Love Happens

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Chapter 47

I don’t know.

All night long I just keep staring at Reece, with just one thought in my mind.

‘I think I am falling in love with him’

Like for real. I have a very deep feeling that I maybe falling for Reece. Falling way too hard for my own good.

Yes, I am talking about the same the guy who used to annoy the shit out of me. Who I couldn’t even stand for a second. Who I hated seeing. Who if was in the same room as me, I would leave immediately. He is the guy who I never wanted to see.

But now, it has all changed. He is now the guy who I want to see every freaking second of my life. He is the guy who I want to wake up to everyday in the morning forever. He is now the guy that takes my breath away whenever I see him. Who I love seeing. He is the guy who is sweeping me off my feet.

Who would have thought that this would happen?

That I would fall in love again, that to with Reece.

I blush hard at this thought. I cannot believe that this is reality.

How did this even happen?

I don’t really know.

Should I tell him?

I don’t know...

Does he love me?

I don’t know that either...

Do I love him?

Umm... yes. Maybe? I have started to though...

I close my eyes biting my lip and snuggle closer into Reece, trying my best to fall asleep with the same thought in my mind, I am falling hard for Reece.

I wake up to the screeching sound of my phone. Obviously only Kale will change his ringtone to such a weird one.

I just bury my face deeper in the pillow trying hard to ignore it.

“Pick that up...” Reece says in his sexy morning voice and does the same as me.

“Let it ring... it is way too early to wake up on a Sunday.” I mumble ad close my eyes again.

After a few seconds, it starts again.

“Damn it Kale. This better be good!” I yell into the phone.

“Good morning to you too. And it is.”

“Fine, then tell me.” I roll my eyes whilst my eyes are closed, if that is even possible.

“We have to go to a party tonight and you have to come. You got no choice.” He says.

“What? Seriously? That is the reason you called me at...′ I check the time and say, “... nine twenty on a Sunday?” I slowly shake my head.

“Well... yeah. But listen, it is Jess’ party as it is her birthday today, I am throwing one at mine, I was not initially planning on a surprise party, but then I thought why not?” He explains.

“You thought why not while you were asleep?” I roll my eyes.

“Stop rolling your eyes. And Reece is invited too okay?”

“Yeah yeah. Fine. I’ll see you later.” I smile thinking of how well he knows me.

“Great! Bye, love you!” He hangs up.

“Bye, you too.” I say to the dead call.

“What was that all about?” Reece asks with his eyes still closed.

“You look sexy like that.” I say cannot being able to resist making that comment.

“Thanks love.”

“And to answer your question, Kale is throwing a surprise birthday party for Jess tonight it was all of a sudden, hence the early morning call... and you are invited too.” Knowing well enough he can’t see me, I still smile and say.

“Oh wow. That is great. She is born six days ahead of me.” He smiles.

“Yeah... I’ll go get fresh.” I say and rush to the bathroom.

How can I keep forgetting such an important thing? But I still find it relieving that for a while I forgot about his birthday as it clashes with the worst day of my life.

How am I going to do this? How am I going to make him feel special on his birthday when I will be the saddest person on the planet?

Dear lord, help me.

Hurriedly I brush and pee, and get out of the washroom.

When I get out Reece is nowhere to be seen.

I tie my hair in a bun and walk down the stairs, to find him making breakfast for both of us. Shirtless.

What a lovely sight to see. I could stare at his perfectly structured body all day long and still not get bored.

When I hear someone clear their throat, that is when I snap out of my trance.

“Like what you see huh?” He smirks.

“No, love what I see.” I wink.

“Your mum left when you were in the washroom, she said that she may return really late. And I thought I will make you some breakfast.” He smiles at me and gets back to working.

“Okay, thank you. I will go check on Nick.” I say and go back.

I go up and find Nick fast asleep. I see he has his laptop still on so I slowly shut it, close the door and go back downstairs.

Let the monkey sleep for a little longer.

“Food’s ready. Is Nick coming?” Reece asks.

“Nah, let his sleep for a little while.” I say and start eating my food.

“Hmm, I did not know you could cook. And that too this well. This is really tasty.” I say and take another bite of my pancake.

