and starts to play with my hair, curling it between his fingers.

“I don’t know, surprise me.” I wink.

“Fine. Be ready by six.” He smirks.

“Six? So early?” I ask.

“Yeah. I have something in mind that you will love.” He winks.

“Alright.” I snuggle loser to him.

We spend the rest of the day talking, cuddling and binge watching Game of Thrones.

I take a shower and wear an electric blue dress, with a black belt and sparkling black heels to go with it. My hair is down, nothing too fancy and I just put very slight make up.

At six, Reece picks me up and we leave.

“You look so beautiful.” He kisses me.

“You don’t look too bad yourself.” I smile.

Even when I ask him thousand times in the car where we are headed to, he has just one reply always, ‘It’s a surprise’

So eventually I give up. Although I wonder about the places he knows the directions to, as he still is new to this town. But I cannot put hand on any.

Suddenly, Reece stops the car. In the middle of nowhere.

“Where are we Reece?” I ask.

“Uh... actually, I think we are lost.” He bites his lip.


“Yeah.... I forgot the directions I guess. Sorry.” He says.

“Reece... Now what?” I ask worried cause I too am not familiar with this road.

“Oh my god!” He starts to laugh like a madman. I give him a questioning look?

“What now?” I ask.′

“You should have seen your face! I can’t believe you bought that!” He laughs more loudly.

Realization hits me.

“You idiot! You scared the hell out of me.” I roll my eyes.

“Sorry love.” He smirks and removes something from his back pocket which looks like a cloth or something.

“What is that?”

“I’m going to blindfold you.” He smiles wickedly.

“What? No. Why?” I whine.

“Come on, turn around.” He blindfolds me and starts to drive again.

Finally we stop.

He helps me out of the car and then slowly opens my blindfold.

I open my eyes and I gasp.

“Oh gosh. This is amazing Reece.”

“Because, this is where our story really began.” He hugs me from behind. AND my cheeks turn a bright red.

“This is so thoughtful Reece. I love it.” I smile

“LEt’s go.” He intertwines our fingers and together we enter Gonzalez. For the second time.

“Do not talk about the expense even once okay?” He warns me before hand.

I chuckle. “Okay”

We sit at the table where we sat the last time we came here and the waitress comes and takes the order. But this time, she is not flirting with Reece.

He gives the order while I stare at him.

How thoughtful of him. How can a person not fall in love with such a sweetheart? It is impossible.

“I really love this.” I smile.

“Our first official date as a couple.” He winks and I blush hard.

The waitress goes away with our orders and then Reece and I just talk to each other about things here and there.

He tells me why he went to visit his friends today while I just keep staring at him.

“You’re so pretty Haley. I have no clue how I ended up with you. ” he says

“Hey! Shut up. You are equally as good as me okay?” I say.

Our orders come and we indulge the delicious food.

“This is really yum. Worth the price.” I say with my mouthful.

“Too delicious for our own good right?” He asks with his mouthful too.

We eat our dinner and after the dessert we head home.

“Thank you for the best first date ever.” I swing my arms around his neck.

“My pleasure.” He smiles and kisses me.

I break the kiss, “you taste of honey” I say and he smirks kissing me again.

Soon we get in the car and head home.

The car ride is fun. We talk about the most random things.

He tells me that everytime he sees me he wants to kiss me and I blush. For like the ten thousandth time.

We reach home around thirty minutes to midnight.

Reece decides to stay the night at my place. So we enter my room without making any noise, change our clothes.

I wear his T-shirt and he just wears boxers. Oh the view I am getting is lovely.

“Like what you see?” He asks smirking.

“Aha.” I wink.

He lays down beside me holding me tight in his arms, close to his chest as if, if he leaves me I will vanish.

Slowly pushing a strand of hair iff my face he kisses me.

At first its a Erotic and slow kiss.
He gasps as his fingers lace around my waist and my hips. His hands work their way up my back, clawing as they move.

But then it turns to be more passionate and wild. He asks for entrane and after playing a little I surrender. This kiss feels so magical. Its insane. He pulls away and before I can complain he starts trailing kisses aroind my neck. He grabs my hair, and continues to kiss my neck. His tongue grazes my colarbone and I moan slightly. He pulls me closer to him and gently sucks on my skin making me moan once again.

I am amazed at the way my tongue follows his. I bur my fingers into his hair and pull it hard earning a moan from him. And the sound of that moan is the most sexiest thing I have ever heard. His hands stay on my waist and mine are wrapped around his torso. Our legs are intermingled with each other and both of us have a huge grin on our faces.

“Wow” he breathes out. And i blush again.

“Goodnight baby.” He kisses my forehead and sleeps.

All night long I just keep staring at Reece, with just one thought in my mind.

“I think I am falling in love with him”

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