Love Happens

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Chapter 50

Happy birthday Reece.

I am in the mall right now but I am am really very confused of what to actually buy as a gift for Reece.

There are so many things to choose from and all I am getting more and more confused as my eyes go through all these different things.

I have already bought a cologne for him from Gucci which smells like heaven but that is not enough. I also have a card, chocolates, a headphone and a watch for him but yeah I wanna buy more.

He is turning seventeen, so I had in mind to give him 17 little gifts.

Five down and 12 to go aha.

My eyes land on this gray hoodie. Reece will love it.

I immediately go and buy it.

I really am brainstorming for things Reece needs.

And then I remember he cribbing about his wallet getting torn.

A wallet is what a buy next.

I see some cool vans and go and get em too. Thank god I remembered his shoe size.

Then I see this one T-shirt. And I immediately fall in love with it.

It says: ‘My girlfriend has the most awesome boyfriend in the world’ with two thumbs pointing towards the body.

It is perfect and not too costly too. Cool I now have... 9 gifts for Reece. Actually I should make that ten as I will also be purchasing a cake for him. His favourite one. I can’t wait for him too see all of this.

Now seven more to go.

Come on Haley, think.

I think hard and then remember that I had noted down the things that Reece was short on in my phone. Stupid me. I remove my phone and check.

Socks, shampoo, iPhone case, deodorant, his fav football team’s jersey, wallet, watch.

Okay those re the things I had noted down.

I go and buy a cool iPhone case for Reece. He will go mad when he sees all this stuff.

I also buy the jersey and socks and his shampoo for him.

And then I count again.

Cologne, watch, wallet, chocolates, hoodie, t-shirt, phone case, jersey, vans, a card, headphones, socks, shampoo and a cake.

That makes 14... 3 more to go.

What should I get?

I roam around scanning things here and there and my eyes land on a key chain. I move closer to see what is written on it and it says: ‘Cause all of me loves all of you’ with a heart on the start and one on the end.

That is pretty cute. I add this too to my list.

Two more now.. damn. Gift shopping is not an easy job.

I go to the mugs section. Maybe I might get something good there.

I am a cool bitch one says and I laugh. Not at all.

Something more boyfriend-y...

Then I see a white one that says ‘Best boyfriend ever’ in black. Perfect.

I have 16 things with me now and just one more left.

What should that be I wonder to myself...

He loves Oreos like a lot. I think i should just get them for him.

Oreos it is.

Now I finally have all seventeen gifts with me. Damn, who would have thought i would actually be able to collect seventeen gifts.

I recheck to be on the safer side.

Watch, wallet, vans, hoodie, mug, t-shirt, cologne, key chain, jersey, oreos, shampoo, socks, cake, card, phone case, headphones and chocolates!

i got all. Now all i need are balloons.

I check the time. 7:05 p.m. I wasted a lot of time.

I quickly buy a pack of balloons and get back home. I still have a lot of work to do.

I quickly call Brian hoping he is at home.

“Haley! Long time, whats up?” He answers.

“Bri, tell me you’re at home please.” I say while taking a u-turn.

“Well, you’re lucky i am. Whats up?”

“Oh thank god. okay look, I need you to get Reece out of the house around eleven. Can you do that for me? I have to decorate his room.” I explain.

“Oh right right. Why not now though?” he asks.

“Because he may see all of it too early.” I say.

“yeah youre right. Okay, I’ll do it. But do you need any help?”

“Yeah, just don’t let him enter his room any time between eleven to twelve. Tell him to take his phone and everything and say that you’re taking him out or something. i will enter from the window set everything and hide in his room. At exactly 11:55, send him up for something and then i will surprise him. ” I tell him my plan.

“Okay that is cool and easy to do. your work will be done madam, dont worry. “He jokes.

“thank you so much bri I owe you.”

“No problem sweetie. See ya.” He hangs up.

I reach home and take all gifts in the house and as soon as I go to my room, I make sure to shut the windows and draw the curtains.

One by one I start to wrap the gifts cutely.

My phone rings and it is Reece

“Hey babe, whatcha doing with everything shut?” he asks.