“Well, thanks. But I only know how to make pancakes and two-minute noodles, nothing else.” He says kind of embarrassed.

“Oh I see. Anyway this tastes good so you get the credit.” I smile.

“Thank you.” He smiles and eats too.

“So, when do you want to go shopping?” I ask.

“Shopping? We had plans?” He asks confused.

“For Jess’ gift babe.” I say.

“Oh right. At noon? What time do we have to be there?” He asks.

“I think the party is at five or six as it is a Monday tomorrow. So we need to be back by three or four respectively.” I answer his question.

“In that case, let’s go as soon as we can?” He says more like a question.

“Let me ask Kale.”

I quickly speed dial three and kale answers on the second ring itself.

“Haleyyyyy. Sup?”

“Kale, what time should we come?” I ask.

“Around six?” He says.

“Okay. See you byeee.” I hang up.

“The party is at six.

“Eh lots of time.”

“Meet me at one?” I ask.

“Sure. I’ll call you. Mom’s calling me so I gotta go.” He says.

“Aww, that is sad. Fine go, but do come okay?” I say and swing my arms around his neck.

“Sure baby.” He hugs me and kisses me.

“See ya” I wave.

I look at the time, it says 10:45 am.

I decide to take a bath and keep my clothes for the party ready.

I quickly do that and get ready to go gift shopping.

A party with my boyfriend wohoo. This should be fun. I am excited.

I look at the time, 12:15 pm.

I decide to text Reece.

But as soon as I start to type, I am greeted with a message from him before I can even say hi.

‘Hey babe, I am so so sorry for doing this, but I will not be able to make it to the party today. I forgot to tell you but my best friend Mike and I had made plans for today that I completely forgot. I am really very sorry haley. I hope you don’t mind xx’

Well that certainly spoiled my mood and all the excitement.

How can he just cancel last moment?

This is so not fair. You can’t just do such a thing with someone.

I know it is not a reason to be this mad at someone but I still am. I am very mad at him right now.

’It is okay I understand′ I send.

Thanks babe, I knew you would x’ he texts me back within a second.

Now I am so pissed off. What plans are so important that he cannot ditch one day for a party?

I end up getting ready an hour early after getting jess’ gift and go to Kale’s at 5:30 pm

The party doesn’t start until 7 so I help kale decorate and try to divert my mind.

We all surprise jess and she really does get surprised. She loves it and we all start to party.

I go to Kale’s bar section and start drinking. That is the only way I can not be mad at reece right now.

It is so boring without him here almost everyone here are with their boyfriends or girlfriends.

I feel a pair of eyes staring at me so I look the other way too find it is Jackson.

“You look beautiful tonight.” He smiles and swurls.

Oh boy. He is tipsy. I did not expect him to come and talk to me after what happened yesterday. And as for me, I am not in my right senses right now. And Jackson is looking way too delicious to me.

“Thank you. You look hot.” I smile.

“Thankssss. So where is your boyfriend?” He asks drinking more and more.

“Somewhere but not here. Don’t talk about him.” I say and drink all the more.

"Oohh couple fight.” He laughs.

“Oh well. So tell me what is upppp?” I slur.

I don’t know how long we both spend talking to each other and drinking but at some point I drop some of the drink on his shirt.

“Oh goodness. I am so so sorry. Come on let me take you to the spare room, there is a bathroom there where this can get washed.” I say and start walking funny towards the room that is mine when I stay over.

“Here you go. Wait I will help you.” I say and get a wet towel and start to wipe the stain. We both are so drunk right now.

I start to wipe it off when, our hands touch and I blush a little.

Jackson moves bit closer to me and when I look up I find him staring deeply into my eyes.

Slowly he makes his way towards me and smashes our lips together.

I slowly indulge into the kiss feeling his cold tongue and hot breath against mine. His tongue moves its way inside my mouth and mine follows his’ pace.

I pull at his hair while he holds me closer to him by my waist.

He pushes me down slowly on the bed without breaking the kiss and starts to kiss my neck.

I slightly moan at his touch.

He kisses me again passionately and I feel intoxicated by it. I pull away out of breath and open my eyes and then realization hits me hard.

I just made out with Jackson.

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