Love Happens

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Chapter 4


“WHAT!? NO! ” I cry over the phone

“Baby please stop, she’ll be fine” my mom consoles me .

“Please tell me all this is a joke mom”

“Haley, this time comes for every person alive on this planet, we all become old, sick and then die. Its a normal thing, No matter how much you cry, feel sad, death eventually comes, to everyone. There will be a time when I’ll be gone too.” my mom explains.

“Mom! Don’t say that!”

“It is okay my dear, she’ll be fine she is just sick right now” she says.

“Maybe you can go and visit her sometime later ” she tries cheering me up.

“Okay.. bye, mom.” I say and hang up.

“Nick, stop doing whatever you are doing”

“Please, I know you like it when I dance” he says.

“Dance? That is what you call dance?” I laugh at him.

“I heard what mom said, I’ll come with you Hay, don’t worry” he says.

“Just shut up and go to hell, Nike!” I yell at him

“Nike? Really?” Amusement clear in his eyes.

“Yes really! now get lost” I say to him

“Gee. okay I’m leaving, sissy” he says and goes to his room.

Seriously, sometimes I think why is my name Haley, just because of that stupid Nick! He keeps on calling me Hay! I mean c’mon, Hay? Hales is so much better! I have to think of another idiotic name for him...

I go upstairs, lie down on my bed facing the ceiling and think about all the things which happened in the past three hours.........


“Alright, listen up everybody. Next month we are going to start with the test. You all will just have to learn three songs and sing them in front of the class, in the music hall. So your next weeks assignment is to be prepared with one song.” Ms. Hale tells us.

A lot of urghs and yays came in unison.

“You all can even use instruments of your own if you want but if you do then you only have to sing two songs because you will be marked on how good you can play the instrument too. Understand?”

“Yes Miss” is heard from almost everyone.


The bell rings and class gets over, so does school and now I am calling Nick.


“Nick listen to me its Haley---” I am cut mid-sentence by him

“Haley, listen. I have an hour extra practice today and I will need the car so please catch a ride with Sam or someone. Thank you! I gotta go. Bye! see you later.”

And with that I had no ride home.... Sam please be available I think to myself.

“I am so sorry Haley, I did not get my car today and I am riding with Ryan...and if your brother is having extra practice then Kale will not bet free too..” Sam says to me.

“It’s okay, I understand. thanks anyways. Bye, See you tomorrow.” I says.

“Bye, see ya” she waves to me and goes towards Ryan’s car.

Now I am sitting on the bleachers, listening to music for an hour. Nick you owe me!

Don’t wanna let you down but I am hell bound

Though this is all for you, don’t wanna hide the truth

No matter what we breed, we still are made of greed

This is my kingdom come, this is my kingdom come

When you feel my heat

Look into my ey--- “What the hell?!” I scream.

“Woahh chill”

“Kaaale. You know I do not like it when you do that” I say.

“That’s why I do it” he replies and sits down next to me.

“Give it back to me right now!” I reach for my other earphone but he beats me to it.

“Nah, I like this song too” he says.

“Urgh, whatever, I hate you”

“I love you too, Hales”

After the song gets over, I put my phone back and hear Kale asking me “Why are you waiting anyways?”

I tell him what happened from the start. From me calling Nick, he telling me to catch a ride with Sam and she apologizing to me for not bringing her car and then me ending up here waiting for that dumbo.

“At least you had your earphones” was the only thing he said.

“Yeah” I say.

“So?” he asks me.

“So, what?” I ask him back.

“I mean Jackson, you idiot” he says.

“Jackson? What about him?” I asked him, confused.

What is it with both my best firends asking me about him? I just met him.

“He is a nice guy” he says.

“Where is this going? ” I asks.

Before he can reply I hear some guy call for Kale “Kale man coach needs you!”

“Coming!” he says “Gotta go Hales, see ya”

“Yeah, see you.” I say still confused of what Kale was trying to say.

“Stop it! Stop it right now! Nick! I’m gonna kill you!” I yell at my annoying brother.

“Okaaayy” he sings, but still continues shaking his head like a mad dog.

I start to run for him. But get stopped by someone.


“I’m--sorry!” I say before he can say anything and run away.

I really am scared of our coach. He’s big, bald and strict. Very strict. Anger is always on the tip of his nose! Nobody would want to mess with him unless they have a death wish....

“Nicholas Austin! You are so dead”

“What happened?” I hear someone ask.

I turn around and see Jackson there. Right, he had told me he was trying out for the team.., maybe he got feeling came true. LOL!

“Umm, nothing it’s just Nick being an ass as usual” I say.

“Why? What did he do?” he asks..

“Sweat! He was shaking his head in front of me so that his dirty sweat could fall on me! Yuck” I say totally grossed out at what Nick was doing before.

“That’s.....really bad of him” Jackson says, amused.

“I know right!”

“Haley I want to tell you somethi---” Jackson is interrupted by Nick calling me.

“Coming! Looks like I have to leave. See you tomorrow! Bye” I wave and rush to the car.

I see a little bit of frustration in his eyes but then hear him say “Yeah..okay...bye”

“You will seriously regret what you did Nick” I say as I finally sit in the drivers seat.

“Only time will tell, Hay!”

I am in no mood of arguing so I just continue to drive.

As soon as we reach home my phone rings

It is mom.

“Haley?” she sounds a little worried.

“Yeah..?” I ask a bit hesitant to know why she is worried.

“Don’t freak out okay?”

“Mom, what is it?” I ask her.

“Its Mrs. Lobo. She was admitted in the hospital a while ago. Sophie came in saying that when she came in the morning Mrs. Lobo was lying unconscious on the bed, so she got her here as fast as she could. she still is not awake and we don’t know if--”

“WHAT!? NO!” I cry over the phone.

You know our conversation after that.


I am lying on my bed right now and thinking about Tracy also known as Mrs. Lobo.

Tracy has been our neighbor ever since we moved here. She lost her husband and son in a car accident before we came here, so I never got to see them, just the photos. Since then, Sophie has always been there for her. Sophie is her maid who takes care for her and stuff. I am really attached to both of them. More of Tracy though.

She is always free, so almost whenever I am bored I spend my day there. Watching movies, baking or talking something random. I always talk to her about my past back in my hometown. Everything and anything, even about Za--

“Haley! I need you here” my thoughts are interrupted by Nick.


“I’m hungry. Can we ord-”

“No!” I cut him mid-sentence.

“I know you are worried about Tracy, so am I. Nothing will happen to her I assure you.” he says.

I just smile.

“Back to my question, can we order pizza?” he asks.

“And watch a movie to lighten your mood” he adds immediately.

“Yeah okay I’m hungry too.” I say. I love pizza, it always changes my mood.


“Oh and Nick, thank you” I say and hug him.

He hugs me back saying “You’re welcome” in my hair.

After arguing for what seemed like hours, we decided on watching ‘Grudge 3’

And that was how my day got over.

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