“Guess guess.” I chuckle.

“Oh, gifts?” I know he is rolling his eyes right now.

“Don’t roll your eyes. You will love it. Just a few more hours yeah?” I laugh.

“But i miss you. I havent really seen you in two days.” He says.

“Reece baby, I know but if you think practically, you dropped me home from school today just a few hours ago..” I say.

“You know what I mean.”

“Yeah yeah.”

“So, what have you planned for me for tomorrow?” He asks.

“Yeah right, as if I am telling you.” I chuckle.

“Come on. I will act equally surprised tomorrow again, I promise.” He tries his best.

“Nu’uh not happening. It is not too grand or something though, just saying.” I say.

“Hey, i am not expecting anything too grand too okay? If I have you beside me the whole day, I will be the happiest okay?” He says.

“Okay. now I have to wrap the gift, I will see you later alright?” I say.

“Yea sure. Bye babe.” he hangs up.

I think about the gifts and my plan for tomorrow. I hope he loves it.

Around 8.40 I get done with all gift wrapping.

I go down to find Nick cooking something.

Woah. Thats a shocker.

“I cannot believe my eyes right now. You and cooking? Wow.”

“Oh dammit Haley! You scared me.” He blinks quickly.


“I didnt know you were home and I was hungry and wanted soup and so I tried to make some. Kinda stupid of me coz I could have just ordered I know.” He rolls his eyes

“Yea I was just going to say that.” I laugh.

“Let me taste some of that.” I take a spoonfull.

“Hmm.. not bad for a first. It needs a little more salt and some pepper to go with it too. And I think you should just add little asparagus too with that chicken.” I say.

“Thanks Mrs. MasterChef.” He rolls his eyes.

“Hey I am just trying to help here!” I pout.

“So where were you so long?” He asks while cutting some asparagus.

“Uh.. to the mall.” I bite my lip whilst surfing the the TV.

“What were you doing there?” He asks.

“It is Reece’s birthday tomorrow....” i kind of mumble just waiting for him to burst.

“Oh no fucking way!” He turns immediately.

“Nick! Shut up. I am going to try okay?” I close my eyes.

“Haley! You caannot even get yourself to get out of your bed on the 25th of July. What is wrong with you? You cant be serious.” He shakes his head.

“I know, i know!”

“Hales. Look at me. Are you completuly sure you can do this?” He asks me softly.

I bite my lip harder. And really think about his question. Can i?

“I have to someday...” i finally say.

“What do you have planned for him?” He sits next to me and asks.

“I bought 17 different gifts for him as he is turning 17 tomorrow and I have tickets of Redskins and Steelers that Kale gave and he really wanted to go bungee jumping so that is what I thought we would do...” i say.

“Woah that is cool. Steelers and Redskins. Wow. That is great he will love it. But.. you will be okay right? I can trust you on that?” He asks concerned.

“Thanks... i will. I wilk stay strong okay? I have to move on some day or the other..” i say and a tear falls down my cheek.

“Come on soup is ready” he says.

We both have soup and watch TV and exactly at 11 I get a text from Brian saying he is taking Reece to Starbucks for half an hour and then they will be down in the hall until I message him to let Reece up his room.

Okay now plan in action.

With the help of Nick I take all gifts to Reece’s room.

And he helps me decorate it too.

At 11.35 we both are done.

As the clock ticks closer to midnight, I can feel the pain rising in my chest.

But all day tomorrow I have to push it back down. Or else, I will break.

Flashbacks of tomorrow start coming in my mind.

“Haley! Haley!” Nick snaps me out if my trance.

“Sorry..” i say.

“It is ten minutes to midnight. I am going back okay? You stay here alright?” He says softly and hugs me.

“Thanks bro.” I hug him tight.

“You need to be harder than a diamond right now. See you.” He smiles and goes out of the window to our house.

Monkey. I laugh.

Three more minutes.

I text Brian and he tells me Reece
Is coming up.

So much adrenaline is flowing through my veins right now.

The lights are off and I am hiding behind his door.

I hear the doornob turn and I wait for him to come in.

He switches the light on and I scream,

“Happy birthday Reece!”

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