Love Happens

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Chapter 49

Love happens twice.

Today is the fifth day to the whole awkwardness between Jackson and I.

Ateast from my side, I feel super awlward even when we cross paths in the hallway.

And the worst part of all is not knowing if he does feel that way too or if he even remembers about the whole thing in the first place.

Rebecca has totally been cut off from Jackson’s ‘Who to talk and befriend’ list. I am happy about that though. Really very happy.

I have notticed Jackson many a times staring at me. And it is totally the weirdest thing for me.

It kinda just creeps me out on so many different levels.

It is a Friday now. Reece and I were supposed to go out on a date tonight, but I cancelled as I need to go gift shopping for his birthday that is tomorrow.

He was pretty sad about that. He even asked me a several times the reason I stood up but I just refused to tell him. I think it should be a surprise.

Because obviously if I tell him that I am going gift shopping for him, he will insist on coming. For sure.

So i just kept my mouth shut.

Over these days I thought a lot about the kiss and weather or not to tell Reece about it. Like really a lot.

And I have come down to a decision. I have decided to tell Reece about the whole thing on Sunday, that is one day after his birthday that is tomorrow.

I have to tell him. A good relationship is one with no secrets and lies.

And I do want to tell him now too, but I just cannot get myself to do that. I just can’t

Because over these days I have also realized that the kiss I shared with Jackson may have ignited a spark or two at that time, but all the other kisses that I have shared with Reece have just made me realize how much I love him.

I really do. Yes I confessed it. I am in love. Again.

Love happens twice? Thrice? Five times? Ten times? Yes I guess it happens over and over again. It just does you know?

In such a short time he has made me fall in love with him.

And I do not want that kiss with Jackson to ruin anything in between me and Reece.

So on his birthday at night I will first tell him this whole kissing Jackson scene. And if his reaction will be postitive only then I will confess my love.

Otherwise it will remain a secret between you and me till eternity.

That is what I have come up with.

My stomach just ties infinite knots when I think about how quickly I have fallen in love with Reece.

It is just his charm and personality that has swoon me off my feet. His good looks is just a bonus. *wink*

I do not know what his reaction to my confession for both will be.

Is it too soon? Too fast? I dont know. All I know is that this is the truth.

And it is going to be a month in a week anyways.

I have known him for almost two months and he has just captured my heart in his.

All I am now worried about is tomorrow. Yes it is Reec’s birthday which is a great thing but there is something equally bad tomorrow as well.

Really very bad. I can never ever manage to get myself happy or even smile on this day.

It is like a curse for me till I die kind of a thing.

I dont know how am I going to do this, but I will try. I will try to make this day as special as possible for reece.

I will try forgetting everything that happened on this day for once. I will try to fight my inner sad soul.

I have to. Because if I cannot, then I will have to spit out the whole truth.

The whole story that haunts me every second of this day.

The day I can never ever forget.

The 25th of July.

School is the same old shit as always.

There was nothing exciting that happened today at all.

The only thing good that will be happening is Reece picking me up as soon as this last bell rings.

I am literally counting minutes. Cause I just cannot wait to see my babe.

Okay too much love but still. Meeting him and talking to him daily has become a part of my life as important as breathing is to me.

Yes, and i am not even exaggerating.

The bell FINALLY rings and I rush out.

I take out my phone and am about to speed dial Reece when he calls me.

“Hey, I was just calling you.” I say.

“I know. But I thought I should. I am leaving okay? See you in five minutes babe.” He says in his lovely voice.

“Alright, I will be waiting. See you.” I hang up.

I was about to say ‘love you’ too but thank god I hung up.

Gotta keep it a secret for just another day.

I walk out to the front gate and wait for him to come.

In a minute I see him ib his car honking at me.

“Coming! Wait” I cross the road.

“Hey baby” he hugs me from the side and kisses me quickly.

“Hi whats up?” I ask and he starts to drive.

“School was utter bullshit like usual. But now that I am with you, my day will go well.” He winks.

“Aw, dont lure me into your cuteness okay? I still cannot make it today for the dinner...” i joke.

“Come on! What is so important?” He pouts. And I just want to kiss him bad.

“Reece, if I tell you, you will insist on coming. So i will not tell you. Sorry.” I smirk.

“Babeeee” he whines.

“Haleyyyy” he whines more.

“Reeceeee” I mimic him and ge gives me a stink eye.

“please? I promise I wont interfere. I just want to know where you are going.” He says.

“You wont listen will you?” I shake mt head.

“You know me.” He laughs.

I sigh. “Fine. I am going gift shopping for you, without you, okay? Now we wont talk about this anymore..” i say.

“Oh. Ohhhh. Now I get why your going alone is so important. Okay. I like surpises. So surprise me tomorrow.” He says.

“I will do not worry” i smile.

“But, as soon as the clock strikes 12 the first thing I do want is a kiss. From you. I dont know anything. I will jump and come in and kiss you even if you are asleep.” He says and i blush hard.

How is it possible to not fall in love with this bubble of cuteness?

“Okay. Deal. And as it is I would stay awake to wish you. If you want, you can stay the night at mine after your whole family is done wishing you and all that.” I suggest.

“That is great. I love cuddles.” He winks.

“And I also love it when my girl blushes like she is right now.” He smiles.

“Why are you so cute?” I mumble.

“Because I am.” He chuckles.

Damn he heard me.

“There. That is your home miss.” He says.

“Thank you so much mister
See you later. ” i kiss him goodbye

“Stay.” He pulls my hand not letting go.

“Reece, i have to.”


“If i will leave early then I can come back early too right?” I say.

“Okay fine.. just come here.” He pulls me for a hug and smashes his lips to mine again.

Desperate for love aha.

“I will see you late babe. Bye.” I wave and leave.

“Be careful alone okay?” He shouts from behind and i just turn and smile.

Now i need to eat, get ready and leave again to go shopping. Maybe Sam can accompany me.

I will ask her later. I just hope I get something of value today.

I really need something really extra ordinary for Reece and I am hoping that I will get it today.

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