Love Happens

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Chapter 48

Guilt and awkwardness.

He pushes me down slowly on the bed without breaking the kiss and starts to kiss my neck.

I slightly moan at his touch.

He kisses me again passionately and I feel intoxicated by it. I pull away out of breath and open my eyes and then realization hits me hard.

I just made out with Jackson.

My eyes widen and I am just utterly shocked. That was so unexpected.

Jackson tries pulling me back down to kiss me, but this time my movements are quicker.

I quickly get off of him and straighten my hair back.

“Hey! Haley, come on.” He whines.

Damn. We both are really drunk out if our minds.

“I am sorry Jackson, I have to go. Just.. just forget about this whole thing. Forget that this ever happened okay? It was a big, big mistake. So please, juat forget it.” I say these words slowly so that he can understand.

“A mistake?” It is his turn to be shocked.

“I’m really very sorry Jackson. I dont know how I let this happen... we both are drunk and it just happened.... and I dont really have any other excuse!” I say offended by his reaction.

Jackson says nothing. He stays quiet.

After a minute or two, I start to make my way out of the room.

Going outside, I find a few people gone, but the music’s still on.

People are slow dancing, chatting and a few are making out as if their life depends on it. There must be around twelve to fifteen people left on an average. Usually this is not the scene always, but as it is Sunday and all of us have school tomorrow, some people left to go home. Cannot help that now can we?

I just shake my head and start searching for Kale.

It is not hard to find him, as he and Jess too are all over each other on the couch.

I clear my throat..

Once. Twice. But they dont bulge.

I clear my throat louder the third time, and Kale looks up.

“Hayyyy, whats up?” Kale is drunk.

“I think it is time for me to leave... I will see you tomorrow okay?” I say.

He gets up and hugs me tight. As if I just came back after winning the hunger games.

“I’ll miss you. Goodbye.” He says.

“Goodnight, bye. Bye jess.” I wave at her. And she smiles back in return.

Making my way out of the house, I keep thinking if I am sober enough to drive back home. I stumble a few times but make it till my car

I dont think so but I just hope nothing happens tonight.

Somehow, even after driving madly, I make it home.

I check the time on my phone. It says 00:24 am.

Damn. It has been 24 minutes to Monday already.

I somehow manage to walk without tripping or stumbling till my front door.

First thing i do is wash up. Next, I just simply head to bed.

I feel sad that my boyfriend did not have the courtesy to even message and ask me how I was doing or something.

I turn the other way around so that i am facing my back to the window and my phone beeps.

Goodnight beautiful *-* xx’

I smile and look out the window to find Reece smiling back at me.

Seeing him after so long feels good. But somewhere in my heart I am feeling guilty.

I text him back
‘Goodnight handsome x’

‘Really tired so I should sleep :(’

okay see ya x’

I am just thinking what to do now.

Should I tell reece about Jackson?

Will that cause him to break up with me?

Oh god what should i do?

All night long I keep feeling guilty about this whole thing and sometime whilst doing this, I fall asleep.

Monday morning. I hate them.

I do my morning thing fast and wait for Reece to text me.

Hey baby, morning :) u ready?′

Hey, good morning. I am :)′

‘Okay fine, I am getting the car. You wait out x’

‘Right. See ya x’

Reece kisses me good morning and we both drive silently to school.

“Try having a fun Monday.” He chuckles.

“You do too.” I wave and get out of the car.

In biology my eyes meet up with Jacksons bluishin orbs.

Guilt fills up in me again. But more than guilt what I am feeling right now is awkwardness.

So much awkwardness.

He sits next to me and just smiles.

I cant even make myself to smile at him without thinking about the kiss.

Does he even remember? I dont know... I hope not.

My whole day just goes in a rush like that.

Everytime I see Jackson I just feel completely awkward.

One thing that I do notice about him is that he is ignoring Rebecca.

Like literally ignoring her. She came up to him during lunch and he just acted as if she did not exist.

I then remembered about their fight that he had told me of.

Good thing, he doesn’t like her anymore like all the others in my group.

Finally school ends and they announce exam dates. Just two months away...

I have a lot to study... so I decide to just leave all the drama behind on focus on my studies for once.

While I walk my way back home, I also decide that I will not tell Reece about the whole Jackson thing. At least not till his birthday.

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